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<table><tr><th>Handle</th><td>Admiral Styles</td></tr> <tr><th>Real Name</th><td>Ryan</td></tr> <tr><th>Birth Date</th><td>June 6th</td></tr> <tr><th>Location</th><td>Georgia, U.S.A.</td></tr> <tr><th>Occupation/Major</th><td>University Student/Law</td></tr> <tr><th>Quote</th><td>"In unity lies strength."<br>"For the Glory of the Directorate!"</td></tr> <tr><th>Affiliations</th><td>United Earth Directorate (Fleet Admiral), [[BORP]] (Second in Command; acting head of the organization), [[The Spelling Police]] (occasionally).</td></tr> <tr><th>E-mail/MSN</th><td></td></tr></table> <p>A long time ago, there were no fan made campaigns. Well, few you'd want to play. There was Fringe Wars, which really left a bad taste in your mouth, and there was one about saving the "Space Pope", that, well, the less said about, the better. Then, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. A guy named Desler created the Crossworld Saga, the first SC campaign that I found worth playing. Not too long after that, I stumbled upon the Antioch Chronicles, registered at the forum, and the rest, as they say, is history. A bit like Adan, really.</p> I'm but a shadow of my former self.