[The Antioch Chronicles, Episode III]



Revision 3.00 Final

By Eric Dieter





PLAYED AS: Played As Zerg

LOCATION: New Antioch, Shakuras

TILESET: twilightworld

GOAL: To Be Determined

PURPOSE: To resolve the cliffhanger in A2 and introduce our villains

[Show N/T]

N/T: "Is it awake?"

Zethys: "It will be momentarily."

N/T: "Why did you resurrect it? It has failed you once already."

Zethys: "Silence. It is conscious now."

Zethys: "Awaken, my rejuvenated Cerebrate. The time has come for your revenge."

N/T: "Of course... my master. It shall be done."

[Hide N/T, Zethys]


Familiar scenes from A2 Epilogue ensue.

KHRILLIAN: It appears you were correct, my friend.

The heroes retreat to the city as New Antioch’s defense forces (composed mostly of hordes of invisible Dark Templar, Zealots, Dragoons, High Templar) engage your army.

After a few minutes of battle in which you are stalemated:

TURMALIS: Khrillian, is there any way to block these invaders off from the Executor's Citadel?

KHRILLIAN: There IS a failsafe in place, to be used as a last resort. Our Dark Templar brethren here have installed a massive shield generator beneath the Citadel itself. It is capable of producing a nearly impenetrable field — but it will not last long.

TURMALIS: Do it… and pray it is enough for us to gain the upper-hand.

KHRILLIAN: Very well. Moloch and I will activate the generator.

MOLOCH: Let us move quickly.

[New Objective: Destroy the generator.]

After destroying the generator, you are attacked and defeated by a massive onslaught of Dark Templar reinforcements led by Moloch. You retreat to the caves.


PLAYED AS: Played As Zerg

LOCATION: New Antioch, Shakuras

TILESET: twilightworld

GOAL: Capture the Dark Templar, Moloch.

PURPOSE: To separate the heroes, give the player a strong hint that Moloch & Khrillian have a secret, reveal who Broker is, and begin the conflict.

GAMESTYLE: Similar to Blades In The Rain, you command a finite Zerg force in the midst of a battle between the Protoss and Mad Dog’s pirates. If you survive and find Moloch, you capture him and the viewpoint switches to The Protoss as Broker's forces arrive and appear to save the day.


[Show Turmalis, Moloch, Trench and Khrillian]

Turmalis: "The Executor has left the judgment of the Terrans in my hands while he is away and asked that we take immediate action in shutting down the other Terran faction attempting to control the Zerg. I have asked "Trench" to aid us in this matter as he is the one who uncovered Mox and Gurney's scheme to tame them. Since they are now our prisoners, our target becomes the faction that created the Psi-Cocoon, this 'Kel-Morian Combine'."

Trench: "I did some checkin' and found out Mox and Gurney are wanted for various crimes in Terran space under a variety of assumed names. We're gonna turn 'em over to the Combine and use em for bait. When the Combine reps get here, I'll plant a homing-beacon on one of their ships and we'll send in some of your Observers to find out what they're up to."

Note: Although this plan goes to hell in a handbasket, the homing beacon comes in handy later on when they go to find Moloch and Mox.

Turmalis: "I have already taken the liberty of contacting the Combine. Their representatives should arrive within the hour."

Khrillian: "Understood. Moloch and I will prepare the prisoners for transport."

[Hide All]



Broker: "You sack of pus! I've given you months to plot out this scheme of yours. I've given you all the resources at my disposal and an army of your own to do it and STILL you fail to defeat a little band of Protoss! I want results!'

Zethys: "If I had wanted them all to die they would be dead already. Unlike you, I take pleasure in my work. How was I to know they would ally themselves with their lost brethren?"

EYES1 (interrupting): "It is the Dark Templar that foils your plans. They are attuned to the negative energies your warriors possess."

Zethys: "Yes... yessss. Allow me to capture the Dark Templar, Moloch. I can use him for the experiments... "

Broker: "Quit your sniveling, pus-bag. Remember who is the slave and who is the master. [pause] I have personal business to attend to, meanwhile you will send in a raiding party to capture the Dark Templar. Do not fail me this time!"

[Hide Broker]

Zethys: "Pus-bag, indeed. We shall see who is the slave and who is the master soon enough, Terran brain-wart! Cerebrate! Capture that Dark Templar at all costs!"

[Hide Zethys, Hide EYES1]


—In Game—

Khrillian and Moloch make their way to the prison area with several DT guards.

Khrillian: "These Terrans may well deserve the fate that awaits them at the hands of this 'Combine' but I cannot believe the Judicator would be so... callous. To use them as "bait" seems contrary to my perception of him."

Moloch: "They are a threat to our continued survival, Khrillian. Perhaps the Judicator has finally opened his eyes and is on the path to becoming a true warrior in the spirit of Jepok."

Khrillian (whispered): "Perhaps that is what I am afraid of..."

Moloch: "Khrillian... I believe it is time to tell Turmalis what we discovered about Laurioch's journal and its correlation with recent events."

Khrillian: "The Prophecy? Moloch, I find it unlikely he will listen. A High Templar he may be, but even with the recent alterations in his personality, he is too practical and conservative to believe in ancient prophecies of doom..."

Moloch: "Nevertheless, I will tell him after we have finished ridding ourselves of these prisoners."

The two arrive and the prisoners are released into their custody. "I tell ya I been framed, Jabroni!" Rockwell protests. Under heavy guard, Khrillian and Moloch escort Mox, Gurney, Rockwell to a secured landing area when a group of pirates appears and demands that Gurney be released or else. The Protoss attack and the prisoners make a break for it during the fight, heading in different directions with Moloch and his warriors hot on their heels.


Zethys (viewscreen): "Perfect... Use this as a diversion and send your warriors to capture the one called Moloch!"

Eventually, you track down Moloch (providing you survive the crossfire of both Protoss and Terran forces with your limited group of Zerg and surround him as a Protoss shuttle flies in to carry him off.

The Combine finally arrives to take the prisoners and helps finish off the remaining Pirates who escape with Gurney in tow. The re-captured Mox and Rockwell are escorted to the landing area where Broker appears and reveals that he is the local Combine official come to take away the prisoners. Broker, not needing Rockwell since he a) has no secret personal score to settle with him, unlike Mox and Gurney, and b) he's not wanted for any crimes that break Kel-Morian laws, declines to arrest him.

Broker: "THIS one you can keep. His petty infractions of YOUR laws are unworthy of my time. Deal with him as you wish." [leaves]

Rockwell: "I'll show you who's unworthy you little —"

Trench returns from planting the tracer...

Trench (surprised): "Mason!?"


PLAYED AS: Played As Zerg/Leviathans, Lynxes and Infected Protoss

LOCATION: Scion, Aiur

TILESET: jungle

GOAL: Crush the Protoss forces and capture their leaders.

PURPOSE: To reveal Trench and Mason's backgrounds and launch them on their own adventure, to get Turmalis and Khrillian on Aiur where they lose and all looks lost.



Mason Rockwell is Trench Aster's former brother-in-law. That's why he looked the other way when Aster invaded the station. Hey... it's a small galaxy. Trench has decided to take Rockwell home... which means facing his ex-wife again.

[Show Turmalis, Khrillian, Trench & Rockwell]

Turmalis: "You two know of each other?"Trench: "He's my ex-wife's little brother."Turmalis & Khrillian (simultaneously in shock): "WIFE?"Trench (perturbed): "EX-wife."

While, Trench and Rockwell are going to head off to Sikarra, Khrillian suddenly reports that Moloch is missing and that scouts have found nothing but an unidentified energy trace from a unregistered Protoss shuttle that strangely seems to have headed toward Aiur. Turmalis orders them to prepare to investigate: he will not allow harm to come to another comrade if he can help it.

[Hide Turmalis & Khrillian]

Trench: "What the hell were you thinkin', kid?"

Rockwell: "I'm the best, Trent. I get the job done just like you... And it’s none of your damn business, Jabroni!"

Trench: "Quit it with that will ya? I'm serious here."

Rockwell: "Look, man. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be like you. Eat durasteel and spit bullets. Well, I'm an adult now. Hell, I'm taller, bigger and tougher than you ever were. And now I'm gettin my shot at fame and wealth just like you. Hell, I even saved your ass on New Brisbane."

Trench: "I knew that was too much of a cakewalk… thanks, kid. I'm still tellin ya this ain't the kinda life you wanna lead. It won't bring you happiness."

Rockwell: "We all gotta make our own choices, Trent. I made mine and you made yours."

Trench (being a wise-ass): "Fine. Get yer lanky ass aboard my ship, I'm takin' you home. UNLESS you WANT me to have one of those mean-lookin Protoss drag you back to a cell... I hear they got these razor-toothed jaws embedded in their chests and they eat you limb by limb... after they suck your blood through their skin..."

Rockwell (grumbling): "Candy-ass."

[Hide Trench and Rockwell]



Zethys tells N/T to expect some guests... and to prepare a warm reception for them. Moloch confronts N/T in a clash of words but is held back from attacking him by a pair of Leviathans.

Moloch: "What are these foul creatures you hide behind?"

N/T's Piece of the Puzzle

N/T: "Leviathans. [bunch of words] After the Kel-Morians stumbled upon my prison in their search for Jepok's Temple and the archives buried there, I was more than willing to help them in return for my freedom and the opportunity for revenge. It was fortunate that your allies were so easily fooled by my reputation when they discovered me at the temple. It was all too easy to convince them I was their legendary hero. Just as Kuldarus died at my hands, so too will these new friends of yours. As much as I dreamt of killing you myself, the master has a special fate in store for you. Take him away."

The Bad Protoss drag Moloch onboard another shuttle (the bugged one) and off to the Rykos IV. Zethys has cleverly set this up... the kidnapping was bait for a trap.



As per N/T's orders (whom you control), you build up your forces to prepare for the arrival of the rag-tag remnants of Turmalis and Khrillian's fleet, their forces decimated in previous engagements. Turmalis and Khrillian arrive on Aiur and your team of Zerg and Protoss defeat their remaining forces and capture the two heroes. At the end of this mission, Zethys preens and gloats via transmission from his hidden base.


PLAYED AS: Played As Terran Then Switches To Zerg/Leviathans, Lynxes and Infected Protoss


TILESET: desertworld

GOAL: Find Trench's Ex-Wife.

PURPOSE: To introduce Harley and Haley. To demonstrate the power and purpose of the Leviathans and Lynxes.

GAMESTYLE: Starts off in a limited RPG style in which you BRIEFLY "quest" to find Harley who takes you to Haley. Suddenly, the invasion begins and you begin to flee. As dozens of invaders flood through the map, the viewpoint changes and now you are destroying the place and inadvertantly hunting the heroes you were just moments before. As you get closer to finishing off the city, the heroes are running out of places to hide (and make brief quips and barbs to each other) and certain death is imminent for them but you are the bad guy and have no choice. Suddenly, SCV Harley with a fast-blasting Yamato Cannon pops up and annihilates a crapload of your warriors, allowing the heroes to board a shuttle and flee as your remaining forces finish off the rest of the city.


Zethys informs Broker that the heroes are out of the way and they can proceed with their invasion of Sikarra.



Trench talks to Rockwell about how awkward this is going to be etc.


We arrive on Rockwell's homeworld, Sikarra. A sparsely populated world of sand-dunes and prospectors and one of the few mining worlds not under the influence of the Combine. He and Trench search around town looking for the Ex-Mrs. Aster and are directed to an old prospector (their father, Harley) who, after ripping into Trench ("Well, well... if it ain't meat-head..." etc.) whom he does like but refuses to admit it, and scolding Mason a bit, leads them to her. Mason talks to his father while Trench talks to Haley.

Haley Rockwell (sarcastic): "Well if it isn't Trent 'Walking Dizz-Aster' himself."

Trench: "Haley. Long time no see."

Haley (angry): "What are you doing here, Trent?"

Trench (sarcastic): "Well, gee, let me think... I came all the way here just to see your smiling face, baby."

Haley (sarcastic): "Aww, that's so cute it ALMOST pains me to be the one to inform you that's not gonna happen in this lifetime. So try again."

Trench: "Alright, fine. Be that way. And after ALL the trouble I went to in bailing out your little brother and bringing him here."

Haley: "Mason's with you? I should've known. Where ever there's trouble the Idiot Brigade is sure to be together."

Trench: "Now look here, sister... I didn't come back to this sandbox to get the cold shoulder from the Ice Queen."

Haley (sarcastic): "Of course. You expected me to melt in your arms with your charming personality and quick wit."

Trench: "That was the idea, yeah."

Haley (angry): "Well, get a clue. You're a rude, lewd, egotistical male chauvinist pig with a knack for attracting the worst trouble like no one else can."

Trench (smiling): "What's yer point?"

Haley (sarcastic): "My POINT is that this conversation, as FUN as it's been, is over. You've done your good deed for the year. You can leave now. After all, it's what you do best, isn't it?"

Trench: "Now LOOK here, missy..." (fade out)—CUT TO—

Harley goes off to do something elsewhere...Rockwell: "Okay, Pops. See ya later, Jabron — ... er, Dad."


On the other side of the map, Broker arrives with a MASSIVE LEGION of Leviathans, Infected Protoss and Lynxes. The invasion begins.

NEW GOAL: Conquer Sikarra.

As your warriors slaughter what little resistance there is and the populace flees in terror, we zoom over to the heroes as your warriors get close enough to them to set off a trigger/switch and Trench asks a fleeing civilian what the hell's going on and he replies that it's an invasion. Trench and Rockwell grab the Ex-Mrs. Aster and make a run for it.

Haley: "I knew it! Everywhere you go you bring trouble!"

Trench: "Hey, I got nothin' to do with this! C'mon, we're getting the hell out of here and you're comin' with."

Haley (worried): "No, I won't leave Dad! He's out there all by himself, Trent!"

Trench: "Ah hell, why couldn't you just put him in an old folks home..."A LOUD "SLAP!" sound is heard.

Trench: "Ok, I guess I deserved that but DON'T do it again. Let's find the old geezer and get off this dustball."

Haley: "You're all heart, Trent."

Trench: "Yeah, and your a big pain in the a—"

Rockwell: "If we're gonna leave, we better do it now."

Trench: "Alright, let's vamoose."

The trigger/switch cycle continues every time your rampaging warriors near the trio of heroes (where they make little jibes at each other like Haley saying "If this is your idea of how to show a girl a good time, you've got another thing comin' and Trench sayin 'Hell, baby, I'm just warmin up. Wait'll the bloodthirsty Vorpal jackrabbits show up." etc) until finally, as your warriors are closing in for the kill, the heroes find Harley kicking the crap out of some of your warriors ("You want some!? Come git it, you [funny name-calling description] varmints! I got enough fer alla ya! [Yamato gun firing]" etc.). Shocked, the heroes follow the old man who directs them to an old shuttle he's stored away for just such an occasion and they take off.


PLAYED AS: Played As Protoss/Terran

LOCATION: Former Confederate Prison World, Rykos IV

TILESET: installation

GOAL: Escape.

PURPOSE: To have Zethys reveal that he's been pulling the strings since before Episode 1 and give the player a massive dose of his sick, twisted nature. To begin the redemption of Charlie Mox.

GAMEPLAY: You start out in a large arena area in which you must traverse the corridors of the prison. During your travels, various warriors and defense mechanisms attack you. You pick up prisoners along the way as allies. You must rescue a certain number of them and escape.


A prison guard tells Mox he's got some company and tosses Moloch in with him. Mox freaks when he recognizes one of his old Protoss jailers but eventually they start talking and he tells his side of the story about how he got involved with Gurney and this whole mess started.

Mox: "You gotta believe me! A week before we ran into Turmalis and his crew on Char, I'd never even heard of Gurney! He approached me the last time I was in Bora Dalis and said he had a plan to make some big money in the mining industry and needed my expertise in getting some Kel-Morian equipment. Broker was after my hide for stealing a whole lot of credits for my kid sister’s operation. When Gurney offered me credits up front, I went with it. I figured I could pay off Broker what I owed him and still have plenty to retire on and healthy sibling to boot. I didn't know Gurney planned to control an army of Zerg!"

Moloch: "If what I believe is coming to pass, you will have a chance to redeem yourself soon enough, Terran."

Zethys appears via transmission:

Zethys: "Well, hello there! I hope your stay has been comfortable. I am Zethys... lord and master of this world.

Moloch: "Why have you imprisoned us here, Cerebrate? Release us now and I guarantee you will die a quick death."

Zethys: "Oh, that's quite a tempting offer... but I'm afraid I'll have to decline. You see, I've brought you here for a reason, Moloch…"

Zethys' Piece of the Puzzle

Zethys: "Shortly before Chau Sara's destruction by Tassadar's fleet, the Overmind sent my brood and I to "colonize" that world... But we never arrived. As we entered the Koprulu sector, a squadron of Broker's Kel-Morian forces captured most of us for the purpose of experimentation... and took us to a secret installation on Char..."

"During my imprisonment there, I gained Broker's trust by fooling him into thinking I was his obedient and harmless underling... The fool fell for it and I ended up with quite the run of the place..."

"In exploring the installation, I discovered an old and dying Protoss scholar imprisoned there as well. After the experiment that severed me from the Overmind, the first act of my new freedom and budding ego was in torturing that Protoss for stories that would amuse me... His name was Laurioch and it was he who revealed to me the history of your enemy, the Archon and the Eyes of the Xel'Naga... You cannot imagine the joy that comes from dismembering a creature while it is still alive... I'd never realized a Protoss could scream before..."

Mox [whispered]: "Eh, this Zerg sounds like he's short a few larvae in the hive if you know what I mean..."

Zethys: "Silence, infidel! Moloch I need. YOU I do not..."

Moloch: "Cerebrate, you have just signed your death warrant and given me a reason to enjoy killing you."

Zethys: "Oh, I was just getting warmed up. You know of Praetor Fenix...? I am responsible for his "disfigurement". Shortly after the invasion of Aiur, I watched from afar as my Psi-Cocoon rendered him defenseless and one of my mean ol' hydralisks skewered him like a shish-ka-bob!

Moloch: "You lie!"

Zethys: "Ohh, I assure you... his suffering was delicious."

Moloch (snarling): "So was your Cerebrate's when I sunk my blades into its flesh and decorated the fields of Aiur with its guts!"

Mox (shocked and backing away, whispering): "I'm just gonna go over here now..."

Zethys: "Oh my... how can you say such horrid things? What would your allies Khorun and Nurohk think? Oh... that's right. I had them killed too. I guess I'll just have to teach you a lesson in manners. Guards! Show our guests what the Arena is for..."

Moloch (enraged): "I will find you, Cerebrate! I will strip the flesh from your bones with my blades and watch you die in agony!"

Zethys (sarcastic): "How touching! I'll miss you too!" (Hysterical laughter)

Zethys leaves them in a maze-like pit to face their doom against several hardened Arena Warriors.



Armed with the new information revealed to him and infuriated by Zethys' claims, Moloch tells Mox that they must escape so that he can warn Turmalis of this despicable new enemy as well as the Prophecy of Baphomet, which he is now dead-certain has come to pass...

Mox: "Yeah, well, while you and the Laughing Dingo of New Guinea were chatting back there, I found us a way outta here..."

...and the two team up to escape the installation mission by defeating the Arena Warriors and freeing other captives as reinforcements. Several gags ensue as the prisoners are freed.... (like perhaps a Mr. T-sounding Terran saying "Ah pity da foo...", Hannibal Lector "Hello, Clarise... thp thp thp thpt!", etc). Declan shows up and assists Mox and Moloch in their escape and is a part of the story from this point on.


PLAYED AS: Played As The Gray + 2 Protoss Heroes

LOCATION: Scion, Aiur

TILESET: jungle

GOAL: To Be Determined.

PURPOSE: To reveal Broker's purpose and reasoning for allying himself with Zethys and complete the pieces of the puzzle Zethys had left out in the previous mission. To rescue Turmalis and Khrillian from their imminent doom, to introduce the power of The Gray to the player.



We return to Scion (complete with an extensive ruin-maze that N/T was building and LOTS of cloning tank doodads) where N/T admits to his treacherous past and explains that he wants vengeance for being imprisoned alive. After a resounding test-run victory at Sikarra, Broker arrives with news that the Dominion is no more (having been recently defeated by The UED) and that his rise to power is now unstoppable. He also reveals the purpose of the Eyes to his prisoners and gloats about how he will become a Zerg/Protoss/Human Hybrid God and how the Eye and its twin, waiting to be recovered in Nitramnaedh on Umbra, will help him accomplish this. Broker is now in the initial stage of the transformation occuring to him...

Broker's Piece of the Puzzle

Broker: "Welcome. You may be surprised to know that you have been considerable thorns in my side for quite some time now. As it would be unfair of me to let you die without knowing the full story, I shall start at the beginning:"

"Originally, my forces were stationed at the base you discovered on Char. Its purpose was to develop an armada of specially armored telepathic warriors to destroy the Confederacy. When my superiors realized the balance of power was shifting to Mengsk' band of rebels, the project was determined a waste of resources and terminated..."

"By then, however, I realized just what we had turned one of our Zerg experiments into... an artificial miniature Overmind, capable of creating and controlling his own Cerebrates. Zethys and his Manticore brood proved even more invaluable when he convinced me we should search for the Xel'Nagan weapons one of our Protoss prisoners had told him about."

"We created the Psi-Cocoon to keep you and your people out of our hair long enough to conduct a search of the temples in the area. Eventually, we stumbled onto the temple where your enemy, N/T, was imprisoned. With him as our new ally, we were able to find Jepok's temple and take its secret: the location of the Eye in Scion."

N/T: "When you discovered me there, Broker ordered me to delay you or get rid of you anyway I could while the technology was used to create an army of slaves... When I pushed for you to go to Char I thought at last I would be rid of you. I had never dreamed you would actually survive against the Zerg there or find a weapon capable of destroying the Psi-Cocoon."

Broker: "Yes... I often wonder if your other half had something to do with that."

N/T [angry]: "Nannoth is dead!"

Broker: "No matter. The Psi-Cocoon served its purpose. Our army stands ready and our enemies are beaten. We have only to retrieve the other Eye from Umbra and our victory will be complete. You wanted revenge? So be it. Kill them."



As Broker leaves to join his forces, N/T and his warriors move in to finish off Turmalis and Khrillian...

Turmalis: "It has been an honor to serve with you, Khrillian."

Khrillian: "Likewise, Judicator... but all is not lost! You see, Laurioch’s journal also speaks of a group of warriors he formed to combat those who would use the Eyes for evil. Behold!"

and then...


Surrounded by the Gray, N/T flees like a coward to join Broker, leaving his few remaining forces to slow them down as they chase after him through the jungle.

Eventually, they battle their way to a launching area just in time to see Broker's legions of Leviathans, Lynxes and Infected Protoss heading off in fleets of shuttles to unite the Eye with its twin buried on Umbra. The heroes subdue a squad of Infected Protoss troops, steal a shuttle and join the Gray in rescuing their comrades before going after Broker.


PLAYED AS: Played As Terran, Protoss and The Gray

LOCATION: Prison World, Rykos IV

TILESET: frostworld

GOAL: To Be Determined.

PURPOSE: To unite the heroes and hurl them (with their prisoner reinforcements) toward the final battle. To give the player more of an idea of what the Prophecy is all about. To portray Mox & Moloch in a role similar to a "buddy-cop" film which leads to the unlikely duo's destiny at the end of the episode.

Mox and Moloch, cold and fatigued are wandering around on the snow-covered surface of Zethys' secret prison-world with their fellow escapees and discover a crapload of weaponry... guarded of course.

Moloch: "As you Terrans say, it is time to break out the can of whoop-ass."

The heroes and their prisoner allies capture the base and use its resources to re-arm themselves then they make their getaway as the other heroes arrive with transports to pick them all up.

With the coordinates described in the book, they head off to Umbra in search of the other Eye before Broker can obtain it.


PLAYED AS: Played As Protoss/Terran


TILESET: modified twilightworld

GOAL: Find The Other Eye.

PURPOSE: To have Haley show off her stuff and reveal more about her relationship with Trench as they begin warming up to each other again, slightly which leads to us seeing a softer side of Trench (briefly) near the end of the mission. To have Mason prove himself by putting the smack down on Broker's forces, thus winning the admiration of the prisoner reinforcements. To reveal that the Eyes have their own agenda. To have all of our heroes working in teams to take down the almost-fully transformed and seemingly unstoppable Broker.

One other plot point was left out: Gurney and the pirates return during Eye To Eye to involuntarily assist Broker's forces in attacking you. By the end of the mission, Gurney is left stranded on Umbra. Why? Because he's a jerk and the heroes have ruined his plans of becoming filthy rich. Therefore, you are attacked on two sides. Broker's forces on one and Gurney's on the other.


Khrillian explains to his allies that Laurioch's archive-book (shockingly entitled "The Antioch Chronicles", hence the title of the series) may be the key to stopping the Leviathans, Lynxes and Infected Protoss according to what Broker had inadvertently revealed to them. Trench mentions that he also knows this Broker guy.

Khrillian: "A tomb? Laurioch's journal speaks of a city of the dead... the final resting place of the fiend, Sevorak."

Trench: "Okay, I get it that this dead guy, Sevorak, was buried with one of these Eye things and Broker and his Zerg buddy dug up the other Eye on Aiur but who was he? Why do you guys talk about him like he's the devil himself?"

Khrillian: "Three hundred years ago, Sevorak of Scion was a Judicator who went mad for reasons I cannot fathom. That is a mystery even Laurioch did not have the answer to. In his insane quest for the Eyes of the Xel'Naga, Sevorak reduced the entire city of Teross to dust and had over 10,000 Protoss from the Shelak tribe dismembered, impaled and crucified in a single day... Those are just a few of many other horrors he inflicted upon them. I should know... I was one of them.".

Trench: "Jeez... These things must be pretty damn powerful..."

Khrillian: "The Eyes of the Xel'Naga are legendary... and part of the Prophecy of Baphomet —"

Turmalis: "We have no time for history lessons. We must find the Eye located in Nitramneadh before Broker does. The others have set up a base camp and await our arrival."

Haley (the archaeologist), Trench and Khrillian (the historian) are put in charge of finding the Eye before Broker's forces do.



Haley: "I dig up fossils! I'm not used to digging up artifacts that'll blow us all to Kingdom Come!"

Trench (grinning): "Don't worry, darlin... I'll make sure I'm well out of harms way before you open Pandora's box."

Haley (steaming): "I'll open your head in a minute, buster!"

Trench (having fun pushing her buttons): "[a funny comeback]"

Broker and his forces arrive and the battle for possession of the Eyes begins.


During a confrontation between Trench and Broker, Harley makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Trench's life and hurls himself in the line of fire. Mortally wounded, Harley has a few last words....

Harley: "They got me, kid."

Trench: "You're gonna be alright..."

Harley: "Shut up 'n listen, boy... <cough-wheeze> I just wanted ta say that I never thought you was as bad as I made ya out ta be. Yer a good kid. You take care of my daughter, you here? And keep the boy outta trouble."

Trench (choked-up): "I will..."

Harley: "Aww, jeez-louise... don't git all mushy on me now! Git the hell outta here! And remember what I said!"

Trench leaves and Harley vanishes in a massive explosion...

Afterwards, Broker is betrayed by the Eyes and defeated by Mason Rockwell who beats his candy-ass.


PLAYED AS: Played As All Heroes

LOCATION: Nitramneadh, City of the Dead, Umbra

TILESET: modified twilightworld

GOAL: Destroy the Leviathans, Lynxes and Infected Protoss.

PURPOSE: To resolve the conflict between Taeradun and Moloch, defeat Zethys and bring about a seemingly happy ending. To reveal the Eyes do indeed have a sinister agenda.

The final confrontation begins as the 8 heroes and their allies arrive in the City of the Dead and confront N/T & Zethys. Turmalis takes control of the battle, showing renewed vigor in his battle-tactics and breaks the blockade of Zethys' Infected Protoss warriors. Turmalis and Khrillian use both eyes on N/T...


Moloch: "One shall stand... one shall fall."

Taeradun (taunting Moloch): "I will skewer you just as I did with Kuldarus!"

Moloch: "Then I will show you the same amount of mercy you showed him, traitor! None!"

Moloch slays Taeradun, quenching his thirst for vengeance as Nannoth sacrifices himself yet again by focusing all his energies into the orbs, destroying Zethys and his Infected Protoss army.


EYE1: We are reunited.EYE2: After 300 years.EYE1: We are done with these pathetic creatures.EYE2: Our destiny awaits.EYE1: Let the Prophecy be fulfilled...


PLAYED AS: Played As All Heroes



GOAL: n/a

PURPOSE: To set things up for the future

Moloch: "Judicator! The Eyes! We MUST destroy the Eyes!"

He asks where they are...

Turmalis points out that he doesn't know... they must have been destroyed during the final battle with Zethys. Moloch isn't surprised by this response and broods... even with Kuldarus' death avenged... the atrocities committed by Zethys against Laurioch, Fenix and the twins as well as the apocalypse he fears is coming weigh heavily on his mind...


The 7-surviving heroes say their farewells as they each decide the next step in their new destinies:

With his newfound prisoner friends, Mason will honor his father's memory by forming a legitimate security force for hire to borderworlds that are short on protection and high on cash, giving him the status of a Real general.

With regards to Harley's last request, Trench and Haley will try to patch things up on a slow basis as Trench takes a vacation from the "information" business. [continued in the WotC Prelude]

Turmalis and Khrillian have received a report from Zeratul stating that the UED has captured a NEW Overmind on Char and they are ordered to reassemble their forces and join up with Artanis' fleet. (details on what occurs during this time will be revealed in War of the Chroniclers)

Moloch will return to New Antioch with the Gray to guard it from further attacks... along with his newest student: Charlie Mox. Moloch convinces Turmalis, who once thought of Mox as a friend, "there is still good in him... I can feel it." and they start him on the path to becoming a true hero using Protoss teachings. Obviously, Mox isn't all that happy about this but he still feels guilty about what he's done.

Mox: "I guess this is the end of the line, eh mate?"Moloch: "I fear this is just the beginning..."

On the dead moon of Umbra... a pair of Eyes watched as a rogue Judicator awoke from his centuries-long slumber... [booming wicked laughter fills the night air]

End of Trilogy One

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