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Forum Collaborations

The Great VSP/WASTE Saga
The forum's first major collaborative story, considered by many to be the best. Or at least, the longest. And completest. Started by bakjak.
Zealots of the Hexagonal Cube
A forum story. Started by Mike Lemmer.
The Case of the Missing Archon
A forum story written in #Antioch. So an IRC story, really.
Alleys of Antioch
A noirish story. Started by Lucainan.
Working Title
A more recent forum story, set in a sci-fi alternate reality and starring numerous forumers. Started by GuessWho in September 2003.
30 Years in the Future
A story that takes place 20 years in the past or something. Started by Erasculio and GuessWho in March 2004.
The Search for Seawolf
Where in the world is Seawolf? San Diego? Started by Mason Wheeler in June 2004.


This is the sequel to the smash hit "Vancouver Street Posse Cleans House". (Never mind that that story doesn't exist. *cough*) It's a very funny but entirely too short story posted way back by Codebreaker in the original forum. The birth of Little Timmy and Sam, and seemingly the only old-school Posse story to survive all this time. You know it's old if CB and Lambda are the only members of the VSP. —Seawolf
The Paradigm Blue Agenda
Incomplete. Written entirely by Lambda Corps, this seemed to be going somewhere until Lambda vanished for a while and took his story with him. In the end, the first part made it into the Saga as a sorta-intro. —Seawolf
WASTE II: The Wrath of Pyro
The last forum collaboration to be completed (on EZBoard, anyway), this is a semi-continuation of the Saga. Now, where WASTE I (and VSP I, for that matter) is, no one knows. (Okay, okay...there is no WASTE I. So sue me.) Anyways, this is a pretty cool tale, especially if you like blatant parodies, nanobot-infested bad guys, killer farts, or Grand Moff Ogre. —Seawolf
A short story written by Lambda Corps for the VSP web site.

Other Community Fiction

Mind Over Matter
The first piece of fiction ever posted at Antioch, and though it has nothing to do with TAC, it has nonetheless become the stuff of Antioch legend and inside jokes. Written by the departed webrunner. Read and enjoy, and always remember to watch out for 5c13nc3 V3ss3Ls. —Seawolf
"B is For Boredom"
kate and Thorn were bored. Very bored. And when you let two bored Amazons do anything they want, it's bound to get messy. —kate

Non-Community Fiction

A novel by our own Mack Kilimaro, set in something resembling a fantasy universe, and starring, appropriately enough, a character named Mack Kilimaro. Written in less than a month as part of a contest, it is not the highest quality writing that Mack has ever produced, but is one of the few things to ever be completed. Or soon to be completed. Don't expect to see any familiar faces, though, it's not Starcraft-based. Written in 2003. —Mack
Five Years til Pluto
Another NaNoWriMo story, written by Mack in 2005.
kate's Sailor Moon Fan Fiction Insanity
Read the title. Since kate is a fanatical and fairly well-known Sailor Moon fanfiction author, Antioch's non-community fiction has earned a page full of her fics. Enjoy! —kate

The Antioch Chronicles

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