Welcome to Kate's big page of Sailor Moon Fanfiction!

I've been writing SM fics for about four years now, and have become pretty well-known and respected in that particular circle of the world. I'm best known for comedies and short works, but I have some of my longer fiction, too. Enjoy!

Sailor Moon: Galactic Sailors

Crystal Tokyo, once considered a complete utopia, is in grave danger. The original Sailor Senshi must now watch their daughters - six teenage girls - battle for the good of the universe. Three 14-chapter "seasons." The first season is pretty terrible, but the other two are great. Season three is not yet complete, though it's close.

Season 1 - Totally Galactic!

The first adventure of the Galactic Sailor Senshi.

Episode 1 - "Destiny Waits for No Sailor"

Episode 2 - "Musical Mayhem"

Episode 3 - "Lost and Found"

Episode 4 - "Destiny Changes Everything"

Episode 5 - "Ideas, Chances, and Wonders"

Episode 6 - "Old Friends and New Beginnings"

Episode 7 - "Maybe Tomorrow Will Be Better"

Episode 8 - "A Christmas To Remember"

Episode 9 - "Chibi-Star's Destiny"

Episode 10 - "Star Light, Star Bright, Star Princess"

Episode 11 - "A New Star"

Episode 12 - "A Supernova"

Episode 13 - "Darkness Endures"

Episode 14 - "Day Breaks Over the Galaxy"

Seasons two and three coming soon!

Short Stories

Some of my favorites of my shorter stories, these range from romantic shorts to serious pieces.

"Of Lilacs and Lilies" - My interpretation of Michiru's family life. Takes place around the beginning of SM, two years before SMS.

"The Right to Revolution" - So, why exactly did Beryl attack Earth and the other Silver Millenium kingdoms? My answer.

"Alone at Midnight" - Yaten character sketch.

"Par for the Course" - Why Michiru and Haruka should never - EVER - go golfing.

"Three Real Absolutes" - Sailor Saturn character sketch.

More when I feel like adding more.