General Information

(Last updated: January 17, 2000)

What awards has Antioch won? Any magazine features?

The first episode won StarCraft Legacy's StarCraft Site Award for Best Campaign, and received the gold medal in StarCraft design from design experts at PC Accelerator. In addition, The Antioch Chronicles was named Best Campaign in the 1999 Opinion Nation Internet Awards as well as in Infoceptor's 1999 Viewer's Choice Awards. Episode I was featured, screenshots and all, in the August 1999 issue of PC Accelerator, and both Episodes I and II have been included in PC Gamer's magazine disc (November 1998 and January 2000, respectively). In addition, the first Online Arena magazine, a product of the folks at PC Gamer, featured Episodes I and II, where they won Best Single Player Design of 1999. Online Arena also included five of Auspex's SCM Creations multiplayer maps (Braxis Hydroponics, Counterparts, Cross of the Dark, Death on the River Kwai, and Tornod Gas Depot). Death on the River Kwai was the runner-up for Best Multiplayer Design of 1999.

The missions are too hard. What can I do? Why not make them easier?

The missions for The Antioch Chronicles have been balanced in order to provide a good challenge for most people. Since this is indeed a "veteran level campaign," I wanted to provide players with missions that they would have to spend time on, but that would still be enjoyable. The payoff is considerable in the later missions. If you are having trouble, check out the Mission Hints section located on this site, which offers detailed strategies.

The missions are too easy. Why not bump up the difficulty?

You obviously know what you are doing, then. (This just goes to show you that you can't please everyone.) Again, the missions for Antioch were designed to provide a wide range of players with an enjoyable playing experience. It's impossible to balance a campaign in such a way that it will meet that "perfect level of challenge" for every player. What some players consider a cakewalk, others consider impossible. So far, the campaign has received responses from all three camps: "too hard," "too easy," and "challenging." As Mox would say, "sounds about right..."

Bugs, Downloads and Installation

(Last updated: December 12, 2000)

What's the status of the campaign download mirror sites?

With the recent restoration of the downloads section, Auspex and company are securing mirror sites to further facilitate campaign downloads. Expect to see the new mirrors go up soon. If you have a site that would like to mirror some or all of the campaigns, send an e-mail to

The download finishes, but I can't unzip the files. What's wrong?

If you have received a message that the ZIP files are "not valid archives," then your download may have been corrupted or aborted prematurely. With new mirrors, smaller file sizes and FTP access on the way, many of these problems should be solved.

When I unzip the files, I don't have all the files I should. How do I fix this?

The .TXT files included in each ZIP contain details on the exact files you should have received with each download. If you are missing a .SCM or .SCX, for example, you may be using a ZIP program that does not support long filenames, such as an older version of PKUNZIP or another such utility. The long filenames are probably being truncated (cut off) during extraction, or something equally annoying. The simplest solution here is to use the latest version of WinZip to extract the files. This will not only extract all the maps correctly, but will also ensure that the directory structure of the sound and portrait folders are reproduced accurately.

It's a pain to download several different ZIP files. Why not have a single file?

Long ago, the campaign used to be available as a single 22mb ZIP file, but there were several problems in downloading such a huge file from the current server. The campaign was split into smaller files in order to facilitate downloads. While it would be nice to have the entire campaign in one file for users of cable modems and direct connections, and also for those who just want to leave their computers downloading overnight, the greater accessibility offered by smaller files outweighs the advantages of one huge file. Currently, server space limits downloading to one method or the other. This may change in the future.

Can we expect to see smaller versions of the campaigns without sound?

There are currently no plans to create silent versions of the campaigns. Antioch is about creating an immersive campaign experience, and for that, you need full Blizzard-caliber briefings, hero sounds and in-game dialogue.

Why is there no briefing, and why do I just get a town hall and some workers?

You have most likely started the map in either Melee or Free For All modes. This is very basic, but a few people haven't caught on. Before starting the game, make sure you have selected "Use Map Settings" as the game type. You'll notice that all the Antioch campaign maps have (USE MAP SETTINGS) at the top of their description. With Use Map Settings enabled, the maps play properly.

Episode I Information

(Last updated: December 12, 2000)

When was Episode I released?

Episode I of The Antioch Chronicles was released in June of 1998, only two months after StarCraft itself hit stores. The campaign represented the first "big campaign" in the StarCraft community — the first one to include full speech, and the first one to garner critical acclaim from both players and professionals alike. An enhanced Special Edition of the campaign was released in March of 1999.

What does the title of Episode I mean?

"Psionic Storm" is not only a reference to the High Templar spell of the same name, but also to the impending chaos that surrounds the province of Antioch and the adjoining communications blackout. The name resonates strongly in the third episode, "Thoughts in Chaos."

What's this "Special Edition" all about?

The Special Edition of Episode I (v1.04SE) was released in March of 1999. It features cleaner and crisper sounds than the previous versions, correcting several oversights in the process. The new version was created primarily to make the material in Episode I hold up a little better against the greatly improved voices and effects in Episodes II and III.

When does Episode I take place?

Episode I takes place immediately after the original StarCraft campaigns, following the death of the Overmind. Everything in Psionic Storm occurs shortly before the Brood War campaigns begin.

Does Episode I require Brood War?

No, but it does require v1.04 or later of StarCraft. Originally, there was no such requirement, but the v1.04 Special Edition now makes this necessary, due to a few special features that have been added.

Will there be any major changes to Episode I for the Collector's Edition?

There will be totally revamped sound and dialogue, in many cases completely re-recorded from scratch. There will also be new "scenes," enhanced in-game scripting, cinematics, and much more!

Episode III Information

(Last updated: December 12, 2000)

When can we expect Episode III?

It's difficult to say. "When it's done" is the most appropriate answer at the moment.

How big will Episode III be?

If current development is any indication, it will be massive. You can expect file sizes considerably larger than Episode II, but considering the amount of new unit graphics and music in the campaign, no space is being wasted. Extensive download mirror locations will be in place before the campaign's release is publicly announced.

What does the title of Episode III mean?

"Thoughts in Chaos" is a reference to one of the Dark Archon's unit responses. Through the course of Episode III, the significance of that phrase, as well as the titles of the previous two episodes, will be thrown into sharp relief.

Will Episode III be a Zerg campaign?

Yes, Episode III will be a somewhat Zerg-based campaign, although you can expect a large degree of overlap similar to (but more extensive than) the variety in the first two episodes.

How do these "new units and buildings" fit in?

The new units and buildings included in Episode III arise logically from the storyline, and are not simply thrown in for "wow factor" alone. New units will have specialized roles. Some of them may or may not require new structures as prerequisites. There will also be all-new story-based "special buildings," such as the Protoss Temple from the original StarCraft and the Power Generators from Brood War. All new elements will, of course, live up to Antioch / Blizzard quality, creating yet another seamless extension of the StarCraft universe.

Will they be Protoss, Terran or Zerg?

There will be at least one new unit per race, as well as buildings corresponding to various races and factions.

Will they replace existing units, or will they be true additions?

The new elements in Episode III will no longer replace existing units and structures, thanks to the advent of Camelot Systems' ever-evolving StarGraft utility. New tech tree dependencies and upgrades will be included, which means you may be seeing new functionality and new units coming from existing structures.

Will there be new unit-producing structures?

In some form or another, yes. While the exact implementation will vary from structure to structure, there will be at least one or two all-new buildings that produce some of the new units. Expect your tech trees to expand considerably.

Will we see any new structure or unit upgrades?

It's very likely. A few of the new structures will be built by upgrading existing buildings. Some of the all-new units will have new upgrades, as well. What these are, exactly, will be revealed in future production updates.

The Lancer, Lynx and Leviathan look cool. Any other new units? What's with the "L" thing?

There will be a few more surprises. The "L" thing was just a little in-joke among the team, but it stuck, and made for nice parallelism. (Other new elements probably won't follow that pattern, though. ;-)

Any truth to the rumors that we might see Protoss Khalai units?

Perhaps. You'll have to wait and see, won't you?

Can we use the new units in multiplayer? What about imbalance?

The new units will be balanced primarily for the Episode III campaign, but they will be viable multiplayer units as well, especially when the War of the Chroniclers takes off.

Will there be new music?

Yes. For players who have fast connections or don't mind the added download time, there will be a special enhanced version that contains all-new Blizzard-quality music.

Who is working on all these new elements?

The units and buildings are being designed by Auspex (Ruben Moreno) along with KurenaiJiku (Stuart Ng) of Gundam Century fame. KurenaiJiku will be rendering the new elements, which will be implemented via StarGraft. New unit voices and sounds are being supervised and processed by Auspex, and the complete Antioch soundtrack, including all-new in-game music, is also being composed and arranged by Auspex. Actual voice acting for the new units will be supplied by any and all of the Auspex Studios team, as necessary. In addition, there are still a few surprises in store.

Who is voicing the heroes? Any new cast members?

Eric "Zeus Legion" Dieter returns as the Dark Templar Moloch, but is also voicing Zethys, Harley Rourke and a few other roles. Juan "Ytse-Jam" Mantilla is back as Mason Rockwell, and Auspex himself (Ruben Moreno) will be voicing all other returning heroes from Episode II. Auspex is also happy to bring fellow NC State University Theatre players Ben Brannon, Tracey Phillips and Katie Flaherty on board. Ben has appeared in Harvey, Guys and Dolls, Pippin, and Ten Little Indians, and is happy to be breathing life into the villainous Kurt Broker for the third installment. Tracey has appeared in Tartuffe, Pippin and The Heiress, and will take on the role of Haley Rourke, Antioch's first female hero. Katie Flaherty has appeared in The Front Page, Pippin and The Drunkard, and is voicing the Terran Lynx. Auspex may also be recruiting new cast members, should the need arise.

There's a bunch of unresolved stuff at the end of Episode II. What gives?

Remember that Episode II is just the middle segment of a larger three-part storyline. Episode III will tie up all the loose ends in a truly fitting conclusion to the Antioch trilogy.

What the heck is the Baphomet?

The Baphomet represents many things to many people. Episode III will shed more light on the word's "true" meaning.

Will Episode III be the last full Antioch campaign?

Perhaps... but don't bet on it.

Trade Secrets

(Last updated: May 21, 2000)

How did you create the Protoss voices and other effects?

That's a secret. ;-)

Okay, what did you use to record and edit the voices?

The voices for Episode II and III, as well as The Korhal Connection, were recorded and edited with a variety of programs, using studio microphones and other equipment. The voices for the original Episode I were recorded using a standard PC microphone (typical bundled garbage). The voices were then further refined and reprocessed for the v1.04 Special Edition, to hold up better against Episode II standards.

Yeah, that's great, but I still want to know how you did all this.

As the section header suggests, these are "trade secrets."

Aw, come on! Can't you tell us?

Nah. You don't actually think we'd put it in the FAQ, do you?

You're real funny.

We try. ;-)


(Last updated: May 21, 2000)

Are there any plans for RPG maps or multiplayer campaigns?

Currently, the only other major project on the drawing board besides Episodes II and III is the War of the Chroniclers, which is a series of ongoing multiplayer campaigns that will affect the course of events in Antioch after Episode III has concluded. This campaign is still only in the early stages, and won't be set in motion until after Episode III is finished.

What ever happened to PredatorSC?

That project has been cancelled.

Do you actually listen to the suggestions people send you?

Absolutely. While I may not respond to 100 percent of the mail that I receive, I do try to address every issue that players raise. Send me your thoughts and I'll do my best to take care of any problems or consider any new ideas.

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