Notice: The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is “DC++ Hub.”

"So we have porn from three continents on this server right now." —Mack Kilimaro


DC++ hubs are like private P2P networks. They also double as chatrooms in a pinch. You can join one by downloading a DC++ client (Windows, Mac) and fiddling with your firewall some.

Passive users can't share with other passive users, so configure your router to properly forward your DC++ ports (both TCP and UDP) and let the good times roll.


Phoenix ran a DC++ hub in late 2004 as a place for Antiochers to share files (music, movies, comics, porn, musical comic porn movies, etc.). It was active for a while and then petered out in classic Antioch fashion. It was briefly revived so it could peter out again in classic Antioch fashion.

Falcon Warrior picked up the mantle and revived it again in October 2007, so it could peter out one last glorious time in classic Antioch fashion.