Hello, my name is Christine. I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the United States of America. Even though I don't look it, my ancestral descent is from the Greek, Irish, English and Cherokee Indian. I don't remember much of Oklahoma because we moved away from it sometime around when I was potty trained at two. Somehow, we ended up in the sunny state of Florida and I had my fifth birthday party at a local park near where I currently live now.

I've been living in the same house for something like 15 years. But anyways, on to more important topics. My mother said I was an early bloomer, I started smiling at three weeks old and I practically potty trained myself — she often brags.

I attended the local elementary schools, middle school and a high school that I wasn't zoned for, which I had chose to attend for the specialized magnet program there. I always stayed out of trouble and I guess I am still a "goodie-goodie." From six or seven years old, I remember my first video game system which I shared with my brother — the Atari 7800. Food Fight, Freeway and Congo Bongo were my favorite games. I guess video games are what kept me out of trouble, because I continued playing them, and I still play them. Sometimes too much. Video games are a large part of my life.

I don't get out too often, but when I do I try to do fun things away from the house. You know, concerts, beach, movies. I also love eating out and my favorite food are Thai and Chinese. I guess I would call myself an artist, also, because I love drawing, painting, photography and singing. Though, I don't draw enough these days.

I didn't randomly find this forum, I was directed here by fellow friend and Antiocher, Dekar.

Other than that, I regularily attend a home-based bible fellowship and I have been all my life because I grew up learning The Word of God. That's basically all there is to me!