Similar in fashion to Blizzard's old SCMs of the Week, Auspex Turmalis released numerous multiplayer maps on the Antioch web site around 1999. They were mostly melee maps with nicely designed terrain. His own description:

From standard melee to the weirdest Use Map Settings games, Auspex's SCM Creations has something to entertain you, no matter what your preference. What can you expect? Great multiplayer SCMs and SCXs with polished terrain. Exciting battlefields. Melee maps. Ally maps. Weird unit production maps. Suggest it, and you just might see it here.

Map Descriptions

A few descriptions are missing.

Arid Alliance

May 10, 1999

"The field of battle is seldom familiar. Old grounds long hallowed become barren wastelands desecrated by a mindless shedding of blood. The vestments of honor become the tattered robes of the beaten, or the war-stained garments of the victor. Even the ancient homeland, once a paradise, is transfigured by this force. It is in these hours that the most alien worlds suddenly become familiar by comparison." —Khrillian, Dark Templar pilot, New Antioch.

Tornod Mining Camp

May 1, 1999

"Kaiyrnyn tells me there's an outpost off to the north, about halfway between Bora Dalis and the nearest highland settlement. We could probably set these people down there and they'd be fine until they could send a transmission to be picked up. Apparently the place has been abandoned for quite some time, so the pirates probably wouldn't get a fix on 'em too quickly. Give 'em a fighting chance... or something. Kaiyrnyn wants to go with them. About time for his weekly prospecting run, anyway." —Trent "Trench" Aster, personal log.

Tornod River Flanks

December 28, 1998

Tornod III, an old Confederate border world overrun by the Zerg and retaken by the Dominion, has recently attracted its fair share of attention from third-party smugglers and bands of ruthless pirates. The outlaws set up camp in the lowland plains, by the rivers, and then launch their attacks into the outlying highland villages. If one were to strike at such a base quickly from level ground, future bloodshed might be averted.

Moats of Steel

November 25, 1998

"This is Aster. I've located the Combine outpost. They've got it up on a platform surrounded by what looks like a network of steel trenches. There are only a few entrances to the base itself, unless you were thinking about just dropping in on them. We might be able to siege them, but they wouldn't take long to mobilize their air force. There are plenty of stores out here for setting up our own base camp, though. I'll report back at 22:00 hours." —Trent "Trench" Aster, intercepted Terran transmission

Tornod Flood Gates

November 10, 1998

The Terran border world of Tornod III, in addition to having served as a covert Confederate and Kel-Morian fueling station, was once home to a thriving planetwide spaceport community. Each individual complex demanded enormous quantities of fresh water and other supplies in order to continue running smoothly. To that end, numerous elaborate flood gate systems were created which served as canal locks between elevations and which ultimately kept the entire economy running smoothly. The abandoned flood gates now only stand as a testament to the ingenuity of the Terrans who built them.

Island of the Khalai

November 2, 1998

This long forgotten island on Aiur was once home to a secretive group of Khalai who were known for crafting the most potent implements of war and the most treasured centerpieces of Protoss technology. Those talented artificers and weaponsmiths have long since disappeared from the face of the island, but their legacy still remains. To control the devices found within the island's abandoned temples is to control the flow of battle itself, opening the door for future conquests.

Tau Station Breakdown

September 30, 1998

The civil war that erupted within the ranks of the Terran Confederacy brought numerous worlds to their knees, crushing outposts and decimating orbital space platforms. Tau Station was one of such platforms, once a sturdy launch point but now reduced to rubble and debris. Various caches of abandoned resources attest to the industry that thrived there in the past... and to the conflict that may rage in the future.

Teross Mud Flats

September 21, 1998

Following the detonation of the Psi Emitter at the heart of the mud flats near Teross, in southern Antioch, Protoss Templar and Khalai struggled to pick up the pieces of their once thriving province, in the midst of the fallout from both the Psi Cocoon assault and the earlier destruction of the Overmind. Teross, near the southern fringe of Antioch, has been left a muddy wasteland. With new threats looming on the horizon, the area still needs stalwart defenders.

Cross of the Dark

Featured in Online Arena Edition 2000

September 14, 1998

Although the planet Char had long been a domain of the Zerg, the Dark Templar managed to survive in the shadows for quite some time, with the help of their leader, Zeratul. The Dark Templar on Char felt the need for training in battle just as much as any other Protoss, and to that end, this crossroads of ash and shale stands as a testament to that drive. Composed of natural rock formations later sculpted by the Dark Templar, this sprawling battlefield is the perfect place to wreak havoc.

Waterstrip Down

September 7, 1998

The great war between the Terrans, Protoss and Zerg has left many a high-tech settlement in ruins. Armies have been devastated, buildings crushed, centers of power dismantled. More often than not, military targets are the first to fall, such as this once-thriving Confederate airstrip. Its isolated location made it a critical junction point for Terran strike fleets, but now its only lure lies in the vast quantity of resources it holds.

Mox's War Games

August 31, 1998

Occasionally, Terran commanders see fit to engage in various skirmish exercises to keep their troops sharp. The compound assault and defense motif is a popular indoor variation of such exercises. Commander Charlie Mox, however, takes his training procedures to the next level. In a secret underground installation, Mox conducts tactical war games that often result in an explosive cocktail of defensive mining, lightning raids, and covert operations. Think you've got what it takes? Step into Mox's office and watch your back.

Braxis Hydroponics Station

Featured in Online Arena Edition 2000

August 24, 1998

The Terran border world of Braxis is a desolate, frozen wasteland with little to no natural agricultural potential. As such, most of the Braxian populace relies on trade and various imports for food. There are, however, a number of orbital hydroponics platforms, such as this one, that serve as supplemental grainaries and subsistence gardens for the planet. These stations would be critical military targets for any invading force, especially if the element of surprise were to come into play.


Featured in Online Arena Edition 2000

August 17, 1998

Storm the lush ruins of a massive, ancient monument of arcane significance: "There is a lake between sun and moon / Not too many know about / In the silence between whisper and shout / The space between wonder and doubt / This is a fine place / Shining face to face / Those bonfire lights in the mirror of sky / The space between wonder and why" —Rush, "Between Sun and Moon"

Trenches of Shale

August 10, 1998

The Zerg have long known the planet Char to be a hotbed (pun intended) of resources ripe for the picking. Recently, several Terran prospectors and Protoss scouts managed to survey a particularly rich portion of the planet's surface, with intent to control all mining in the area. When hostile forces collide in contest over such a cache, the two main exports can only be shale and blood.

Darker Strides

August 3, 1998

The Blackveil, Cloakmoon, Darkthrush and Embernight factions all vie for control of the ancient flooded temple at the heart of this fertile area. In doing so, they call upon special forces to aid in conquest; Elite Firebat troopers, vicious Hunter Killer strains, and reclusive Dark Templar. War may never be the same.

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