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Over a dozen short stories further exploring the characters of The Antioch Chronicles were written by ZeusLegion (and edited by Auspex Turmalis) during the development of the campaigns. Most of them were teasers for the next episode, but they also helped us to understand (and try to guess) the plot of the Chronicles. —Erasculio

The Tales of the Protoss

There's also Turmalis' Counsul Report, which doesn't have a pretty graphic.

Antioch Zero


A Tale of Two Zealots


Dark Prophecy

Rite of Passage

The Hunt Begins

The Terran Equation

Down and Out In Bora Dalis

Feminine Wiles

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Another Day, Another Dollar

A Fateful Meeting

The Price of Power

The Zerg Threat

Diary of a Madman

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