[Antioch Wars]

Antioch Wars is an RPG series created by Dark T Zeratul and Seawolf. Like many similar projects, its storyline involves the forum and a bunch of forumers. Unlike many similar projects, they've actually released an entire episode of the thing, rolling out Chapter 1 in April 2003 and following up with a more polished SE in December the same year. It was created using RPGMaker 2000, giving it a look and feel reminiscent of a 16-bit RPG.

The Antioch Wars web site has the relevant downloads and lots more information (here are also, for posterity's sake, the first and second versions of the site).

In January 2010, Dark T Zeratul posted this in the forum (ZOMG SPOILERS):

So it occurred to me as I was driving to work this morning that it's been a good, long number of years since any work of any sort has been done on Antioch Wars, which is more or less par for the course around here.

So while it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that it will likely remain in limbo indefinitely, I figure I should probably at least let everyone know what was going to happen had it actually come to fruition. Well, the short version anyway, since I'm going from memory here; all the plot documents and stuff are on my computer at home, and I'm typing this now because it's a slow day at work.

In chapter 1, Codebreaker and I discovered that Peer had taken over #Antioch and went out to figure out what was happening. It ended with #Antioch and #Antropy (does anyone else still remember that channel?) Lifting off into space, with PMAvers and Mike Lemmer apparently turned traitor, and a swarm of Zerg flooding through the forum.

Chapter 2 would have been split into two parts: the first was a team led by Blitz Zero, heading off into the mountains to exterminate the last of the Zerg, which they do. The second part was a team led by... I don't recall who, but they responded to a distress call from Grand Moff Ogre and arrived to find that his head had been removed. They tracked his head to a coliseum near WASTE HQ that was holding a robot wars competition, with a robot built around GMO's head as one of the competitors. So they go to WASTE HQ, build their own robot, and eventually fight and win and get GMO's head back. Turns out he'd discovered that Peer had constructed a massive space station from #Antioch and #Antropy, but Peer's goons had come to silence him.

I don't really entirely recall where they chapter breaks were from here on out, but the heroes then proceeded to the space station where they discovered that PMA and Mike were being mind controlled... And that not only was Peer a minion of the Baphomet, but the whole space station thing was actually just a diversion. One obligatory self-destructing base sequence later, the heroes return to the forum to find that Peer has raised an ancient castle from the depths of the ocean, and captured a number of forumers. The good guys infiltrate the castle and rescue the prisoners, but learn that Spooky is up at the top of the tallest tower, where Peer plans to user her for some sort of ritual. When they arrive, they learn that he intends to sacrifice her to somehow summon the Baphomet. Though she is rescued, the portal is still created, but the Baphomet doesn't show up. Suddenly left without an ace up his sleep, Peer flees through the portal.

The heroes pursue him, and find themselves on the moon of Umbra. They eventually catch up with him on a ridge overlooking the Baphomet's prison, where they do battle with and destroy him. And everyone lives happily ever after, the end, etc.

So yeah, that's the short version of it all. Figured I'd get it out there in case anyone still cares, since I don't think I ever did, but I really probably should have.