The definitive Starcraft add-on campaign—I mean, uh, let's try this again. Zealots of the Hexagonal Cube: The harrowing story of the young King Gus and his, ahem, noble knights on their quest to attain uh, the attainable; which in this case is the only relic which can bring the sufferring Protoss planet of Draxon out of the Age of Insufficient Light... No, I'm not going to tell you what the relic is. It's a surprise. No, really. Just read it. Because I said so. Don't make me come over there.

(It's a forum story started by Mike Lemmer.)

Table of Contents

Chapter Author
Prologue: "How This Whole Crazy Thing Began" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 1: "Like Nails on a Blackboard" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 2: "You Thieving Rhynadons!" Heal
Chapter 3: "Something Wicked (and Slightly Suggestive) This Way Comes" Lucainan
Chapter 4: "Krispy Krunchy Graham Cereal, Brand New Breakfast Treat" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 5: "Boring 'Ol Contraband" Mason Wheeler
Chapter 6: "The 57th Book of The Wheel of Time" Flyspeck
Chapter 7: "The Extremely Odd Couple" Dekar000
Chapter 8: "Stop That; It's Silly" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 9: "What the Hell Kind of Grenades ARE Those?" Dekar000
Chapter 10: "Heal and the Outhouse" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 11: "fOr MaSoN wHeElEr" Mason Wheeler
Chapter 12: "Fatty-Fat Fat-Fat" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 13: "In the Event of a Water Landing, You May be a Floatation Device" Dekar000
Chapter 14: "Shining in the Dark Blackness of Space" Seawolf
Chapter 15: "Does Anyone Really Need That Much Porn?" Flyspeck
Chapter 16: "Have We Met?" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 17: "Cube Wars: The Phantom Quadrilateral" Shade
Chapter 18: "Enter the Qjuad" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 19: "Not Another Commercial" Tarun
Chapter 20: "The Duct Tape Dropship" Rowan Lobos
Chapter 21: "Encounters of the Weird King" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 22: "Nuclear Rubber Detected" Shade
Chapter 23: "The Mountain of Peanut Brittle" Mason Wheeler
Chapter 24: "The Search" Tarun
Chapter 25: "No Habla Español" Dekar000
Chapter 26: "Fire It Up" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 27: "Brave Sir Rowan Ran Away" Rowan Lobos
Chapter 28: "The Dorkish Predicament" Dekar000
Chapter 29: "Got Pretzels?" Flyspeck
Chapter 30: "Advertising That's Just Too Good" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 31: "They'll Be Coming Up the Mountain" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 32: "Qjuad Destroys More Stuff (We're Running Out of Good Chapter Titles)" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 33: "Show Me the Money" Tarun
Chapter 34: "Sorry Man, I Couldn't Resist!" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 35: "Action Seekers" Dekar000
Chapter 36: "Cheat Enabled" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 37: "So Long, And Thanks For All the Peach Jello" Mason Wheeler
Chapter 38: "We Don't Serve Your Kind Here" Tarun
Chapter 39: "You'll Serve ME Regardless" Shade
Chapter 40: "Mostly Harmful" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 40: "King Gus Gets In a Fight" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 42: "Rollin' Rollin'" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 43: "I'm Outta Here" Mason Wheeler
Chapter 44: "Tell Me Everything You Know" Shade
Chapter 45a: "Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here" Mike Lemmer
Summary: "By the Way, If You Walked in Late..." Mike Lemmer
Chapter 45b: "Hail, Hail, The Gang's STILL All Here" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 46: "Tarun?" Tarun
Chapter 47: "Bang" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 48: "Go, Go, DragonSlayer!" Mason Wheeler
Chapter 49: "Breaking Up Is Easy to Do" Seawolf
Chapter 50: "Big Badda-Boom" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 51: "Damn, It's That Long Already?" Shade
Chapter 52: "I Hate Raspberry!" Mason Wheeler
Chapter 53: "The Holy Brood War Disc of Antioch" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 54: "The First of the Castles –OR- Castle Number 1" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 55: "We're Being Attacked!" Lucainan
Chapter 56: "Dekar, the Infested Terran, and Nothing" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 57: "Farawho?" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 58: "Actions in Chaos" Mike Lemmer
Chapter 59: "In the Belly of the Beast" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 60: "Incredible Plot Contrivances" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 61: "The Almighty OOF!" Mason Wheeler
Chapter 62: "Spoonhead, Monkeypig, and Moonshine" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 63: "Dorothy the Talking Door" Phigment
Chapter 64: "Holy Shi-She Kebab!" Shade
Chapter 65: "The Second of the Castles ~OR~ Castle Number 2" Lucainan
Chapter 66: "The Great Good Humor Man" Dark T Zeratul
Chapter 67: "Dungeons and Dragging Things" Phigment
Chapter 68: "Other People's Plot Contrivances" Mason Wheeler
Chapter 69: "Who the Hell is That!?" dine
Chapter 70: "Diablo 2–Type Lag" Qjuad-Allah
Chapter 71: "Nobody Loves Arcturus" Phigment
Chapter 72: "Return of the Pr0b3" Tarun
Chapter 73: "So THAT's Where He Went!" Dekar000