Recipe Journal: Salad Nicoise

Tuna Steaks
Beets (fresh)
Lemon Juice

Directions:Marinate the tuna in lemon juice and cinammon for about 30 minutes. Cook the rice, slicing lots of garlic and including it in the water. Slice the beets, tear the spinach, seed the pomegranette. Take these plus the rice and arrange them in seperate piles on the plate. Sear the tuna, either on a pan, or a grill. Searing means to cook it quickly so that the inside is still mostly pink. Immediatley rmove it, slice it in several long sections. Place the tuna over the rest of the salad and serve.

Review:Really stellar. I can't even describe how good this was. Champaign natives will notice that the same dish is on the menu at the Great Impasta, from whom I stole it after eating it there. I served it with a light balsamic vinnaigrette, but that's definetly not necessary.

My Rating: 10/10

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