-1 Potato, cubed
-1/2 of a medium onion, chopped
-4 eggs
-1/2 tsp of paprika
-3 tbsp of olive oil

Necessary Skills:

Cube a potato, and chop an onion. Put them in a skillet with about 2tbsp of oil in in, toss them so that they are all well covered with oil and cook until they are golden brown. Then cover the skillet and let it cook for about 5 minutes. Take out the onions and potatoes and set them to drain on a paper towel (i.e. put a paper towel on a plate, and put the onions and potatoes on it).

Clean out the skillet very well, and dry it.

Whip the eggs and Paprika until they're nice and frothy and the paprika has been distributed. Mix with the vegetables. Take you last tbsp of oil add ligly coat the bottom of the skillet with it. Heat it up, and add the egg mixture. Cover it and cook it for 10-15 minutes on a medium heat. It should be pretty firm when you take it out.

Cut it up however you deem appropriate, and serve it with salt, pepper, and ketchup.

Review:The onion and potato flavors mix together under the influence of the olive oil very nicely so that they taste very similiar and simply have a different texture. Cooking in the oil makes the onion flavor very sweet, which is perfect for most people. Combined with the fluffy and light taste of the egg mixture the Spanish Omelette provides a good light dish for a summer night. The ketchup topping is especially nice for contrast of flavors. I haven't tried it yet, but I imagine that the omellete would also be excellent with peppers or tomato in it. Serve this with a nice green salad and some fruit juice for a perfect mediterranean supper.

My rating: 9/10

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