Mark Brown Is A Political Animal

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(12:09:49 AM) You have just entered room "Name that Senator."
(12:09:53 AM) SW Genius has entered the room.
(12:09:55 AM) MagnumJB5 has entered the room.
MagnumJB5 (12:12:53 AM): So
MagnumJB5 (12:12:58 AM): I can trust you're not looking at Google
MagnumJB5 (12:13:07 AM): honor system
SW Genius (12:13:16 AM): I swear.
MagnumJB5 (12:13:24 AM): Go ahead
Flyspeck 42 (12:13:47 AM): Alabama
Flyspeck 42 (12:13:57 AM): state the parties
SW Genius (12:14:07 AM): Jeff Sessions (R) and what's-his-face Shelby (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:14:22 AM): Alaska
SW Genius (12:14:37 AM): Ted Stevens (R) and Lisa Murkowski (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:15:25 AM): Arizona
SW Genius (12:15:34 AM): McCain (R) and Kyl (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:15:50 AM): first names, if you know them
Flyspeck 42 (12:16:02 AM): and I know you know McCain
Flyspeck 42 (12:16:05 AM): omit if you don't
Flyspeck 42 (12:16:12 AM): Arkansas
SW Genius (12:16:24 AM): Mark Pryor (D) and Blanche Lincoln (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:16:34 AM): California
SW Genius (12:16:46 AM): Barbara Boxer (D) and Dianne Feinstein (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:16:52 AM): Colorado
MagnumJB5 (12:17:15 AM): Colorado
SW Genius (12:17:52 AM): Colorado is Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R) and... damn.
SW Genius (12:17:57 AM): Hmm, let me think about that.
MagnumJB5 (12:18:33 AM): Okay, missed one
SW Genius (12:18:36 AM): Nope, can't remember the other guy.
Flyspeck 42 (12:18:42 AM): Connecticut
SW Genius (12:18:53 AM): Chris Dodd (D) and Joe Lieberman (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:19:01 AM): Delaware
SW Genius (12:19:12 AM): something Carper (D) and Joe Biden (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:19:18 AM): Florida
SW Genius (12:19:29 AM): Bob Graham (D) and Bill Nelson (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:19:36 AM): Georgia
SW Genius (12:19:51 AM): Zell Miller (purgatory) and Saxby Chambliss (R)
MagnumJB5 (12:19:58 AM): hey, no editorializing
MagnumJB5 (12:20:12 AM): Hawaii
SW Genius (12:20:14 AM): I promise I won't do it again.
SW Genius (12:20:25 AM): something Akaka (D) and Daniel Inouye (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:20:45 AM): Idaho
SW Genius (12:21:13 AM): (Mike?) Crapo (R) and (Bill?) Bennett (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:21:21 AM): Illinois
MagnumJB5 (12:21:22 AM): Nope
MagnumJB5 (12:21:24 AM): Wait
Flyspeck 42 (12:21:27 AM): it's for completeness' sake
MagnumJB5 (12:21:29 AM): Fly, you don't even have a list
MagnumJB5 (12:21:39 AM): It's Mike Crapo and Larry Craig
MagnumJB5 (12:21:42 AM): heh, Crapo
SW Genius (12:21:42 AM): Oh yeah!
SW Genius (12:21:46 AM): Bennett is the other Utah guy.
MagnumJB5 (12:21:48 AM): 2 wrong
SW Genius (12:21:49 AM): Damn Mormons.
SW Genius (12:21:52 AM): I always get them mixed up.
MagnumJB5 (12:21:56 AM): Illinois
MagnumJB5 (12:22:03 AM): The State That Kicks Ass
SW Genius (12:22:05 AM): Dick Durbin (D) and Peter Fitzgerald (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:22:11 AM): Indiana
SW Genius (12:22:22 AM): Evan Bayh (D) and Richard Lugar (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:22:31 AM): Iowa
SW Genius (12:22:38 AM): Tom Harkin (D) and Chuck Grassley (R)
MagnumJB5 (12:22:58 AM): Kansas
MagnumJB5 (12:23:33 AM): Yeah, tough one
SW Genius (12:23:36 AM): Sam Brownback (R) and ... no, I don't know the other
MagnumJB5 (12:23:40 AM): 3 down
MagnumJB5 (12:23:42 AM): Pat Roberts
Flyspeck 42 (12:23:47 AM): Kentucky
SW Genius (12:23:59 AM): Jim Bunning (R) and Mitch McConnell (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:24:07 AM): Louisiana
SW Genius (12:24:15 AM): John Breaux (D) and Mary Landrieu (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:24:19 AM): Maine
Flyspeck 42 (12:24:29 AM): you are a machine
SW Genius (12:24:30 AM): Olympia Snowe (R) and Susan Collins (R)
MagnumJB5 (12:24:36 AM): He's on fire
Flyspeck 42 (12:24:44 AM): Maryland
SW Genius (12:24:53 AM): Paul Sarbanes (D) and Barbara Mikulski (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:24:55 AM): I hope you get this one wrong
Flyspeck 42 (12:24:55 AM): damn
Flyspeck 42 (12:24:59 AM): Massachusetts
MagnumJB5 (12:25:02 AM): haha
SW Genius (12:25:09 AM): John Kerry (D) and Ted Kennedy (D)
MagnumJB5 (12:25:11 AM): Fagsachusetts
Flyspeck 42 (12:25:15 AM): Michigan
SW Genius (12:25:26 AM): Carl Levin (D) and Debbie Stabenow (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:25:33 AM): Minnesota
MagnumJB5 (12:25:37 AM): Also, it's Edward Kennedy
MagnumJB5 (12:25:39 AM): half credit
SW Genius (12:25:43 AM): Ted, Edward, whatever.
SW Genius (12:25:54 AM): Mark Dayton (D) and Norm Coleman (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:25:58 AM): overridden, full credit
SW Genius (12:26:01 AM): (had to resist putting in Paul Wellstone's name there)
Flyspeck 42 (12:26:01 AM): Mississippi
SW Genius (12:26:10 AM): Thad Cochran (R) and Trent Lott (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:26:20 AM): Missouri
SW Genius (12:26:53 AM): Jim Talent (R) and ... can't remember the other one.
MagnumJB5 (12:26:58 AM): nope
MagnumJB5 (12:27:03 AM): Max Baucus and Conrad Burns
MagnumJB5 (12:27:05 AM): 4 down
SW Genius (12:27:09 AM): Dude.
SW Genius (12:27:10 AM): That's Montana.
Flyspeck 42 (12:27:11 AM): no
MagnumJB5 (12:27:16 AM): So it is
SW Genius (12:27:22 AM): Baucus is (D) and Burns is (R)
MagnumJB5 (12:27:24 AM): Well, I gave you two
Flyspeck 42 (12:27:25 AM): Jim Talent and Christopher Bond
Flyspeck 42 (12:27:29 AM): shut up Mag
Flyspeck 42 (12:27:40 AM): 3 before... so 4 now
Flyspeck 42 (12:27:43 AM): Montana you got
MagnumJB5 (12:27:46 AM): He can do Puerto Rico for extra credit
Flyspeck 42 (12:27:47 AM): Nebraska
SW Genius (12:27:48 AM): Hey, not only did I know you were wrong, I knew that
  was Montana and not Missouri.
SW Genius (12:28:17 AM): Chuck Hagel (R) and Ben Nelson (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:28:22 AM): Nevada
SW Genius (12:28:51 AM): Harry Reid (D) and ... can't remember the other one.
Flyspeck 42 (12:28:58 AM): John Ensign (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:29:06 AM): New Hampshire
SW Genius (12:29:59 AM): something Sununu (R) and Judd Gregg (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:30:05 AM): John
Flyspeck 42 (12:30:10 AM): New Mexico
SW Genius (12:30:34 AM): Pete Domenici (R) and Jeff Bingaman (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:30:40 AM): New York
SW Genius (12:31:04 AM): Hillary Clinton (D) and Chuck Schumer (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:31:16 AM): North Carolina
SW Genius (12:31:27 AM): John Edwards (D) and Elizabeth Dole (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:31:46 AM): I didn't even know she was a senator
Flyspeck 42 (12:31:48 AM): North Dakota
SW Genius (12:31:59 AM): Byron Dorgan (D) and I forget the other.
MagnumJB5 (12:32:07 AM): Kent Conrad
SW Genius (12:32:11 AM): Fuck, shoulda known that.
Flyspeck 42 (12:32:16 AM): Ohio
SW Genius (12:32:26 AM): George Voinovich (R) and Mike DeWine (R)
MagnumJB5 (12:32:28 AM): 3 down
Flyspeck 42 (12:32:28 AM): haha, Voinovich
Flyspeck 42 (12:32:32 AM): no, 5 down, fool
MagnumJB5 (12:32:35 AM): I gave him 2
Flyspeck 42 (12:32:50 AM): 5 down
Flyspeck 42 (12:32:59 AM): Oklahoma
SW Genius (12:33:26 AM): somebody Nickles (R) and some other guy who doesn't
Flyspeck 42 (12:33:28 AM): Don
SW Genius (12:33:28 AM): The Heartland is killing me.
MagnumJB5 (12:33:32 AM): Don Rickles?
Flyspeck 42 (12:33:34 AM): and James Inhofe
Flyspeck 42 (12:33:44 AM): that's what I thought when I first looked at it, Mag
Flyspeck 42 (12:33:45 AM): Oregon
SW Genius (12:34:15 AM): Ron Wyden (D) and somebody Smith (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:34:20 AM): I can't believe Oregon has a Republican Senator
MagnumJB5 (12:34:23 AM): Please be more specific
Flyspeck 42 (12:34:25 AM): Gordon
Flyspeck 42 (12:34:36 AM): PENNSYVLFRIGGINVANIA
SW Genius (12:34:49 AM): Rick Santorum (R) and Arlen Specter (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:35:02 AM): Rhode Island
MagnumJB5 (12:35:03 AM): Both Republican, eh?
MagnumJB5 (12:35:09 AM): Queer
Flyspeck 42 (12:35:10 AM): yeah
Flyspeck 42 (12:35:18 AM): Specter's really moderate though
MagnumJB5 (12:35:22 AM): So I hear
SW Genius (12:35:27 AM): Jack Reed (D) and Lincoln Chafee (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:35:44 AM): South Carolina
SW Genius (12:36:19 AM): Fritz Hollings (D) and ... who succeeded Strom
  Thurmond? Shit. Oh yeah, Lindsey Graham (R)
MagnumJB5 (12:36:26 AM): Lindsey Graham sounds hot
Flyspeck 42 (12:36:29 AM): South Dakota
Flyspeck 42 (12:36:34 AM): Fritz Hollings sounds hot
SW Genius (12:36:35 AM): It's a guy.
Flyspeck 42 (12:36:42 AM): I know
SW Genius (12:36:45 AM): Rumored to be gay (Graham)
Flyspeck 42 (12:36:51 AM): oh wait, Lindsey? shit
Flyspeck 42 (12:36:56 AM): Fritz's real name is Ernest
SW Genius (12:37:00 AM): Tom Daschle (D) and Tim Johnson (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:37:05 AM): Tennessee
SW Genius (12:37:26 AM): Bill Frist (R) and ... nope, can't remember the other
MagnumJB5 (12:37:31 AM): come on
MagnumJB5 (12:37:32 AM): yes you can
MagnumJB5 (12:37:38 AM): I've heard of him
Flyspeck 42 (12:38:42 AM): it was Lamar Alexander
SW Genius (12:38:47 AM): Oh yeah.
MagnumJB5 (12:38:56 AM): 4 down
Flyspeck 42 (12:38:56 AM): next state is... Texas
SW Genius (12:38:57 AM): I was thinking Fred Thompson, but he retired in 2002.
Flyspeck 42 (12:39:01 AM): 6 down
MagnumJB5 (12:39:13 AM): The guy from Hunt for Red October?
SW Genius (12:39:14 AM): Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R) and John Cornyn (might be
  spelled wrong) (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:39:24 AM): spelled right
Flyspeck 42 (12:39:27 AM): Utah
SW Genius (12:39:27 AM): Yeah, he was Senator from Tennessee from 1996-2002
SW Genius (12:39:31 AM): Only served one term, though.
MagnumJB5 (12:39:33 AM): Awesome
SW Genius (12:39:47 AM): He was also in Die Hard 2.
MagnumJB5 (12:39:57 AM): Impressive resume
Flyspeck 42 (12:40:07 AM): Carl Weathers should be a governor
SW Genius (12:40:08 AM): Orrin Hatch (R) and Bennett (R)
Flyspeck 42 (12:40:18 AM): Robert Bennett
MagnumJB5 (12:40:19 AM): Too bad the guy in the Predator suit is dead
Flyspeck 42 (12:40:30 AM): Vermont
SW Genius (12:40:57 AM): Pat Leahy (D) and Jim Jeffords (I)
Flyspeck 42 (12:41:13 AM): Virginia
SW Genius (12:41:57 AM): Allen (R) and ... the other guy... nah, scratch that
  one off.
Flyspeck 42 (12:42:05 AM): George Allen
Flyspeck 42 (12:42:12 AM): and John Warner
Flyspeck 42 (12:42:15 AM): 7 down
Flyspeck 42 (12:42:17 AM): Washington
SW Genius (12:43:15 AM): Maria Cantwell (D) and Patty Murray (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:43:21 AM): West Virginia
Flyspeck 42 (12:43:30 AM): you are a political animal
SW Genius (12:43:46 AM): Robert Byrd (D) and Jay Rockefeller, IV (D)
MagnumJB5 (12:43:54 AM): Former KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd
Flyspeck 42 (12:44:01 AM): Wisconsin
SW Genius (12:44:37 AM): Russ Feingold (D) and Herb Kohl (D)
Flyspeck 42 (12:44:51 AM): Wyoming
MagnumJB5 (12:45:03 AM): Nobody cares about them, good job Mack
SW Genius (12:45:06 AM): Enzi (R) and I don't even remember the other one.
Flyspeck 42 (12:45:13 AM): Craig Thomas
Flyspeck 42 (12:45:17 AM): Michael Enzi
Flyspeck 42 (12:45:19 AM): 9 down
MagnumJB5 (12:45:19 AM): 8 missed?
MagnumJB5 (12:45:22 AM): 9
Flyspeck 42 (12:45:23 AM): 91/100
Flyspeck 42 (12:45:27 AM): you are a beast
Flyspeck 42 (12:45:34 AM): now name the majority and minority leaders of both
MagnumJB5 (12:45:36 AM): Now do Representatives
Flyspeck 42 (12:45:53 AM): the Speaker of the House, the president pro tempore,
  and the whips
SW Genius (12:46:01 AM): Majority Leader is Tom DeLay (R-TX) and the Speaker of
  the House is Dennis Hastert (R-IL)
MagnumJB5 (12:46:08 AM): And the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus
SW Genius (12:46:09 AM): Minority Leader is Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
SW Genius (12:46:23 AM): President Pro Tempore is, I believe, Ted Stevens (R-AK)
SW Genius (12:46:40 AM): Senate Majority Whip is Don Nickles (R-OK) and Minority
  Whip is Harry Reid (D-NV)
SW Genius (12:46:55 AM): House Majority Whip is... Roy Blunt? (R-MO) and
  Minority Whip is Steny Hoyer (D-MD)
SW Genius (12:47:07 AM): Oh, and the Majority Leader of the Senate is Bill Frist
SW Genius (12:47:14 AM): Minority Leader is Tom Daschle (D-SD)
Flyspeck 42 (12:47:15 AM): Blunt, yes
MagnumJB5 (12:47:23 AM): Wow
SW Genius (12:47:48 AM): Were all of those right? Mitch McConnell might be the
  Senate Majority Whip, now that I think about it.
MagnumJB5 (12:47:55 AM): God only knows