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Names I have gone by: temp, dine, asake, lonely goddess, satan, random forumer.
Name I was given:Skyler Jackson Redmon
Age: 21 (yay for al-key-haul)
Bith-date: Feb, 9th 1983
Location: Olympia, Washington.
Occupation/major: Nowhere
Quote: Brandon: "What are we doing today?" ME: "Same thing we do everyday. ROLEPLAY!"

Other Random Shit:: I roleplay a lot, like every day ... uhm I'm into photography you can check out some of my work at

I wish that page looked like this does but alas I am unable to reproduce that in html/css ... I might try again soon because I need to start honing my skills again.

If you're more for the list type then try that link.

Here is all the avatars I usually use (Randomly chosen on page load).

You can find the start of our design doc for Hope Vanishes, a Max Payne 2 mod myselff and Xealous were once planning on doing, if you look here you can find that I did some actual work on it. Been looking into possibly starting it up again, would have to find Max Payne (2) once more and install it but that's not too hard, and I always wanted to play through a few mods anyway.

I LARP some, or used to now it's a bit rare cuz I hate some peoples, but here's a bunch of LARP shit.

If you want you can take a look at my random shit direcotry too.

And if you're nutz or bored or something you can check out my Live Journal.