The Forum

Spoiler tags

The forum has two spoiler tags. The first is [spoiler] ... [/spoiler], which produces basically a blacked-out quote tag that you can read by highlighting with your mouse:



There are also inline spoilers, which you can throw in the middle of a sentence with [spoil] ... [/spoil]. Example:

Jesus dies.

Just blacking out the text with the [color] tag is lame because everyone who isn't using the Solaris theme can read it. It's like, hey, everybody, it was Earth all along!

Random Avatars

We have a random avatar thingy. It's pretty cool.

Using it on this forum

  1. Create a new directory in your members directory (e.g., evilphal/avatar) and upload all your avatars there.
  2. Plug that directory into the avatar-o-fucking-matic along with your forum name and password, and it'll autoawesomely get set as your avvy.

Using it on another forum

Or any other site.

Same deal as before with all the uploading, 'cept you have to manually set your avatar on that site as: forum name/whatever you called your directory

So it'd look like, for example:

If it whines about needing a PNG, JPEG, or GIF, you can kind of trick it:

RSS Feeds

The site has two RSS feeds. One lets you keep tabs on the most recent forum posts and the other shows you the most recent wiki edits.


RSS feeds give you a list of the latest updates to a site. They're handy because they let you check your frequently visited sites all at once in an RSS feed reader.

How do I use it

There is a veritable assload of RSS readers:

  1. Some of them are dedicated programs for your computer, such as NetNewsWire or FeedDemon.
  2. Some of them are mail clients that bundle in RSS support, such as Thunderbird.
  3. Some of them bundle RSS support into your web browser, such as Firefox's Sage extension.
  4. Some of them aggregate everything onto a web page, such as Google's custom home page.

The most recent versions of most web browsers, including Firefox and Safari, will stick an RSS icon in a prominent place (like your address bar) so you add the site to your default feed reader and then start aggregating shit like a shit-aggregating motherfucker.

Anything else

The forum feed only shows the most recent ten posts by default, but you can change this to anything between 0 and 100 like so:

This is useful if you don't check the forum all that often and the default feed isn't showing you all the latest posts.

Upload Form

All forum members can upload files to the site via the upload form. This can be useful if you want to share something on the forum, but you can use it for anything you want.

Where to stick your porn: Personal files go in your own individual member directory (e.g., Auspex would upload all his porn to files/members/AuspexTurmalis/, which can be shortcutted to ~AuspexTurmalis/). This is where file uploads go by default.

Where not to stick your porn: All the other directories are for files used on the wiki (and correspond to the sections of the site), so don't put personal files in them.


There are a few restrictions on the files you can upload.

But in general, you should be able to upload most anything.


You can use the site's Search function to search for a file by its name.

Uploading a lot of files

If you have a lot of files to upload, you can increase the number of fields on the upload form to any arbitrary number and save yourself a lot of back-buttoning. The following would give you ten upload fields, for instance:

You can do this with any field, actually:

You can also specify a default directory, so you don't have to go through and change each one manually:

Or chain together a bunch of things (and then presumably bookmark it or something so you don't have to do it every time):

You can also zip up a bunch of files, upload the zip file, and click the "Extract zip archives" checkbox. This will unzip the archive after it's uploaded, effectively letting you to upload a bunch of files in one go.

The Wiki

There's a ton of information—way more than you even want—on using the wiki on the Text Formatting Rules page.