Kate is one of the token females.

[Image: Pretty Kate!]

As an Amazon, Kate is trained in being a master of disguise. Here, she disguises herself as an attractive young woman in order to woo many pretty, pretty boys.

[Image: Kate and Seawolf, awww!]

Obviously, she's pretty good at the wooing thing. Notice the zombie-like stare and "I will do your bidding" smile of the poor, bewitched male. - I swear, I did not add the "I will do your bidding" line. I blame it on Typh. :P

Note: Ph34r the "squee! ^_^"! - ADO


Handle: kate. Yes, it's uncapitalized. But feel free to capitalize it when you talk to me, since it IS my name and all.

Real Name: Kate Duncan Butler.

Age/birth date: 12-28-83 (20)

Location: Rock Island, IL, USA. Most the time.

Avatar: Currently, three Kim Possible avatars...at least, until I find a good replacement.

Occupation/major: Full-time student. My major is Teaching Secondary School in the subjects of Language Arts, English emphasis. Translation: I'm on my way to being a middle school teacher. Also, I'm the news director of the campus radio station here (WAUG) and work in the art gallery. Over the summer, I'm a retail whore at TJMaxx #613.

Quotes: "Happiness is in the pursuit of happiness!" - Kino Makoto in the Sailor Moon Super S Movie

Battle.net account(s): superkate, though I have more-or-less stopped playing.

Bio: I've been here a long time, now - more than two years, if you can believe it - and have decided in those two years that my old bio SUCKED. In a nutshell, though, I came here one day while attention whoring and trying to nose my way into the business of my boyfriend at the time (fellow Antiocher Mack Kilimaro) when Thorn convinced me that I should stick around for a while. I goofed off at the forum with her and the others for a few months, joking about starting a group of crazy females, and then returned again later that year and stuck around for good. I actually never played a game of Starcraft until I'd been at the forum for many months. And honestly, as fun as it was, I never really got hardcore into it.

Antioch is, however, a home for me, and it always will be. It's how I met Ryan - known here as Seawolf - and a number of other friends that I'm proud to call my own. It's not the place I joined years ago, but then again, I wouldn't want it to be. The forum as it is now is as it should be, and I'm happy with that.

Personally... Well, I won't lie. I'm pretty much a boring college junior. When I'm not in classes (which are either English, Speech, or Education classes), I'm singing with my choir or working in the Art Gallery on campus. And if it's neither of those things, I'm beating the freshmen newscasters at the radio station into submission. I also do a lot of reading and writing, most of which is in the genre of Sailor Moon fanfiction. I know, I'm a dork. :P I love all sorts of music (though I'm currently on hiatus from DJing at the radio station) and can play multiple intruments as well as sing. I also spend a lot of time watching anime (especially romantic or funny ones) and chatting with people online. I'm active in a Dungeons and Dragons table as well as part of a Hackmaster game that has yet to start up, and I'm the "publicity whore" for the Augustana Gamer's Club. I'm also the ringleader of the girl gamers, much to the dismay of our president. Ah well. I also like to hang out with my college friends, and - when he comes to visit - drag Ryan around and introduce him to the sights and sounds of Illinois. So... Yeah.

Life is good. ^_^

Affiliations/forum groups: Antioch Amazons, Neo-BORP, Eras' Stalker-in-Training.

Web sites: Mayonaka no Hoshi - A Collective (Currently undergoing work.)

Contact info : duncan@avenew.com (e-mail and MSN), superkateb (AIM), cell and home phone numbers availible on request.

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