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Over the years, The Antioch Chronicles™ has taken on a life of its own and has grown by leaps and bounds beyond its original StarCraft™ trappings. With a comic book and, eventually, an animated feature in the works, ZeusLegion has been hard at work refining the things that made TAC great so that when its "second coming" finally arrives, it will shine as the definitive version that gets everything right.

Some of the changes that have taken place are a removal of all StarCraft™-specific elements and a major overhaul of the saga's story to make the motives of its many characters more coherent. The relationships of some characters (and even a few names) have been altered to give more depth to the saga.

TAC is now comprised of three Chronicles (each being 3 Episodes which are further broken down into a number of Chapters) and takes place in the Rigel Kentaurus solar system, a mere 4.395 light-years from Earth. Also known as Alpha Centauri, the system is actually a binary one, featuring two suns similar to our own revolving around each other, each with their own set of orbiting planets.

The worlds closest to the yellow sun of Rigel A ("Toliman") are inhabited by Human colonists descended from Earth and the alien Sudari. The worlds under the orange-yellow sun of Rigel B once belonged to another alien race as yet unknown.

[Trench Aster][Kai'yrnyn]

The majority of citizens and center of government for the United Colonies (UNICOL/UC) resides on the Earth-like planet of Antioch and its smaller twin, a moon called Sion. Melbourne Station, a heavily-armed orbital space-station guards the planet from above and is manned around the clock by officers from Colonial Guard (UCCG), the investigative and policing arm of the United Colonies civil government.

Led by General Kurtis Broker, the United Colonies Armed Forces (UCAF) serves as the underfunded military arm of the government and serves to keep the peace globally and beyond. The UCAF is headquartered at Mount Midnight on the frost-planet of Rykos IV.

While there were once 12 separate colonies, there now only exists the sprawling metropolis of Bora Dalis, located in Antioch's northern hemisphere. The massive city serves as the center of government for the UC and a spaceport for transporting goods between worlds.

The cunning and ruthless Chimaeran (a genetically-engineered hybrid), Ro'tann, has a hand in the majority of the city's organized crime. Under the guise of the world's leading technology company, Kairotech Industries, he runs the largest illicit "information brokerage" on the planet under the full knowledge and unofficial authorization of the UC.

[Ro'tann][Galen Hydrik]

His primary tool for keeping that power is the private security firm known as BORASEC (Bora Dalis Security/BDS). It is no easy feat to avoid the thousands of heavily-armed BORASEC troopers stationed throughout the city. While Ro'tann's troopers often turn a blind eye to those who break the laws of the UC (and even participates in such activities itself), those who break Ro'tann's laws are dealt with in a brutal and public fashion by his utterly loyal stormtroopers.

There are those, however, who take exception to having a "dirty mutant" essentially running the largest Human city. Chief among these is The Brotherhood, a paramilitary hate group composed of lawless bounty hunters, brutal mercenaries, depraved ex-cons and former UCAF military personnel who despise hybrids, the rule of law and/or authority in general.

Based in the city of Cordero Bay on the planet Sikarra, The Brotherhood is led by the sadistic (and quite possibly insane) "Butcher of Cordero Bay", Droi "Mad Dog" Rago, and serves as the corporate police force of the Sikarran Mining Corporation.

HUMANS: People, Places, and Things

[Sikarra][Rykos IV][Antioch and Sion]


Droi Rago Droi Rago is a former UCAF military commander and the current leader of The Brotherhood. He earned the infamous distinction of being called "The Mad Dog of Cordero Bay" for his role during the bloodbath at Cordero Bay during the Miners Rebellion.

Charlie Mox A UCCG Agent who had been under deep cover within the UCAF, Mox abandoned his assignment after stealing millions of credits from Kurtis Broker that had been earmarked for a bribe. Now considered rogue by the UCCG and wanted dead or alive by Kurtis Broker, Mox is on the run.

Trent "Trench" Aster A former UCAF soldier, Trench Aster was court-martialed for dereliction of duty after an incident during the Miners Rebellion, an event that cost him both eyes and a stretch in the Mount Midnight military prison on Rykos IV. Now equipped with state-of-the-art optical replacements and other Cyborganics enhancements, Aster is Rotann's top Data Retrieval Specialist (a fancy term for for information thief).

Dale Gurney A UCAF grunt with ties to The Brotherhood, Gurney's incompetence makes him the target of Kurtis Broker's ire.

Kurtis Broker General of the UCAF and lord of a criminal empire that seeks to overthrow the UC.

Ro'tann The Chimaeran co-owner of Kairotech Industries and lord of a criminal empire specializing in information and technology acquisition.

Kai'yrnyn Data Retrieval Specialist for Ro'tann. Co-owner of Kairotech Industries and the brain behind the company's most innovative products.

Malachi Data Retrieval Specialist for Ro'tann.

Haley Rourke Estranged wife of Trench Aster. Daughter of Harley Rourke.

Harley Rourke Owner of Rourke Salvage Depot, Sikarra.

Mason Rourke Son of Harley Rourke.

Galen Hydrik Second-in-command to Kurtis Broker, Galen Hydrik is a quiet, calculating man. Hydrik is always analyzing even the most microscopic of details in the world around him in order to devise and implement subtle methods of manipulation for influencing people and events for his benefit. Unlike Broker, Hydrik does not relish power for power's sake but rather views it as a means to an end: survival.

Declan Anduin Cargo pilot, mechanic and pugilist.

Ian Anduin Drunken sod.

Indra Khan UCCG Agent charged with hunting down rogue agent Charlie Mox.

Kwaato A diminutive cyborg, Kwaato specializes in used technology.


Rigel Kentaurus Also known as Alpha Centauri. A binary solar system 4.395 light-years from Earth, "Rigel Kent" contains two suns extremely similar to Earth's, the most Sol-like known as Toliman or Rigel A. A third star, the red dwarf known as Proxima, appears to be caught on the far edges of the system's gravitational field.

Sikarra The first planet from the sun (Rigel A/Toliman), Sikarra is very much like Mars and serves as the headquarters of the Sikarran Mining Corporation.

Antioch The second planet from the sun (Rigel A/Toliman), Antioch is the most Earth-like planet in the Rigel Kentaurus star system and is the heart of the United Colonies.

Bora Dalis Located on Antioch, the capital city of Bora Dalis is a sprawling metropolis/spaceport and contains the largest concentration of Humans and Hybrids.

Sion Approximately one-third the size of Antioch, this smaller twin orbits the larger planet, serving as it's moon.

Rykos IV The third planet from the sun (Rigel A/Toliman), Rykos IV is a small ice planet similar to several moons of Jupiter. Deep beneath the icy crust lies the Great Rykosian Sea, the birthplace of the alien aquatic species known as the Nagisa.

Mount Midnight The largest mountain on the darkside of Rykos IV is home to a UCAF military installation of the same name.

Cordero Bay The industrial city of Cordero Bay is the only colony on the planet Sikarra and serves as a spaceport and ore processing plant. Most of its denizens are either employees of the Sikarran Mining Corporation, Independent Miners, Cargo Haulers or members of The Brotherhood.

Melbourne Station A space-station in orbit around Antioch that serves as the headquarters of the Colonial Guard.

Brisbane Station A sister station to Melbourne that was destroyed during the Colony Wars.

New Brisbane Station Salvaging the wreckage of Brisbane Station and pulling it into orbit above Umbra, Charlie Mox and Dale Gurney partially reconstructed the station for use as a hideout.


Sikarran Mining Corporation A monopoly in the mining industry on Sikarra, this company also serves as the dictatorial corporate government of that world.

Kairotech Industries Kairotech is a partnership between the Chimaeran hybrids Ro'tann and Kaiyrnyn. It is the largest technology company on Antioch and is responsible for the manufacture of Juphori Pipes, Gravitic Drives, weapons, hypercommunications and more. One of Kairotech's most popular services is KTV which offers personal A.I. Avatars that are capable of learning about their users and then delivering on-demand content based on learned user preferences. The service comes with two default Avatars (male and female) named Zeus and Athena which are customizable and renameable by the User.

Cyborganics Ltd Acquired by Kairotech, this R&D lab is responsible for the majority of synthetic organs in use today. From augmented optical and auditory replacements to reinforced endoskeletal bones and musculature, Cyborganics replacements command a premium and tend to be found only amongst the wealthy elite, bureaucrats and military personnel. Older, obsolete parts can be found in abundance on the Bora Dalis black market.

The Brotherhood Serving as the private army of the Sikarran Mining Corporation, this militarized hate-group despises hybrids and opposes Ro'tann's governorship of Bora Dalis. The color of the Brotherhood is red which represents "pure" Human blood.

UNICOL/UC Slang for the United Colonies government, the Federal administration that governs Humanity (including the Chimaerans).

UCAF The military arm of the United Colonies. Commanded by General Kurtis Broker.

UCCG The intelligence and policing arm of the United Colonies.

BORASEC/BDS The elite guard of Bora Dalis stormtroopers commanded by Ro'tann.


Century Hawk A prototype starship developed by Kairotech which features the first "gravitic pulse-drive", a major advancement over more conventional gravitic drives.

Juphori Pipe The Juphori Pipe is a tool for smoking Juphori, a harmless, non-addictive and non-toxic recreational stimulant manufactured on Antioch.

SUDARI: People, Places, and Things

Sudari The Sudari are the reptilian species of aliens indigenous to Antioch and Sion. Males stand approximately seven feet tall whereas females of the species are generally a foot less. Sudari share many characteristics commonly found in various reptiles from from Earth including scales and skin markings seen in snakes. Skin shades are known to be white, black, dark gray and light gray. Known skin markings are blue, red, yellow, orange, green and purple.

Unlike most reptiles of Earth however, the Sudari are endothermic, regulating their body temperature internally. They are also bradymetabolic when resting, capable of slowing their metabolism to an almost death-like state. Body temperature is fairly constant thus making them homeothermic as well. These traits appear more in line with the concept of being "warm-blooded" than "cold-blooded" but, with biology being more complex than previously thought, these simplistic and inaccurate terms have fallen out of favor in the scientific community.

After childhood but before reaching the age of adulthood, the equivalent of Sudari "teenagers" become Acolytes of the Comitatus and spend much of their time learning and doing manual labor. Eventually, they must choose between becoming a warrior or a scholar. They then become an Apprentice to a wiser, more knowledgeable member of the Comitatus called a Master. By adulthood, they will be honored with the title of Adept. Eventually, with enough training and wisdom, they become Masters themselves and take an Apprentice of their own.


Moloch Sudari Warrior of Antioch. Former Apprentice to Laurioch.

Khrillian The new Haruspex of Antioch. Former Apprentice to Laurioch.

Turmalis Auspex of Antioch.

Verana Sudari Warrior of Sion. Apprentice to Priax.

Endara Sudari Warrior of Antioch. Mate to Turmalis. Mother of Khorun & Nurohk.

Priax Auspex of Sion.

Khorun Sudari Warrior of Antioch. Son of Turmalis and Endara. Twin brother of Nurohk.

Nurohk Sudari Warrior of Antioch. Son of Turmalis and Endara. Twin brother of Khorun.

Venidar Former Auspex of Antioch. Father of Jepok and Taeranoth.

Taeranoth Sudari Warrior of Antioch. Son of Venidar, brother to Jepok. The 3rd Betrayer.

Jepok Former Auspex of Antioch. Father of Turmalis.

Kuldarus Sudari Warrior of Antioch. Former apprentice to Taeranoth.

Sevorak Sudari Warrior of Sion. The 2nd Betrayer.

Laurioch Former Haruspex of Antioch. Keeper of the Chronicles.

Vridus The first Auspex of Antioch. Founder of modern Sudari civilization.

Balazar The first Betrayer.

Karydon The first Haruspex of Antioch. Originator of the Chronicles.


Umbra Umbra is the only world in the Rigel B system. Due to a catastrophic event millennia past, the planet's axis is tipped so far that it spins vertically, causing one side to bake under the orange-yellow sun and the other to be shrouded in perpetual night. It is the burial ground of a rebel Sudari faction, the former world of the Sudari progenitors and the prison of the entity known as The Baphomet.

Teross Teross is the capital city of Sudari civilization on Antioch's southern hemisphere.


Krythla A common Sudari insult, "Krythla-face", stems from an animal called a Krythla, a repulsively ugly leonine/simian hybrid of sorts found on Antioch.

Gryllid Bugs Indigenous to Antioch and Sion, Gryllid Bugs are fist-sized beetles with a thick carapace covering a liquid-filled meaty center. They are the primary source of nutrition for the Sudari.

Psimitar Appointed the name "Psimitar" in various classified reports authored by General Broker, this weapon is essentially a double-bladed staff composed entirely of nanosteel and serves as the traditional weapon of the ruling caste in Sudari culture. It consists of a six-foot shaft mounted with retractable curved blades at each end. The blades themselves are electrically-charged, providing the ability to stun or otherwise paralyze an opponent. Because Psimitars are composed of nanosteel, they are impossible to break, never dull and can easily slice through a tree trunk in a single stroke.

Comitatus Assigned the term "Comitatus" in various classified reports authored by General Broker, this is the ruling council of Sudari civilization. It is composed of two groups: 1) the Warrior caste, led by the Auspex and 2) the Scholar caste, led by the Haruspex.

Auspex & Haruspex Auspex is the traditional title of the Warrior Caste's commander as well as the ultimate leader of Sudari civilization. Haruspex is the title of his or her closest advisor and serves as leader of the Scholar Caste. The Auspex may come from either caste but is trained in skills from both disciplines as well as how to wield a Psimitar. The Haruspex is always a member of the Scholar Caste and is only trained in the disciplines of that caste.

Thanes Referred to as "Thanes" in various classified reports authored by General Broker, this is the term used for a Sudari warrior who enters the bond of Comitatus.

The Coalescence Although Sudari religion/philosphy is little understood by Human observers, it is thought that the Sudari believe this to be an energy being composed of the souls of all deceased Sudari warriors since the beginning of Sudari civilization. Whether the Sudari believe this being to be a god or what role such a being has in their societal belief structure is as-yet unknown.


Nagisa The Nagisa are actually two interdependent alien species sharing a symbiotic relationship. The gigantic crustaceans called Leviathans serve as mobile armor for their hosts, the more intelligent insectoid creatures called Brainslugs. This relationship makes for a deadly combination of brawn and brains.

Leviathan Referred to as a "Leviathan" in various classified reports authored by General Broker, this barely-cognizant creature is a massive crustacean from the oceans of Rykos IV that serves as an exoskeletal armor for its symbiotic counterpart, the Brainslug.

Brainslug Referred to as a "Brainslug" in various classified reports authored by General Broker, this highly-intelligent creature is a large worm-like insectoid from the oceans of Rykos IV that shares a symbiotic relationship with its Leviathan counterpart.

The Baphomet Referred to as "Baphomet" in various classified reports authored by General Broker, this is beleived to be a highly-advanced nanomechanical creature composed of an untold number of nanobots. Ages ago, it was imprisoned beneath the crust of Umbra by the progenitors of the Sudari race.

Eyes of Baphomet Referred to as "Eyes" in Sudari legend, these are twin spherical constructs created by the Baphomet as tools for freeing itself.

Zethys A Brainslug captured by Kurtis Broker's forces at Mount Midnight which was genetically and chemically enhanced.

Biomorph Biomorphs are shape-shifting nanomechanical constructs and the deadliest of servants to The Baphomet. Even the fearless Sudari recommend flight vs fight when confronted by one or more of these beings and for good reason.

Historical Events

The Colony Wars An early internecine conflict on Antioch resulting in the creation and dominance of the United Colonies government and the single mega-city of Bora Dalis.

Miners Rebellion A minor contract dispute between miners and the Sikarran Mining Corporation became a bloodbath at Cordero Bay when the UCAF was called in to pacify the rebels.

Chimaeran Revolution Taking advantage of the UCAF's limited presence during the Miners Rebellion on Sikarra, a paramilitary Civil Rights group (composed mostly of hybrids, psionics and cyborgs) known as the Chimaeran Alliance launched the coup that essentially gave Ro'tann control of Bora Dalis on Antioch. The Alliance still exists today, partially as BoraSec and Kairotech Industries. It is unknown what cards Ro'tann holds that have kept the UC from retaking the city.

The Sudari/Nagisa War A war begun by Kurtis Broker while searching for the Eyes of Baphomet when he unleashed the deadly Rykosian species on the unsuspecting populace of Antioch as a diversion for his excavations.

The Baphomet War The apocalyptic confrontation to come that unites Humanity and Sudari against the entity known as The Baphomet.

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