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The Great VSP Saga:
Part II

The Bad Guys Strike Back

Table of Contents

Part II

Chapter 3


Meanwhile, back in the Hyperion....

The team (minus Codebreaker, Seawolf, and Phoenix, who were up in the bridge) had long ago run out of ideas. There were several probable candidates as to who may have wiped out Rockwell: TGF, who had dropped out of their last saga and was presumed still at large, was at the top of their list. Bakjak was a candidate, too, though he was presumed several hundred women on some tropical island after the narrator of the last saga had put him there. There were a couple other forumers that may have wanted to get rid of Rockwell, but beyond that...they couldn't think of anyone. In the end they decided two things: 1.) the most likely candidate was TGF, and 2.) they had no idea where he was or how to find him. So as said before, they had run out of ideas. Now the VSP was playing Go Fish, WASTE was playing poker (with real money...ooooo), Flyspeck was munching on some pretzels, and everyone else was watching the games.

Up in the bridge, CB, Seawolf, and Phoenix had made better progress in the idea department.

"So he said 'no need any more' after you asked about his hatred for Rockwell?" Codebreaker repeated.

"Yeah," Seawolf replied, while piloting the ship towards the VSP HQ, now only a few minutes away. "At the time I thought it was strange, but didn't think it meant ANYTHING like this."

"He HAS been acting kinda weird lately," Phoenix pointed out.

"Yeah, but this just doesn't seem like him somehow. He has a great deal of respect for Auspex and Antioch, and as much as he hates Rockwell, I find it hard to believe he'd do something so damaging to Antioch," Seawolf mused.

"Maybe. Maybe not. Whatever the case, he's definitely a likely candidate. Like it or not," Codebreaker said, looking at Seawolf.

Seawolf frowned, but nodded submissively and turned back to the controls.

"CB, why don't you make sure the guys are buckled in. Landing can be a little bit rough sometimes...."

Codebreaker looked at Seawolf a second more, nodded, and went back to get the others.

After a few moments of silence, Phoenix spoke up. "You don't think he did it, do you?"

"I...I don't know," Seawolf said, and sighed heavily. "I hope not, for his sake."


A half hour later, with the Hyperion parked outside, the team was inside VSP HQ collecting their stuff. Codebreaker, Lambda Corps, MysteriousGuy, and Seawolf grabbed their Gauss Rifles and loaded them. Spooky and Flyspeck hoisted their C-10s and MilkDuds loaded his customized C-10, stroking it as if it was a pet. Dark_T_Zeratul practiced some combat moves with his warp blades, and Odin's Eye (who also had the mighty spear Hrungnir strapped to his back), Phoenix, Endarire, and Tarun strapped on their psi blades. Mack Kilimaro and Flare poured some gas into their flamethrowers while Mat-Def drove his Mad Cat OmniMech up the Hyperion's loading hatch into the cargo bay (he had a Gauss Rifle for more common use, and would save the Mech for times when it was needed). Codebreaker, Seawolf, Phoenix, Lambda, Mack, and Zeratul also had varied customized pistols for backup use that they locked and loaded and put in holsters at their sides.

Codebreaker went back inside and drove the PosseMobile into the Hyperion's cargo hold. The vehicle was very long, looking vaguely like a limousine. It was shiny black with the VSP symbol etched into the hood and driver and passenger side doors. Inside there was room to seat ten, meaning all seven VSP plus three passengers could all pile in at once. In front of all but the front two seats, there was a laptop mounted to the seat back in front of them, one per seat, that was linked via satellite to the internet and the VSP computer network in headquarters. For weapons, the PosseMobile had front-mounted twin autocannons and a fragmentation grenade launcher. For air defense, there was a retractable, roof-mounted anti-matter missile launcher with a magazine of seven missiles, with an additional three in the trunk, which also held the team's weapons when they were going somewhere. It had bullet-retardant metal and bullet-proof glass.

The team was all set to go to Mason's house, and they loaded all their gear and the Hyperion once again took off.


As has been previously stated, Mason Wheeler didn't know what to do.

So he decided to do what he usually did when he didn't know what to do. He called his friend Nicole. She didn't know all that much about Starcraft, and had never played Antioch, but she was always helpful when he had some sort of dilemma to solve. (Of course, the dilemmas usually involved Jenni, a girl he liked who just happened to be a good friend of Nicole's; this was the first time he had ever been chased by villains and vigilantes, so he didn't know how much help she would be in this case, but he didn't know what else to do.) So they talked for awhile about school and Starcraft and told jokes and stuff like that until Mason got to the point. He explained about killing Rockwell (which she thought was cool; she hated wrestling too) and about the VSP and WASTE coming to get him, and about Broker. The only part she didn't understand was how Broker got there. So Mason explained about his crossover, and that in his eagerness to kill Rockwell, he didn't take enough time to debug it, and it had got stuck. He couldn't turn it off. He had gone into Antioch to kill Rockwell, but now Antioch was coming out to get him.

Nicole asked if the VSP and WASTE knew that he had done it yet. Mason looked hastily through the story and found that they didn't, but that they were beginning to get suspicious of him. Then she suggested going to them and offering to help them defeat Broker, because he had killed Rockwell, which would protect him against Broker, and keep them from being suspicious of him. Also, Broker was a bad guy too, so he'd then be able to kill another bad guy with their help. He realized that this was a really good idea, said goodbye to Nicole, got in the DragonSlayer, and headed towards the Hyperion, which was heading towards him. He used his narrator tools to keep track of Broker's battlecruiser and stay away from it, so his trip to rendezvous with the VSP and WASTE was pretty uneventful. When he got there, he found the VSP and WASTE members looking for him. He asked them what was going on, and they explained the situation. He explained that it was Broker who had killed Rockwell and offered to help them hunt him down.

"So why are you helping us?" asked Mack Kilimaro. "You're a Rockwell-hater, aren't you?"

"Because if he's gone, I can't kill him off in Antioch anymore. Besides, Broker's a bad guy. I'm a good guy, and so I'm supposed to kill bad guys."

"How do you know Broker killed Rockwell?" asked Lambda.

"The Narrator told me. Rockwell had been part of one of Broker's evil plots, but he found out too much and so Broker killed him. You know, dead men tell no tales and all that."

"But I thought the Narrator got a girlfriend and isn't narrating anything anymore." said Seawolf.

"The *new* Narrator told me." replied Mason.

"Who's the new Narrator?" asked Spooky.

"I AM! NOW CEASE YOUR FOOLISH QUESTIONS AND FURTHER THE STORYLINE!!!" boomed a thundering voice from the sky.

"I suppose we should do as the Narrator says." said Mason. "Otherwise he might get mad."

"One last thing," said Seawolf. "What did you mean when you laughed about not having to worry about Rockwell anymore?"

"Are you sure you're not really The Inquisitor? I had seen that he was gone already. Apparently, I was the first one to notice that he was gone, and I was delighted, until I got bored by not having him around to kill in that dropship, or in Boomerang."

"You can't kill him in Boomerang." said Mat-Def.

"You can if you edit the map." said Mason. "But anyway, let's go find Broker!"

"I still don't trust him." said Mack. "This is a bit too convenient."

"I have a Proto-Cruiser that would be a lot of help if we ever got into combat," said Mason.

Codebreaker heard this, considered it for about half a second, and said "OK, you're in." He had the feeling they'd be in battle sooner or later, and if this story was anything like the last one, they'd need all the help they could get.

Everyone started off towards Broker's location...

...then stopped a few seconds later. "Does anyone know where Broker is???" asked Codebreaker.

Mason Wheeler

"I bet the old narrator would know. Man, this new guy sucks..." Mack said aloud. A few of the other veterans of the old adventure nodded in agreement.


"Maybe we should look for Broker in Bora Dalis." Seawolf suggested.

"Why would we look there?" Lambda Corps asked.

"Because, _everything_ ends up at Bora Dalis some time." Seawolf remarked.

"Then why didn't we ever go there during the first part of The VSP Saga?" CB asked.

Seawolf blanched. "Uh...maybe we did, but we just don't know it because of all of that time travel and clone stuff, maybe it affected our memories."

Suddenly, without warning, MysteriousGuy passed out. As with before, nobody really understood why.

"Wouldn't Aus, Zeus, and Ytse know?" Endarire suddenly spoke up.

"That's a real good idea, we definitely need to find those three. Yeah." Mason Wheeler said, the nervousness in his voice not being detected because otherwise it would make the story dull and boring.

So it was that the group decided to find the TAC crew in order to find Broker. The migration towards North Carolina began.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the Real World, the old narrator, Mark Brown, was dreaming of times long gone. Well, not really long gone, but just of when he'd still been the narrator. He smiled as he saw Bob go down in flames from the final assault on the clone Mason Wheeler's fortress. Then suddenly things started going wrong. The happy dream turned into a nightmare as his favorite heroes started getting killed where they were supposed to be the ones doing the killing.

He awoke, realizing it was just a dream. But Mark was a paranoid guy. He suddenly wondered how his heroes were doing - but what could he do about it? He wasn't the narrator anymore...

Mack Kilimaro

And so, the group headed to North Carolina University, where the TAC crew was most likely situated at for the moment, for the purpose of discovering the location of Broker. They knew not that Mason was the key to the problem, not Broker, but given the information they had, they sought out Broker.

Since it was a long flight to North Carolina (they kept getting stopped by nuisances of scourge patrols and had to engage in numerous breath-taking and suspenseful maneuvers on the Hyperion's and DragonSlayer's parts only comparable by the Millennium Falcon in the Hoth Asteroid Field in The Empire Strikes Back), the group reviewed everything they knew about Broker.

"Okay," started Seawolf, "We know he's a bad guy."

"And he's a power hungry bad guy," added CB.

"He has a ton of guys and a big ol' battlecruiser," offered Odin.

"He tried to kill Mox and take the money that he owed him but didn't pay," said Lambda.

"And he probably has a bunch of mercenary contacts and hires them to do stuff, like he might've done with Rockwell," said MilkDuds.

"And he might've erased Rockwell because he must've done something in Antioch 1 or 2, or even 3, that must've foiled one of Broker's plans," said Phoenix.

"Oooh," commented Odin, "how insightful. Now we think we know why Broker erased Rockwell, so let's work off of that. Using our memory, let's go over what Rockwell did in the past two Antioch episodes."

"Well," started MG, "he didn't even appear in Antioch 1, so Broker had no reason to erase him because of Psionic Storm."

"He only appeared 3 times in Antioch 2," said CB, "The Prologue, where he found a homing beacon, when he told Gurney what happened in New Brisbane when Trench was around and didn't go after him, and when he took out Mox's power generators."

"Doesn't look like much there," said Seawolf, "It must have to do with what Rockwell's going to do in Antioch Three."

"What do ya know?" said MG, "We're headed towards Auspex's place, and he happens to be working on Thoughts in Chaos right now. We'll have to ask him about what Rockwell does in A3 once we get there, along with where Broker might be."


As they continued to discuss the matter at hand, Kurt Broker paced on the bridge of his battlecruiser. His head bowed onto his chest while he paced, Broker contemplated his next actions. It would be a little risky, announcing his involvement...

"Mister Kautarn?" said Broker, coming to a decision.

"Yes, sir?" answered the officer.

"Send a strike force to Alpha Sector. Their orders are to trash the Creator's headquarters-"

"Auspex's college place in North Carolina? But sir-!"

"Of COURSE his college place in North Carolina, fool!" clashed Broker. "And WHY must you interrupt me? You are only a pawn in this scheme of mine, not to mention a one-time character in this story, and yet to persist to try and break through the borders of your minor role by interrupting THE most powerful VILLAIN in his moment of EVIL!!! HOW DARE YOU!"

The officer shook under the wrath of the power and evil of this truly formidable villain. Broker regained his composure, and pulled out something that looked like a very complex TV controller.

"Well," said Broker, "I suppose I can let you by this time. Emphasis on the CAN!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!"

Broker then pressed one of the buttons, and Mr. Kautarn fell through a hole that opened up right under where he was standing.

"Mr. Kautarn!" said Broker. Another officer, identical to the first, stood up from a console.

"Yes, sir!"

"As I was saying," said Broker, "destroy anything that might assist Auspex in any way. Once his HQ is satisfactorily and effectively destroyed, have my men wait in ambush for anyone that might give the counter strike. I don't want anyone to salvage Auspex's precious hard drive. Also, my best Special Ops men will be joining you. They will have been given special orders, and you are not to contradict with anything they may say."

"Of course, sir. Yes, sir."

And so, the Hyperion and DragonSlayer slowly approached Auspex's HQ, while Broker's strike force silently advanced towards the same goal.

And all the while, the new Narrator laughed evilly at Mark Brown, who had lost his role. A showdown was sure to come later in the story.


Bakjak was nervous, and he knew it showed. He had been ordered by Broker to lead the forces attacking N.C.U., probably to test Bakjak's obedience and his command ability. Broker had promised that only in exceptional circumstances would failure be overlooked, and Bakjak had been around Kurt Broker long enough to know what Broker did to those who failed him.

As he rode the dropship towards North Carolina, Bakjak held his gun close and hoped this would be an easy job....



The Hyperion and DragonSlayer arrived at North Carolina University to find things terribly wrong.

First, the place seemed deserted, which was very unusual for a college campus. Second, a couple of the buildings showed signs of battle, their walls scorched and cracked. And third, a group of wraiths and dropships was visible on the other side of campus.

"Uhhh...this could be trouble," Flare said, gazing out the viewport of the Hyperion.

Everyone else just stared at him.

"Whaaaaat?" he asked innocently.

The rest of the team (minus Mason Wheeler, who was piloting the DragonSlayer) just shook their heads and stared again at the wraiths.

"Anyone else notice they're green?" Zeratul asked.

"Yeah," Codebreaker replied. "So?"

"Green is Kurt Broker's group's color, according to his bio picture."

"Uh-oh," Tarun moaned. "Auspex...."

"And Zeusie!" Spooky added with extreme concern in her voice.

"Yeah," Seawolf said. He punched on the radio. "Mason?"

"Yeah, I see em," came back the reply from the DragonSlayer. "Believe me now?"

Seawolf noticed Mack and a couple others frown, but tried to ignore it. He sure WANTED to believe his friend. "Whaddaya say we pay them a little visit? The two of us versus..." he counted the enemy fighters "...five wraiths looks like pretty good odds to me."

In response, the DragonSlayer ignited its maneuvering thrusters and slowly approached the wraiths.

"I'll take that as a yes," Seawolf mumbled. "Okay guys, strap we go! Phoenix, charge the Yamato."

"Already on it, buddy," came the reply.

Seawolf grinned and headed for the wraiths...

...and felt his jaw drop as all the controls locked up.

"What's wrong?" Odin inquired.

"The controls aren't responding, that's what's wrong!" Seawolf shouted back. "Phoenix?!"

"Same here," Phoenix replied. "Yamato was almost fully charged and then...poof."

"I know why," Lambda said, and pointed.

Everyone followed his gaze out the viewport. The whole view was distorted by a strange, static-like field...


"Ooooh, crap. Got Mason, too," Codebreaker noticed. Sure enough, there was the DragonSlayer, just as defenseless as the Hyperion.

The ship suddenly shook from impact, and it was soon apparent why.

The wraiths were not sitting idle anymore. Three of them were now firing on the DragonSlayer, and the other two were out of sight, firing on the Hyperion from behind.

On the ground, they could now see a large ground force coming their way, including a couple of ghosts that had undoubtedly been responsible for locking down the two ships. A large number of marines, firebats, and medics approached the ship accompanied by two goliath walkers. Though they were fortunately not yet in attack range, they would be very soon.

"No no no no no...." Seawolf shook his head in defiance. "Not MY ship. Not today!" He jumped out of his chair and called for everyone's attention.

"Phoenix! You and...uh..." he thought about who else had done some flying in the last saga... "...Lambda! Stay here and get ready to take the ship into battle when the lockdown wears off. Everyone else, come with me...hurry!" With that, he took off at a full run into the rear sections of the ship. Everyone but Phoenix and Lambda hesitated a moment and then did as told and followed.

When they caught up with Seawolf, he was in the cargo hold, Gauss Rifle in hand and pacing frantically.

"Okay, everyone get armed! Mat, get in your Mech! CB, fire up the PosseMobile!" he nearly shouted.

Codebreaker started up the PosseMobile and got Endarire to co-pilot, a job Lambda usually did. Mat-Def climbed into his Mad Cat OmniMech and prepped it for battle. Everyone else grabbed their weapons and gathered behind the two vehicles, which Seawolf had directed to the main cargo bay door.

"Okay, the ship is locked down, so none of the systems are working," he said, to which everyone blinked. "I know, you know that already. But fortunately, I have a switch that can open this door without relying on the ship's power source." The Hyperion shuddered as it began to take enemy fire from the ground. "I'm gonna flip it, and we go. Everyone ready?" They were.

Seawolf breathed in and exhaled slowly, and flipped the switch. Everyone piled out, and the battle was on.

MilkDuds, Spooky, and Flyspeck opened the fight by locking down all the wraiths and one of the two goliaths, though it used all their energy reserves. Mat-Def piloted his Mech and engaged the other goliath, firing up his many weapons systems. Codebreaker and Endarire, realizing the PosseMobile had the only detection ability available to the group, began targeting the cloaked ghosts, hoping to take them out before they had a chance to lock anything else down. Everyone else engaged in a typical gunfight with Broker's many marines and firebats, who were unfortunate enough to start off out in the open, giving the heroes a short-lived but very nice advantage. Soon Broker's men were behind cover, and so were the heroes, some behind the PosseMobile itself.

Suddenly, one of the enemy ghosts seemed to charge its energy reserves back up and locked down Mat-Def's 'Mech just before the PosseMobile finished him with a fragmentation grenade. Mat, now defenseless, came under direct fire from the goliath he had only moderately damaged so far. And while the Mad Cat was armed to the teeth, its armor was relatively weak, and couldn't stand up to a whole lot of direct punishment.

And everyone else was too far away to help at the moment....


What will happen next?

How will the goliath be stopped before it reduces Mat-Def's OmniMech to scrap metal?

Will the Hyperion and DragonSlayer break free of lockdown in time to help in the battle?

Have Auspex, Zeus, and Ytse ALREADY been killed or captured by Broker's men?

Where is Bakjak? Finishing his burger from earlier?

Defeat Broker's forces and find Auspex, Zeus, and Ytse.

All heroes must survive. (I mean this...just like the last story, no killing anyone else's characters. It's just not fair to have someone else write you out of a story like that.)


From behind the PosseMobile, the various heroes who weren't in vehicles crouched to avoid the masses of incoming fire. It was a rather bleak scenario, seeing the locked down ships and Mat-Def's locked down Mad Cat. But they were infantry, and they were the heroes, so there was no giving up, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Mack Kilimaro peeked his head around the side of the PosseMobile, just long enough to take in what he needed to before ducking back to avoid the bullets being fired. "Guys... listen up. I' a plan."

"Yikes." MysteriousGuy said.

Out of nowhere, the New narrator's voice boomed. "CEASE YOUR QUOTING OUT OF CHRIS FARLEY MOVIES AND KILL THINGS."

"Talk about anal retentive..." muttered Seawolf.

"I HEARD THAT." It again boomed. Were our heroes in an anime, tiny sweatdrops may have appeared on their foreheads. But they weren't, so it didn't matter.

"Look, I just need some cover fire. Half of you cover the starboard, half of you cover the port." He stopped and tapped on the PosseMobile to get the attention of the gunner. "You guys, fire straight ahead! Keep their heads pinned down!" He paused again while everyone got into position. "Everyone ready? On my!"

The hail of fire slowed as the heroes with ranged weapons leaned to the side and fired out. Codebreaker and Endarire stepped up the amount of fragmentation grenades they fired. As intended, Mack's plan started to work. The semi-scared men began to stay ducked instead of firing from cover.

Screaming and yelling like a primal maniac, Mack ran out towards the Goliath which was still firing on the Mad Cat. It never really noticed him since it was facing the other direction. Before long he was directly under it, ready to finish it off. He directed his flamethrowers towards the joint which would be the knee on a human. Whether or not it was really possible, for plot convenience, Mack succeeded in melting the joint out entirely, causing the Goliath to fall over on its side. As Mack again charged towards the surprised infantry of Broker, the Goliath exploded. Suddenly Flare caught onto Mack's plan, and ran off to the port side to handle the other end.

The two crazed Firebats slowly made their way along the trenches, burning whatever got into their path. It wasn't long before the lockdowns finally wore off and the vehicles were ready to join in the fray...


Have Auspex, Zeus, and Ytse ALREADY been killed or captured by Broker's men?

Where is Bakjak? Finishing his burger from earlier?

Defeat Broker's forces.

Bring Auspex, Zeus, and Ytse to the beacon.

All heroes must survive.

Mack Kilimaro

After what seemed like forever, the Hyperion and DragonSlayer were free from lockdown and joined the fray.

Lambda Corps had spent the time in lockdown learning the Hyperion's controls, since he had never been at the helm of a battlecruiser before. He swiveled the ship around to bear on the two wraiths behind it, which he had seen his friends on the ground lockdown. "Phoenix, that lockdown's gotta be wearing off. Let's not waste time...charge the Yamato."

"Right," Phoenix replied from the weapons console.

Just as the Hyperion completed its turn, the Yamato Cannon was ready, and Phoenix lined up and fired, vaporizing one of the wraiths.

"Nice shot," Lambda commented. Out the viewport, he saw the DragonSlayer performing a similar attack on one of the three wraiths near it. "Great minds, eh Mason?" he mumbled to the Proto-Cruiser.

And as he watched, the other two wraiths suddenly were free of their lockdown and continued their attack on the DragonSlayer.

And that meant...

"Phoenix! Where's that other wrai....?" Lambda was cut off as the Hyperion was rocked by a missile impact. The enemy was suddenly three wraiths stronger.

And the wraith pilots weren't stupid. Seeing themselves clearly outnumbered in the skies, they fired off a couple more glancing shots on the two cruisers and then circled around towards the heroes on the ground, using their superior maneuverability to evade the Hyperion and DragonSlayer's fire.

In the PosseMobile, Codebreaker and Endarire saw the wraiths reappear on one of the dashboard scopes.

"CB...." Endarire started.

"I see them," Codebreaker replied calmly. He pressed a button, and prepared to show off their air defense capability.

"What are they doing?" MilkDuds asked, indicating the now extended missile launcher on the PosseMobile. Everyone else just shrugged...

...and then they saw the laser beams streaking towards them from above.

"Cover!" Flyspeck shouted, and everyone dove to the sides.

Just in time. The ground around the PosseMobile suddenly lit up with multiple burst laser impacts from the attacking wraiths.

"Time to give some back," Codebreaker murmured, and fired two rapid-succession anti-matter missiles at the lead wraith.

The wraith saw it coming, and make a sharp bank to the left, but it was far too late. Both missiles struck, one in the right wing and another in the rear fuselage. The fighter broke in two and exploded.

"Wooooo-hoo!" Seawolf shouted, and raised his Gauss Rifle up in brief celebration.

The other two wraiths make a second pass, this time focusing directly on the PosseMobile, which took several hits and was left dented, but intact. Then the last laser blast, whether by design or by chance, hit the missile launcher dead-on, and it snapped right off the vehicle at the base.

"Uh-oh," Seawolf said, his earlier jubilation replaced by shock and fear. " long 'til you all can lockdown again?" he asked those with C-10s.

"Not for a couple more minutes," Spooky replied.

"We don't have a couple minutes! They're already coming around again!" Seawolf pointed, and sure enough, the two wraiths were making a third attack run, seemingly satisfied that the PosseMobile threat had been eliminated and now heading straight for the infantry heroes.

Those with guns raised them, knowing it was probably futile to attempt to destroy the wraiths this way but silently vowing to die trying...

...and one of the wraiths suddenly exploded.

"What....?" MysteriousGuy wondered aloud.

The other wraith, confused by the sudden loss of its comrade, broke off and flew off into the distance, retreating.

And through the smoke from all the firing, Mat-Def's Mech walked over towards them, its LRM-20 missile launchers still smoking.

"Nice shot, Mat," MilkDuds breathed in relief.

Soon, it was all over. Mack and Flare, who had been joined by the blade-toting Dark_T_Zeratul, Odin, and Tarun, managed to severely weaken the remaining ground troops up close while the Hyperion and DragonSlayer dealt the final blows, with Mason Wheeler even finishing up dramatically with another Yamato blast into the final holdout group of Broker's troops.

Or so they THOUGHT it was the final group....


Deep inside the main campus, Bakjak led the best of Broker's special operations men into the building where Auspex was supposed to be holed up. Auspex, Zeus, and Ytse had armed themselves when they heard the fighting outside, and now saw Bakjak coming.

"Bakjak!" Ytse exclaimed silently. "But I thought you said he was sent to some tropical island before...."

"That was his clone," Zeus whispered back, crouched in the shadows. "Aus cloned him, remember?"

"Ooooh...right," Ytse replied.

"Shut up, you two," Auspex whispered fiercely. "Here they come...."

He and Ytse raised their C-10s, Zeus ignited his warp blades, and they prepared to fend off their attackers...

...or die trying.


What happens next?

Will Auspex, Zeus, and Ytse be able to repel the attack?

Has MysteriousGuy fallen unconscious again with the mention of clones?

Is Flyspeck eating pretzels in celebration?

Find out next time in...the VSP Saga (Part II)!!