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"Started by the relatively unknown forumer, bakjak, the VSP Saga began during the VSP's infancy. Initially, it was just a 'Continue the story!' made to poke fun at a much loved/hated TAC character by the name of Rockwell. But soon, fate took a guiding hand in the form of Mack Kilimaro, VSP member and narrator of the great saga." —Codebreaker

"This is it. The Saga. The monstrous collaborative story that spanned the entire history of the forums. All three parts are in 8-point Courier font. Part I, A New Hope For A3, is 24 pages long. Part II, The Bad Guys Strike Back, is 84 pages long. And Part III, Revenge of the Good Guys, is a whopping 147 pages long. Remember the past. Experience history. Insert epic-sounding closing statement here." —Dark T Zeratul

"'Find out next the Great VSP/WASTE Saga!' Words that still bring a tear to my eye. *sniff* Seriously, this is the forum story of forum stories. Nothing before (well, there was nothing before, actually...this was the first true forum story) or since has ever come close. It was the start of more forum inside jokes then I can count. More humor than you could shake a stick at. More plot twists than a crate full of Flyspeck's pretzels. More characters than stars in the sky. Read. Laugh. Cry. Smile. Enjoy." —Seawolf

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There is also some bonus material » (63 KB) available for the Saga. The readme inside explains the included goodies (among them, two alternate endings).

For posterity's sake, the Saga is available as originally archived in Word 97 (seriously) format » (543 KB).