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When last we saw our heroes, they were holding a party after having defeated the evil infested Mason Wheeler clone. The true Mason had come back into the fold, the narrator had found a girlfriend and was no longer narrating any stories, and everyone was living happily ever after.

Or so it seemed....

The Great VSP Saga:
Part II

The Bad Guys Strike Back

Table of Contents



Everyone had gone back to their normal lives. Auspex Turmalis and Zeus Legion were working on Antioch 3, and the more work they got done, the longer they told everyone it would take to finish it. Codebreaker, Lambda Corps, Dark_T_Zeratul, Mack Kilimaro and all the rest were back to playing Antioch and posting irrelevant stuff on the forum. Spooky got sick of chasing Zeus around, so Zeus was chasing her instead. Mason Rockwell had been rescued and was back to "Jabroni"-ing and "Roody-poo"-ing and generally being obnoxious as he acted out his role in A3. Seawolf and Mason Wheeler were back to working on SpecOps and Common Foe. In short, everything was back to normal. But then Mason realized something.

Rockwell was still alive.

It had taken him 6 weeks because he had been so involved in looking for a job and getting his computer fixed that he hadn't even had time to play Antioch. Once he got his computer working, he went straight to work on Common Foe and still didn't have time to play Antioch. But after 6 weeks, he had a hard day's work on Common Foe and kept running up against a bug that wouldn't go away, so he decided to play Antioch and get his mind off it. And that's when he saw Rockwell. Rockwell was still alive.

Good guy though he may be, Mason Wheeler was still a Rockwell-hater. He couldn't stand the thought of this annoying wrestler ripoff running around with his name acting like a dork. He hated this cretin who thought his siege tank could help fight off a wing of wraiths with every fiber of his being. The very thought of Mason Rockwell's continued existence made Mason Wheeler nauseous.

Besides, to judge from the hints Zeus had been dropping, Rockwell was going to end up as a bad guy. As likely as not, he'd be a very bad guy, possibly even working with Broker. Mason Wheeler was a good guy, and good guys were sworn to kill the bad guys. There was only one thing to do.

Rockwell had to die. (Again.)

So Mason Wheeler fired up Stargraft and hacked out one of the best mods he had ever made: a crossover. He got into the DragonSlayer, his personal Proto-Cruiser, and used the crossover to fly it into Antioch 2, prologue mission. Right as the "Kel-Morian" Wraiths were attacking New Brisbane Station, the dropship holding Rockwell (as well as a Marine for technical reasons) was on approach. The DragonSlayer emerged from Crossover-space right in its path, charged its Yamato Gun, and blasted the dropship to atoms. Then, quickly, so that nobody could stop him with alternate plotlines, he took over the now-vacant position of Narrator and sealed Insurrection outside of the story in a more permanent version of Stasis to prevent alternate-timeline stuff. He turned on his computer, downloaded all of the Narrator Tools to it, erased the originals to keep anyone else from being a narrator, then went back to work on Common Foe, finally content.

Rockwell was finally gone for good. Nobody could stop him now. Not even the Vancouver Street Posse.

Mason Wheeler