My name's Caitlyn. There's a 'y' in my name because my mother drank a lot of something called whiskey. Or maybe she was trying to be different, who knows. Anyway, I was born in a tiny-weenie town called Pontypool in Ontario, Canada. I soon moved to Toronto for my teenage corruption years, and then to California for my recovery/pay for my former recklessness years.

Which leads me to discovering how computer games can be fun and keep me out of trouble at the same time! Which further lead to some obscure game called 'Starcraft' sneaking it's way into the addiction part of my brain, and of course, Antioch.

Nowadays, I have very little time to play. I'm working full time as a manager at a bank, and am taking a full load of courses at the local community college. My major is Business Administration. I do (on the very rare occasion) manage to make it out with some friends on weekends for some dancing and general debauchery, so in the end, I am still happy.

Oh, and sometime between then and now, I married, divorced, and created the most beautiful little fiend in the whole wide world. Her name is Sierra, she means the world to me.

Anyway. That's my bio. Bye bye.