Real NamePatrik
Birth dateSeptember 9, 1986
LocationBara, Malmö, Sweden
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Military service

From the 30th of August and 13th of April, I am currently residing in Revingehed, Ystad, Sweden where I am doing my military service as a chef/truck driver. I actually enjoy it a lot, partly for all the great new friends I have met, for having a pause in the otherwise pretty standard life of school and to be outside a lot and testing my physical and mental stenghts.


I am one of the administrators at GosuGamers.net, a fan site dedicated to StarCraft and WarCraft 3. Some day (this fall perhaps) we'll most likely start a company and try to develop further and might work with it full-time. Before I entered the military I was the editor-in-chief and leader of the editorial staff team. Now, I only write from time to time at the weekends, and try to keep myself updated within the scenes.