The Korhal Connection was a minicampaign started by Auspex Turmalis in December 1999 to tide forumers over during the long development of The Antioch Chronicles, Episode III. Like the episode it complements, it was never finished. Interestingly, the campaign comprises the last playable maps ever released for the series.

It follows Trent "Trench" Aster around Korhal. It has some neat in-jokes about Bob and Warcraft III and such.

In the man's own words:

The Korhal Connection is a limited campaign prequel to The Antioch Chronicles, featuring everyone's favorite scoundrel, Trent "Trench" Aster. Join Trench as he infiltrates a secret pirate base to solve a mystery that draws him from Tornod all the way to Korhal. The first two installments of the campaign premiered in December of 1999; other maps will be released periodically.

If you don't already have it, you'll need the Episode II executable for the voices and portraits to work correctly.

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