Top 10 Most Interesting A3 Questions

Dear Antioch fans,

Zeus has received a lot of great feedback on A3, whether it be outlandish theories or intriguing questions concerning the third episode. To further stuff your holiday stockings, here are the most interesting question submissions, along with commentary by Zeus Legion himself. In the coming days, we'll bring you the most interesting A3 plot theories, as well. Until then, happy reading!

Auspex Turmalis

10) Are the names of the new heroes going to be released before A3 itself?ChaplainMog

Yes. All the new characters in Episode III will be revealed soon.

9) Why did Trench betray Mox by going to Turmalis but then go back to him on Tornod? —Lacurio

After what Trench discovered, he certainly couldn't go back to Mox. For all he knew, Mox might be a cutthroat murderer and might try to have him silenced for the knowledge he had acquired. Figuring he could save the situation and make some more quick cash, he went to the Protoss, who were far more wealthy. He stuck around afterward to see if any other paying opportunities arose...

8) How did Trench know where Shakuras was? —Lacurio

Trench has connections throughout the Koprulu Sector. He didn't need those for that, though. Mox briefed him on a lot of things, including info on Mox's Protoss "buddies," before he went off to find the incriminating evidence on New Brisbane.

7) Is Rockwell imprisoned at the end of A2? (Namely, do they bust all of Gurney's followers, or just Gurney himself?) —ChaplainMog

Everyone was arrested. That doesn't mean they were tried and convicted, however. The fate of the Terrans (such as a trial, immediate execution or any number of possibilities) still has yet to be decided...

6) Which of the previous TAC heroes does the "Power" Terran from Trailer A first connect with in A3? —ChaplainMog

Hmmm. That's almost a trick question, so I'll pretend I don't know what I know, and say: Turmalis.

5) Which of the previous TAC heroes does the "old man" Terran from Trailer A first connect with in A3? —ChaplainMog

As far as his first appearance goes: Trench. Almost another trick question.

4) Does the entity Samir Duran play any part in The Antioch Chronicles?Admiral Ryan Styles

Hmm. That's almost a tough one but easy enough that I can say: No.

3) What sort of "work" was Mox doing with the Kel-Morian Combine, anyway? As far as I know, that is never directly stated. —David

Now that's a tough one. Very complicated to answer. When Mox was employed by them, he did quite a number of things for them. Administrative duties would be the most appropriate answer.

2) When Trench spoke with Turmalis, he accused Mox of being guilty of a lot of things. Is Mox guilty of all of Trench's accusations? —Judicator Tesslaran

That's what trials are for. To decide who is guilty and what they're guilty of. I'll have to sidestep this question and simply say that all the answers to the Mox Mini-Saga are revealed in A3.

1) Okay, here's my question. What is Baphomet... I mean, is he a Zerg? A Zerg/Terran hybrid? A Cerebrate? Or some sort of Protoss with a severe mental problem... ?Phoenix (CWAL)

A lot of people have asked this question ever since that word was heard in the trailer for A3. Many have wrongly assumed that it is the Unknown Cerebrate. I can't give you a straight answer because it's a very big part of the whole mystery. I will say this: You have never seen nor heard the Baphomet... but you vaguely know of its "children." It is many things to many people...

Zeus Legion, December 25, 1999

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