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[Stokermania II]


Round 1

[mack.jpg] [phal.jpg] vs. [phoe.jpg] [mag.jpg]

Phoenix: Well now. Interesting matchup to be sure. In my humble opinion, me and Magnum are about equal skill, Kilimaro a bit below us, and Phalanx a bit above us. Phalanx, being a random player, is a bit unpredictable. Kilimaro has also been playing Random recently, but now that he got his Myrmidon maybe he will switch back to Human. If not, all kinds of race combos can be gotten. Mine and Magnum's Human/Human mix is not the best combo, so perhaps we have a disadvantage there. It's an even match, so I'll give you 2:1 odds of Magnum & Phoenix winning.

Stoker: So, here we are again. Once more my schtick has been stolen, however, I expected this year to be the same as last year. Anyway, I've seen most all of them play, and they're all seasoned and of relatively the same skill level. Phoenix is the least rusty of all of them, however, and perhaps this means his team will have an edge. Maybe, maybe not, either way it's going to be very close and I don't think anyone will be able to use any of the tricks that normally get you by on bnet. I'm gonna call this a 1:1 odds game, gonna be a good one.

Visser: My vaguly-student-type-guy Magnum shall surround you all, and squeeze very tightly.

bakjak: Phoenix is the X-Factor in this game and if he plays well, I think the Mag/Phoe combo will come through with a win. There are times I wonder what the hell Phoenix is doing when I'm playing with him, and other times when I think he has a brilliant gameplan. X-Factor indeed!

Dekar: This is a tough one to call. Mack and Phal and team Swedomerica are both skillful opponents. I haven't actually seen Magnum and Pho in action on a team, but I have seen Mack and Phal's team skills. I think that Magnum and Pho will win this one, though. Odds, 1.3:1 in favor of Swedomerica.

[clod.jpg] [fly.jpg] vs. [dekar.jpg] [stoker.jpg]

Phoenix: This match sees two people who have never played together versus a well-experienced team. Clodpool is the best of all four, I'm fairly sure, but I think Flyspeck is just a bit worse than Dekar. Stoker is better than both. Style is a factor, to be sure, but the norwegian is tricky and confusing. A plus or a minus for his team? Who knows. I'm giving you 1.5:1 odds of Clodpool & Flyspeck winning.

Stoker: Team Style is extremely well honed, we've played together dozens of times and each game we've gotten better and better. Clodpool is quite good, I'll give you that, and Flyspeck has been getting better, but the Human/Random mix of Style has been a huge factor in the past and Dekar and myself have worked out strategies to use in any combination of the races. I'm calling a win for Team Style, 2:1 odds.

Visser: It depends. If the opposition actually stick together, Clods "ill randomly wonder around the map myself" style is doomed to failure, and he might actaully be in trouble. Since he actually plays regually, Clod will probably win.

bakjak: I really don't think I've ever seen Stoker play a regular WC3/TFT game, so I don't know how good he is. I also don't think I've ever seen Clodpool play either, but I hear he's pretty good with his manic accurate clicking. Come to think if it, I haven't seen 3 out of the 4 players really play yet. I think MAYBE I've seen Dekar play once or twice. Since Flyspeck is the only person I've seen play in more than 2 games, I'll give Clod/Fly an edge here to win the game.

Dekar: Team Style is something crazy, Stoker and I are both wild cards in a game. When we're both Aces it's an unstoppable force. I'm betting Aces on this one, so my odds are 2,000,000,000:1 in favor of Team Style. Flyspeck and Clod don't have a chance.


[rom.jpg] [raist.jpg] vs. [viss.jpg] [question.jpg]

Phoenix: Now this is the most exciting matchup so far. Romulus, Mr. I-live-and-breathe-WarCraft-III-and-I'm-level-36-and-rank-163-in-AT is matched up with Raistlin, who has barely played any WarCraft at all for years. He knows his RTS shit, though, and he is a obsessive-compulsive clicker, which leads to high actions per minute. Converting that to decent micro is easier said than done, though. On the other side, we have Visser, the moody Australian who've won tournaments in the game and won stuff. He certainly knows his shit, and may be the only one to rival Romulus's skill at WarCraft. The Dark Gun however, is not as impressive as his ally. This basically becomes a match of seeing which pro can make which newbie play the most decent. Fascinating to be sure. Replays with Allied Chat from both sides is a must. I have faith in Romulus & Raistlin, though, so I think they will win. I'm giving 1:1.1 odds, so you can at least make a little fake money.

Stoker: Visser could win this one by himself, and in fact if he entered the tournament by himself he'd be my pick to win. As it stands him with a team mate are still my pick to win. Visser at 20:1 odds.

Visser: WHAT THE FUCK? The odds that ill even bother to get out of bed for this are very small. PS: I also have a lvl35 AT. WORSHIP ME, FOR I AM COOL. Please?

bakjak: Wow Visser, I almost want to give you a pity partner (me, since I'm apparently good, but I think whoever says so is lying) for this 1 game seeing as how we never did get to play a Romulus led team.

Dekar: I think team R&R has the advantage here. Dark Gun is really new to the TFT scene, and I don't think all of Visser's skill will be enough to offset that. Odds are 1.5:1 in favor of R&R,