Real NameL
Date Joined1999
AgeForever Young
LocationSan Diego, CA
Occupation/major:Procurement, Psych
Quote"Sometimes running is not cowardly, but smart."
E-mailbakjak at hotmail dot com

Short Bio

I was the first poster (other than Auspex himself) to the first Antioch Forums at tech-base website. Created a forum story that would eventually morph into the VSP Saga. Participated in WASTE II: Wrath of Pryo forum story. Ever since the first forums, I've kept my posting to a minimum. Almost lurker status. I do enjoy playing various games with TAC'ers though.

Long Bio

I was looking for some quality campaigns one day when I stumbled across a news update over at the website. The news update contained information about a campaign called The Antioch Chronicles and how a patch had just been released for Episode I. I clicked on the url and started to download the campaign.

After the download had finished (which took a few hours, had 56k back then), I unzipped the files into the appropriate directories and started playing. I was pleasantly surprised as the sounds and voices used were top notch. Thus began my quest to check out the newest Antioch happenings daily on the tech-base website. I signed up for War of the Chroniclers and received email updates from Auspex Turmalis. He sent out an email one day about opening up a forum for fans to discuss the campaign in. I happened to be online when he sent out this email and rushed to the forums to ask a question about Episode II. I was the second poster after Auspex to make a post and it was about Mason Rockwell.

I posted sporadically after this post until the one day I made a post which ended something like, Continue the story. This would eventually morph into the VSP Saga which I was happy to have taken part in. I never did think that the Saga would go up to a third installment.

Ever since the first message board was closed down, I haven't posted as much... just watching and reading the going ons of the forum.

There is probably more to say, but I'll leave it at that for now.


Currently Playing

Kind of all over the place -
Call of Duty: Black Ops (XBOX360)
WotLK (Trial, though I just uninstalled it)
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (not as much)

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