Handle: Draxter

Real name: Jonathan Dax Lim

Age/birth date: 15/ 13.5.87

Location: Singapore

Occupation/major: Secondary school student/Major in utter pointlessness and currently attaining enlightment in the art of random insanity.

Quote: "Lamer than thou."

Battle.net account(s):



Drawn to Antioch by creator of Dave the SCV and Scantid Studios, Mike Lemmer, Draxter came about during the ending days of Antioch's 'glory', only a month or two before A3 was cancelled.

Later switched to Alkali_Draxter for a global ezboard account.

Signed up with the Protectorate and was given title of 'Janitor'.

Spawned the 'broom of doom'.

Somehow died(rather permanently this time, though only as permanent as internet personas go) and turned into the Necro Janitor.

Was caught spying and selling tapes of Amazonian lesbian sex, and was castrated and forced to join the Amazons, becoming the Necro-Transverstite-Janitor.

Started worshipping Dekar, God of Mountain Dew.

Fought in the initial spam wars during the spawning of the new forum, losing to Cannibal Jim.

Started playing neopets again after influence from Dekar. Stopped playing neopets a week later because it was utter crap.

Had lots of hot lesbian sex with harem of hot lesbian skeletons.

(So that last part didn't happen, so sue me.)

Affiliations/forum groups:

The Protectorate.
The Antioch Amazons.

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Contact info (e-mail, IMs, etc.)

MSN/e-mail addy: dx_irulex@hotmail.com
AIM: Necro Janitor
ICQ: 84694079