Back to school

So, school started today (3rd of November), after a week's holiday. It was the usual, friends rule, class sucks. And whoopiedoodah, if I don't start attending more physics class or start doing my homework I will be going home with a shiny F in physics. That's always nice to hear. I have the worst teacher ever in physics, and the fucked up part is that I have him in math too. There's not a sad enough smiley to represent that. Maybe a colon with sixty paranthese's, hope that's the way you spell it.

He's not that bad in math though, even if he at least once every time tells us 'we're supposed to know this equation because we learned it last year during math A' (currently doing Math C). That always makes you happy to know. How much you suck. I'll probably get a C in math, I think, hard to translate the grade system. But I think it's around there somewhere.

Lunch was pretty okay, at least. They were out of milk though, so we had to drink apple juice or tropical. I'm not so sure that water with yellow color is found in the jungle though, have to ask them about that. Anyway, no milk? What is that? I should shove the sign with the dude that carries a carton of milk while flexing his bulging biceps, up they're ass. Hope they get the message.

My friends noticed my new jacket, because they had eyes. I think someone said it looked good. Not sure who it was though. And another happy episode was that Raistlin's girlfriend just ignored him today. That's strange. She just walked by, while her friend stopped to talk. Raistlin's girlfriend's friend is hotter though, so that's not a bad thing.

Well, I ranted enough for today. Peace.

Game addict?

Have you ever played so much that you can't really notice the difference between the real world or the game world? Well, that sounded goofy. But I have experienced it. Three times no less! Baldur's Gate 2, Max Payne and WarCraft III. So, sit back and relax and let me tell you a story...

Okay, first time it was Baldur's Gate 2. Quite the funny story actually. There was one weekend, when I had nothing to do, so I started playing this great game for the second time. Completed it in two days. Hardcore gaming for 48 hours. And you know what happens when you press space? It pauses the game. So here comes the weird part: I was having dinner, looked down at my plate and nothing moved, I looked up and nothing moved. The strange part was that I thought that I had accidently pressed space to pause the world! I mean, what the hell is that? And it seemed logical at the moment that I had indeed paused it. Ah, fuck.

Second time was during a test in my English class. We had just read the book Intimate Kill by Someone Or Other, a so-so book about a guy called Stephen that gets framed for murdering his wife. Not going to go deeper than that. Back to 'article'! Where was I? Oh, yes. So, instead of a normal test like: 'Who was Stephen Dawes and what was his connection to Frank What's-his-face?' we got the assignment to write the test as an article for a newspaper. Still with me? Okay. The article was supposed to be about 'Mary King and Marcia Dawes is the same person? Long mystery solved?' or something like that. The problem was I had no idea how to write it. Luckily, I had played Max Payne just yesterday before the test, so I tried to recall how Kyra Silver talked. (Kyra being the girl on the TV.) I got a pretty good idea how to write it and it turned out okay. The strange part is that I signed the paper Max Payne. That's right. 'Murder mystery solved by Max Payne.'

Third time must've been the most annoying one, but also the one that didn't matter that much. It was in a dream. I was lying beside a girl I know, I won't tell you her name or anything about her, because of Raistlin and Phoenix. Pity for you! You thought you had me didn't you! HAHA!!! Anyway, we began kissing, me and the girl, not me and Phoenix or me and Raistlin mind you. AND THEN FRIGGIN' TILLERMAN JUST POPS IN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU RUINING MY DREAM FOR TILLERMAN? DIE SCOTTISH BASTARD!

Hehe, so that was that. Hope you enjoyed it, I know I didn't.

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking is a feature in Max Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne. It's pretty funny to play, but goddamn annoying when Max is so friggin' stupid. You run around in a buidling from the story aspect while 'teh evils' pop up from white, glowing, spawning points. At some maps there's weapons lying around, but most of the time you just start with your trusty shotgun and your 9 mm's and have to steal teh evils weapons. Oh, and there's also painkillers a little bit everywhere. One, two or three medkit boxes with three painkillers in each. To the annoying part: you fire like crazy at a gang of evils and you accidently pick up a M4 Carbine rifle. The stupid Max decides 'Yeah, what the hell, let's change weapon!' and you get killed while he fumbles to switch rifle! ARGH!

Aside from some minor setbacks on Mona's Playground, it's been going pretty neat-o. About 12 minutes on Manor Yard. Did I mention you're supposed to stay alive for as long as you can? And that you get +2 seconds for every evil you kill? Probably not, good thing I did now! Uh... right. 12 minutes on Manor Yard, about 4-5 minutes on everyone of the others except Mona's Playground and... I can't remember the name of it, but it's the big building during Million Dollar Question. On Mona's Playground I have a whooping 25 seconds. Yay for grenade in the face. On the other I have about 9 minutes.

So if you are bored from playing through the game like normal, I have done it about twelve times with cheats on, go play Dead Man Walking. I can guarentee minutes of extreme dodgeball fun!