Handle: Jaxon

Real Name: Jackson Blommaert

Birthdate: Feb 27, 1984, you do the math

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Occupation/Major: Laziness

Quote: Roofles

Battle.Net Accounts: Jaxon on Lorderon, {CAF}~Nemesis for the rest of it


As an apprentice, a magical mistake that could have spelled disaster for Jackson enchanted a nearby yo-yo with strange powers. It moves of it's own will and shouts insults to it's enemy's. Wandering the streets of Edmonton, Jaxon now uses this trash-talking talisman to fight evil when his magic fails him.

(Ripped from VSP member page, written in third-person). Consider me a small forgotten relic. Used 'The Nemesis' in TAC forums and #Antioch on DALNet.

Affiliations: Vancouver Street Posse

Web Sites: http://www.sensibleerection.com

Contact Info: MSN, ICQ, E-Mail, PM on forums, etc.

Date Joined: This forum, March 16, 2003. Original TAC forums, too long ago to remember.