Handle: Guess Who

Real name: Timothy Sarker

Age: 19

Birth date: 6/14/83

Location: Albany, NY (School)
NYC, NY (Home)

Occupation/major: Busniess Management

Quote: The die is cast. - Julias Ceaser account(s):
Guesswho (War3)
Glasses69(SC, BW, D2, LOD)

Bio: Once there existed a magazine called PC Accelerator, and it was good. A Magazine that appealed to a pot head highschool student with sarcastic reviews, crude humor, and hot model. Contained in one issue was a game that had the of the best Mods of all time. Loading it up, I discovered a Blizzard quality campaign called Antioch. Using Google, I located the site and I downloaded the 2nd campaign, instantly falling for the darker plot and rich creativity that flowed from within it. I lurked on the forums and checked for updates regularly. Trying out various other campaigns, I looked around for something to fill the void. I eventually emerged in the Aqueous Rift forum, and the Gundam TC. Then I migrated to Antioch and have made my self at home.

In real life, I'm a 19 yr old college student. Avg college student, with interests in sports, women, and alcohol.

Contact info (e-mail, IMs, etc.)


4/2/04YAY!Server Milestones: 10 gigs worth of comics are now on myserver.I have uploaded 10 gigs worth of comics.So close to having 1000 times access, so soon another milestone.

Spring break starts today. I should have gone to class, but I just cant motivate myself.Got to clean the room and do laundry before I head up to Conn, so I got a day ahead of myself. My class registration is today at 1:00. I leave at 3:00. Fun fun fun. Hopefully, I can get the classes I need.

Sometime ago:Well I have come to two conclusions.

Sleep is an necessary evil that you cannot avoid.Devil Springs is called that for a reason.

First the Devil Springs:180 proof alcohol shouldn't be taken straight. Especially not 5 to 6 shots. Well I did it, and then when we went to the party. At the party, my 20 hours of sleep + large amounts of alcohol culmunated into me falling asleep at the table. I wake up the next morning at my friends apartment. The next day I found out that Joe, Sam and Kumar were all trying to wake me up and they couldn't, no matter how hard they tried. So they left me to Mas, and he got his friends to bring me back to his place. Luckly I didn't do anything stupid at the party, so it was all good.

So I have early classes. And I don't like going to sleep before 2. And I pay for it, buy getting about 5 hours of sleep a night. Eventually it does catch up with you, and when it does, theres no escaping it. It caught up with me last friday at a fucking good party, and It caught up with me today. I wanted to nap for an hour, then watch Yu-gi-oh and then start studying. Next thing I know my friends knocking on the door. I wake up and see its 7. Almost missed dinner too(which is a good thing). Well I hit up the lounge for aobut 2 hours, and probably will study for another 2 before bed. Hopefully this management test won't be too hard, and I'll easily ace this shit.