[Antioch Remastered]

Antioch Remastered is a port of The Antioch Chronicles to Starcraft II. It accurately and completely recreates both completed episodes in the modern engine.

Lucid Iguana started the project on March 12th, 2015 and the team—which also included forum members Alevice, Dark T Zeratul, and dine, along with SC2Mapster members Caevrane, SCBroodSC2, and Wargirl—released Episodes I and II quickly thereafter on May 22nd. The team is currently working on creating their own vision of the unreleased Episode III.

YouTube user JayborinoPlays has done a video playthrough series for your viewing pleasure. It's a good document of the campaign, and it's rather entertaining in its own right, coming from the perspective of someone who never played the originals. He's also done an interview with the team, which includes some very flattering remarks about the forum and some details on Episode III.