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Ex-communicated lol. '''Eric "ZeusLegion" Dieter''' is co-creator of [[The Antioch Chronicles]]. Some of his accomplishments, beginning with his involvement in [[Antioch]]: *Co-produced [[The Antioch Chronicles, Episode II]]. *Voiced the Dark Templar, Moloch, among other characters in [[The Antioch Chronicles, Episode II]] and the unreleased [[The Antioch Chronicles, Episode III]]. *Did a great deal of work for the unreleased [[The Antioch Chronicles, Episode III|third episode]], including writing numerous [[Antioch Fiction|short stories]]. *Started an [[Antioch Reborn]] project, which included an [[Antioch Comic]] with art by Nat Jones (//Spawn: The Dark Ages//). *Voiced part of a 2001 E3 trailer for the original //Max Payne// video game. *Created [[Subliminal Games]], a start-up computer game development studio that had collaborated with Relic Entertainment on a //Homeworld// spin-off title. *Worked for //Irrational Games// from Sept. 2004 to February 2006. Served as Admin for the Freedom Fans Forum and Brand Manager for the //Freedom Force// video game franchise. Wrote a 6-issue comic book adaptation of the first game which was published by Image comics and drawn by Tom (''GØDLAND'') Scioli. Also wrote a 120+-page Freedom Force Series Bible. *Graduated the Illinois Center for Broadcasting in March 2006. *Hired as Director of Interactive Services by NextMedia's northern Illinois radio division (a 5-station cluster) in February 2006. There he maintains the station websites and interactive services. Also images The Rapids 95.9-HD2 and does frequent commercial voiceovers. *Left the forum and removed all his property from the web site in December 2006 after a series of disagreements with the forumers.