The Classics

[GuessWho at his finest]


i avhake no idsee awth youatkal aboutt!!!


I m drunnk!

yours a lamedrs ...

ucnehcnh himas in da thgeroin/.

vucke youe!!11

yoipuaor lamibng movthers fukere
whya dontw yoasd die#~~~~

I athinkkk I ahte yoau alll!
caauers your toobelodramamtlk]

ansds ia gots nowwa wheres to gsoe!

akearte I stooudi Newbie

ou should justs rapedrzgsvfdxcccccccccccccccxcvvvvvccccccccccccccccccccccccc ceckar andd geets i oveer with.

Ass wee sayy. Hisstroyd repeeats itself.

thee mpre you sasay thisss carap outt waiting tieall marainarge, the amoea aIo wahnta to bangg ou. a e

ianr ahae hnow iidaea ahwt is sgogging on ahyyanm yreoa.

dirrnk baddd.

sttaiuil ddrinkinngg

September 10th, 2004

Just cause it hasen't been donee for a while.


Me durnk.

Bar, club, etc.

Stupid friendss drove ohome when I gstardted to hook up wiut a cutee whote girl.


funntime butt shtll asd that idd nt get laiddd. s :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

You look like my cosuin Amorak. Alot like my cosuin. So much so that I can;t even find myself attracted to you. Yess I am from the samme reagion.

September 11th, 2004

Immm dunnk again.


stppoidi cunt ssneneds to stopp tlkaing about thisstt thiatz anyoning as ufkc.

i hatete tahat shit.

supoogtip cutn.

doonnt wowrry .. i gotot like someejhthn too heer yuou upps iwth. just llee tme knowww . jhahaah

i realkiwe nhooww mucch i waeant to stufff wyoul.

dark gunnn

wwhoo areeee you mothther suvkcer. whooo aree you???@?2;;

Imm evene more fuckked up now.

Killed a pittchr in like 3 seeconds.


stupoid party . stupind hisspanci biottch cutn talkss to mruch.

pisss4ess me off,s .

ibitch wwars walkingin tontotraffic, and thses stupid annoing. nearlayy tappedd taha ass butt sgot wayy tooo cannnyoed an dp issed to try. keeptt mywreokd andd gothere homessalfe.yh lika i promised her. playing bieodnd gamesnow and having ufn. syooonarara bittshces

October 30th, 2004

I dont know if its caujse im drunk or nott.b ut kate sseems qawfully hot right now

November 7th, 2004

sex 8iaa athawt ewahoboaiske thui6tng averr

awhta the fiujkc is thissa gotpoioonc abouat!/>.">

("What the fuck is this topic about?")

whaht iss going onn.a nd awyy wiss this toppen?

("What is going on anyway with this topic?")

i n0oatop alopnga wte rwaihtnt to fuck ackat[pae'

io afmlaliam,e eleabinans.,

("... ... lesbians.")

i love ypoua oarawehioafjpoeaw rnot raelso n waihatever

("I love you ... ... not really, so whatever.")

citya opvj ahiaeropers is oamm bomuch betetr.

("City of Heroes is so much better.")

Tthe morre i tyoope the more sossober i get.

Cotu pf heroes is sbetter bessucse i has no crrafting. CXraffting blowwss balls. hardadcorre. ballas.

("The more I type the more sober I get.

"City of Heroes is better because it has no crafting. Crafting blows balls. Hardcore. Balls.")



I;mmma ackckcka hahahahahahaha3oiraoiwefawelnkfawlinevouiawvnkjeaw


(He probably figured out the cure to cancer and attempted to record it, but now we'll never know.)

ora kdaouinkoing,. hahapiovawiopnveawnoi

(Cure for AIDS?)

Sobeeing experreince.

Sstpoping yourr roommate form maakning an ass out off himsefl in frontt aor his sgrol and aherere afriends. ASndd ruiningg theirr inight.

Hapapay birrhtday riooommiee.

("Sobering experience. Stopping your roommate from making an ass out of himself in from of his girl and her friends. And ruining their night.

"Happy birthday roomie.")

att thioss pointt in thee tnigh i shsouldj nsstop ddrinkingg butt to o mucch booazee sosso ai cant. Nigtat lall.

("At this point in the night I should stop drinking but too much booze so I can't. Night all.")

January 22th, 2005

blah blaha balah ablah blaaha


guges what imss doing noww.w hahhaa.

January 23rd, 2005

dary thr edee lof6gg three

hy8oihuihyueqwwersrxedrth8ahaha23 trvgbn;l

haq hsz

April 3rd, 2005

What is going onnn...!

UI m drurnk ass ahell.,. Hhahah.

i passed out and woke up

April 7th, 2006

I esn t to sleep with apg
. O ra..ay dont udnersatdn hwy. but i do.

They ssuck.

My hand is bleeding and i lveo you aalala

I could have fucked my goopre makets roommamte. i JUST COULDKNT FINT THE COURAGAE TO ACUTAALLY DO IT. fuclll meee... l lov eyou alll.

On Religion

Eveeen acrunk i knoww to avodidd this tom-pic

0hhh goodd ahere we wgoa again.