Episode I of The Antioch Chronicles takes the player through a series of missions as diverse as the cast of characters within. The missions are designed to start at a fairly simple level of difficulty, progressing through more challenging missions as the story advances. Players who are stuck on a particular mission can take a look at the detailed mission strategies below. WARNING: While these are not complete walkthroughs, they do contain spoilers. Read at your own discretion.

Mission 1: Approach to Antioch

The key to this mission is deceptively simple: Scout the area thoroughly and eliminate most or all of the Zerg hidden in the area. If the area is left relatively unexplored, then the Zerg are more likely to swarm your outpost in large numbers once it is up and running. Every Zerg that you dispatch early on is one less Zerg you will have to deal with once you begin warping in structures. If need be, pauses between major clashes can allow your units' shields to recharge for the next battle. Once your Nexus is up, keep an eye on your resources; if you manage your forces well, you should have more than enough minerals to construct every structure the mission requires.

Mission 2: Templar Surrounded

This mission is fairly simple, although there are a few things to remember: Anti-air units are a must, since Mutalisks will pop up before you know it. Massed Dragoons do particularly well on this mission, amazingly enough. The Zerg forces that guard the High Templar are not weak, but they are far from being what most players would call "strong." Be aware that the two temple plateaus, located to the south of the Zerg base on either side, are home to the few Zealots that escaped the initial attack. They will provide a boost to your forces, but only if you are careful; bring along a couple of Reavers if you are planning to rescue them, since an ambush on lower ground is almost inescapable once the Zealots join you. Finally, when picking apart the Zerg base, make sure that your units do not wander too close to the temple. If a High Templar is "accidentally" rescued while enemy forces are still abundant, it may perish, thus cutting short the mission and forcing you to start all over.

Mission 3: Stand at Jepok

Here things start to get a bit more dicey. If you are concerned with keeping your heroes in perfect condition, then take short rest stops between encounters on the way south. Once you reach the Temple of Jepok, send Khorun (since he is the fastest) to the Nexus, thereby rescuing all buildings. Immediately start the Probes gathering minerals, and set up a working defense zone at the top of the ramp near the temple. A shield battery, along with Nannoth/Taeradun, a few Zealots, and several Dragoons should not only deter Hydralisks and Zerglings, but will also discourage Mutalisks from heading straight for the temple. A few Photon Cannons near your Probes can't hurt, either. Have High Templar ready with Psionic Storm at your base as a backup defense, but be aware that due to the psionic energy drain that Nannoth/Taeradun reported, all Templar spells will cost more than they usually do.

Now, for the offensive. Expand quickly and early on. More minerals can be found within the confines of Jepok itself on the southern area of raised jungle. Another Vespene gas geyser is located on the raised jungle to the east. Photon cannons and Templar work well if used sparingly to defend these resource points from unexpected Mutalisk attacks. Once enough resources are secured, begin producing Zealots and Dragoons. You will need both to conquer the defensive forces massed to the west. Once you have a sizable compliment, send a small task force to clear the ridge leading to the west of any Zerg stragglers. Move your full complement of Zealots and Dragoons to the west, and once they move down the ramp near the Zerg base, have them gather together to the south. After all your units have made their way to the rally point, send the Zealots in with the Dragoons taking up the rear. The Zealots should deal considerable damage while drawing fire away from the Dragoons. By the time the Zealots have been killed, the Zerg will have taken heavy losses and you will be able to finish them off with your Dragoons. Keep the Zealots and Dragoons pumping back at your base, in order to replace them for the final assault on members of the Tiamat brood to the north. Attacking with Reavers on this mission isn't very cost-effective, due to the nature of the Zerg defenses and the limited resources in the area.

Mission 4: Tin in the Ashes

While looking for the Terran outpost, your primary objectives should be to keep Turmalis and the Probe safe and also keep your units invisible to the enemy. Now and again an Overlord may drift toward your party while other Zerg units are near. Defend what you must, but take out the Zerg cloak detection if possible. A handy trick to use against the Zerg forces littering the area is to park Turmalis at a safe distance (especially when Hydralisks are present) and send a single Dragoon to the edge of his cloaking field. The Dragoon will open fire on enemy units without being seen. Make sure that the Dragoon is set to Hold Position, and that only one Dragoon is firing at a particular unit at any time. If more than one Dragoon attacks a unit simultaneously, the unit will flee. Above all, however, try to balance the act of proceeding cautiously with making good time. The longer you take to reach the Terran outpost, the smaller the amount of resources that will be left there.

Once at the outpost, it's important to rescue the Command Center as soon as possible and start gathering more resources. Build a Starport and Control Tower, and produce two or three Dropships. You'll need them to construct Missile Turrets and Bunkers on the southern fringes of Mt. Midnight, and you'll also need them to expand to the various resource points scattered throughout the area. In order to clean out Scourge and wayward Mutalisks, Science Vessels with Irradiate are a must. Since gas won't run out as opposed to minerals, you can produce Science Vessels more liberally than any other unit in this mission. When Zerg attackers start to break down your defenses, make sure to have SCVs in Dropships on hand to repair the southern fringes, and Science Vessels ready to Irradiate lingering Hydras, Mutalisks, or Overlords (especially Overlords, since slowing down Zerg production is key to winning this mission).

Taking out the agents of the Garm brood (orange) should be your first priority, since an important expansion is located directly to the southeast of the orange cluster. Take a landing party of two to four Siege Tanks and at least 12 Marines, accompanied by a Science Vessel or two, to one of the small island plateaus bordering the east end of the orange base. Use the Siege Tanks in siege mode to take out enough Spore and Sunken Colonies, and then land your strike force on the hive cluster's island itself. Destroying the Garm forces should be a simple matter of holding position and advancing, using your Siege Tanks to the fullest while protecting them with the Marines and Science Vessels. Once the Garm have been defeated, you've won half the battle.

With several resource points secured, you should begin massing a similar strike force to take out the agents of the Jormungand brood (purple). Their top expansion is particularly susceptible to attacks, since it is cut off from the main cluster, but destroying it should be a matter of personal taste, since it does not directly hinder passage to the installation entrance. It is possible to cut into the heart of the Jormungand hive by landing Siege Tanks on the islands directly above the northeasternmost part of the cluster. Watch out for Queens, who will Broodling the tanks at every opportunity. Science Vessels as advance scouts will work wonderfully, so long as they are not shot down by Spore Colonies or Mutalisks.

Finally, members of the Tiamat brood (red) guard the installation entrance itself. There are a good number of Mutalisks and Ultralisks there, as well as Hydras and even a couple of Infested Terrans. Marines are your workhorses here, supported by Siege Tanks and Science Vessels. It's simply a matter of getting enough units there to overpower the Zerg. Once the area is clear, send Dropships with your heroes, the Probe, and the required four Marines and two Ghosts to the entrance, again escorted by Vessels to be safe.

Mission 5: In the Broken Glass

Keep your Ghosts safe. Guarding them should be your biggest priority next to keeping Mox and the Probe in one piece. Proceed with your Marines in front, followed by the Ghosts. Attack-move them deeper into the base so that they immediately open fire on enemies. Keep the Ghosts uncloaked, or else they will not automatically attack. Using the Ghosts as cloaked advance scouts works well, but be aware that trap turrets will reveal their location to nearby Zerg. As soon as a trap pops up, have the Ghost retreat. The Marines in front, supported by the Ghosts, should be enough to take out the Zerg until you can reach the first contingent of trapped soldiers to the southwest.

Gaining clearance to the many doors and consoles in the installation is crucial. Only Mox has the command clearance to access every terminal, so always keep him near your troops, and always keep the Probe near Mox. Having the Probe follow Mox is an easy way to make sure that it doesn't get trashed by wayward Zerg (players who leave the Probe to take care of itself will find a nasty surprise waiting). The primary security terminal is located at the north end of the east wing. Follow the northbound hall, through various rooms and turns, all the way to the top, using cloaked Ghosts to clean out clumps of Zerg when no traps are near. Mox can then gain Level 1 clearance, which will grant you access to the security terminals to the northeast of the original entrance.

Once you gain Level 2 clearance from the second security terminal and are able to activate the security camera (which reveals the location of the Psi Emitter), take your forces (hopefully beefed up by the Marines you've found again) and systematically make your way up the west wing. Again, cloak your Ghosts and use them to dispose of impossibly large clumps of Zerg, but make sure no cloak detection is nearby. There are several paths to choose, but all will eventually lead to the northwest end, where you will find another locked door (accessible only to Mox) and another host of Marines to rescue. The final crawl to the location of the Psi Emitter will eventually land your forces in the midst of a host of Zerg and plenty of turrets. Attack full-force, but keep Mox and the Probe intact. Once the place is cleaned out, the Probe can safely retrieve the Psi Emitter.

Mission 6: Siege at Midnight

This mission demands quick thinking, since the Zerg hit fast and hit hard. As soon as the Dropship is visible, load Gurney and the Marines onto it and start moving it toward Mox. Then, select Mox and the Probe and have them board the Dropship. Finally, select the Dropship and have it ready for your next command. Once Turmalis signals that the Shuttles have arrived, have the Dropship unload its units right by the Science Facility. It will take some time to arrive, but it's one less thing you have to worry about.

Next, immediately move the Shuttles out of the way, hotkey Turmalis, and have him move to cloak all the forces at the northwest. The first wave of attacks will occur almost instantaneously, so quick action is essential. Have SCVs moving from the heart of the base to the various Bunkers and Turrets in order to repair them. Repairing the northwest Bunker isn't essential as long as you keep those units cloaked and keep Turmalis alive. Just make sure to take any Siege Tanks out of siege mode so that their splash damage won't hurt your own units. Using Science Vessels to Irradiate particularly large groups of Mutalisks will also help even the score.

Once the Dropship unloads and your Probe is brought to the Science Facility, the timer will begin counting down and you will have 20 minutes to weather the storm. There isn't much strategy involved here, just a lot of repairing and careful maneuvers. Don't forget that Turmalis can put large groups of attackers in Stasis to make dealing with them easier. If all else fails, restart and try again. It's easier to get a feel for the attack patterns on the second or third time through.

Mission 7: The Auriga Gambit

Things start to get kinda tough here, since your troops have been reduced in effectiveness by the Zerg psionic field. You will notice that the shields on your units have been cut down considerably, and that the High Templar spells cost more to cast than usual. Use the Observer to scout ahead for Mutalisks, and then Psionic Storm the Mutas at maximum range. If only one or two are left in any group, simply use Nannoth/Taeradun and Nurohk to dispose of them. Try to avoid conflict with the first Tiamat cluster (red) located directly to the west of your starting point. Head north, using the Observer and Templar to take out Mutalisk groupings, until you finally arrive at the northeast corner where several Mutas and Guardians watch over a clump of resources.

Use the Emitter Scout to draw a few Mutas at a time toward Nannoth/Taeradun and Nurohk. Make sure to keep your heroes well away from the Guardians, but close enough to attack any Mutas that follow the Emitter Scout as it retreats (Hold Position works well for this purpose). If more Mutas arrive to reinforce the area, deal with them using the same method, again keeping your ground forces away from the Guardians. As long as the Emitter Scout doesn't take a near-lethal amount of damage, everything's fine. Once the Mutas are gone, destroy the Guardians with the Scout and move in to construct your base.

Once your base has been well-established and you have secured the central expansion, start producing Carriers as well as a few Shuttles, Observers, and Reavers. They will be your main workhorse throughout the course of the mission. Attacking the Jormungand brood (purple) should be your first concern, as they will begin assaulting your forces long before the central Zerg hive takes notice. The Tiamat clusters (red) are docile and will only attack if their bases are directly threatened. Using the Reavers in combination with the Carriers, advance slowly and demolish the purple Zerg bases scattered throughout the west end of the map. Once these clusters have been demolished, you can rest easy, as long as you haven't wandered too close to the central northern portion of the map, where the main Zerg hive cluster (brown) is located.

While it's true that you only need to destroy the Zerg Spires (and therefore, Greater Spires) to win, in practice you may have to eliminate most of the central cluster in order to accomplish those objectives. Laying siege to the cluster is easiest from the east bank, using Carriers by parking them directly over the flooded temple. This may take some time, but if the Jormungand brood has been eradicated first, the remaining Zerg will have no new resources to draw upon, and the host of defending Mutas and Hydras will eventually recede. A successful assault is also possible from the west, using the aforementioned Reaver / Carrier combo. Winning after this point is simply a matter of destroying all the remaining Zerg Spires and Greater Spires, and accumulating the specified number of Stargates, Scouts and Carriers (plus the obligatory Fleet Beacon). Always remember, by the way, that the Emitter Scout has to be protected.

Mission 8: Darkest Thunderhead

The Protoss forces under your command are weakened even further in this mission due to the close proximity of the Zerg psi-cocoon. Fortunately, Mox's forces will provide a substantial boost to your arsenal. Once you have all your workers harvesting resources, you might want to invest in a few upgrades while putting Mox's Marines in the Bunkers around his base. An expansion is conveniently located to the northwest on high ground, although you should be wary of sneak attacks from the north. Both the Kel-Morian and Zerg forces may attack from that direction unexpectedly if your southern and eastern fronts are well-guarded.

Once you have a substantial attack force, consisting of several Carriers, Siege Tanks, and Marines, send them to the Kel-Morian expansion located in the center of the map. Cutting off this main resource point will help to cripple the Combine and allow you to strike at their main base located to the east. Eliminating all of the Kel-Morian forces is crucial, since it triggers the final mission objective. Once you have finished them off, retreat to your bases if necessary to prepare for the final assault.

The small Zerg cluster (brown) at the very southeast corner of the map should be your next target, avoiding the central cluster (red) at all costs. Taking out the brown Zerg will keep the pressure off of you until it's time to bring the Emitter Scout to the cocoon in the center. Once you have finished laying waste to this smaller cluster, you have two options: Hold position directly east of the central hive, or move around to attempt an attack from the north, at the northwest corner of the cluster (south of Mox's camp). It is entirely possible to destroy most of the cluster with a sizable complement of Siege Tanks and Carriers, but the very heart of the hive, where the cocoon is located, contains Sunken and Spore Colonies that will regenerate if destroyed. These defenses should be considered permanent, since there is no way to get rid of them.

Getting the Emitter Scout to the center of this mess should be your next task. For this purpose, you should have four or more High Templar waiting with Hallucination. (Note, again, that spells cost more due to the intense energy drain your troops are feeling.) Once you have rallied all your troops in the same area, park your Siege Tanks just close enough to fire on the various Spore and Sunken Colonies in siege mode. While this will not eliminate the colonies, it will help to take a little pressure off of the Emitter Scout, as each destroyed colony will experience a firing delay while it regenerates. With your Siege Tanks firing on the colonies, use your Templar to Hallucinate the Emitter Scout and the Carriers as many times as possible. Send all the Hallucinations and the real Carriers into the middle of the cluster, and follow quickly with the Emitter Scout itself, using the Move command to specifically park it over the cocoon. Have the Emitter Scout Hold Position while the Hallucinations, Carriers and Interceptors draw the Spore Colonies' fire. If everything goes well, the decoys should last long enough to allow the Psi Emitter to reach critical mass. When this happens, you can just about say goodbye to any remaining Zerg. Thus end your troubles... for now.

Auspex Turmalis

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