Alias: Avatar (Sometimes AvatarPrime)

Real Name: Ryan

Birthdate: March 24th

Location: United States

E-mail: ryan @ this domain

Occupation: Game Development / College Student (Double Major: Philosophy, Game Design)

Quote: "Hmm..."

Forum Affiliation: Administrator


Date Joined: June 1999

Bio: Hailing from "no where you need to know about", USA, Avatar is a generally calm, introverted individual. He currently maintains the precarious position of administrating the Antioch forum and general community affairs. His personal details have always been vague, and he likes it that way. So don't bother asking. He joined the Auspex Studios staff following the release of A2. His duties on the A3 project were related to the technical aspects. This essentially means MPQs, game engine architecture, install scripts, and other boring stuff you probably don't care about. He is responsible for a small number of undocumented breakthroughs in cracking Blizzard's game technology. Their secrecy is still maintained. He later worked for Sierra's Bellevue, WA division on website content and then for White Wolf as the project lead for their add on material for the PC game Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption. He now attends college full time.

He spends his spare time playing games of all types (PC, console, pen and paper), listening to and playing music (keyboard / piano), tweaking his and his friends' and family's computers, driving, studying philosophy, and contributing trace amounts of nothing to side projects he finds interesting. He also visits the forum occasionally (seventeen times a day) and likes to use parentheses whenever possible (which is often).