Handle: Lonemage (aka Dragonmage, Jand Drakon)

Real name: Chris Sularz

Age/birth date: 20/June 1983 (By the time its up, its 20)

Location: Denver, CO

Occupation/major: Fulltime Student/ undeclaired (english Major/education Minor)

Battle.net account(s): Lonemage, DarkSigma, SigmaDrakon.

Bio: I grew up with computers. I started working with MS DOS way back before anyone cared about version numbers or marketing campaigns. It was only natural that I became an avid Gamer, playing black and white (or sometimes black and green) versions of Jeopardy, paratrooper, Misstle command, and many others... it was with the release of Mechwarrior 2 that I started to get the jist of the things to come. I would play the huge 130 meg game on my dad's company laptop. Then there was X-Wing and Tie Fighter, both my first space sims. That was about the limit of my play until 1997 and Starcraft. For the first time I had a game that played well, and looked pretty good. (My computers before this had been 486's and when I got that blazing fast p200, I was on cloud 9).

Thats when I found out about the Mods... people that made new games bassed off of existing ones. I started poking around during highschool, looking for things to download. Then I found a quant site mentioned at Starcraft Legacy. antioch.techbase.com I never felt comfortable about forums, and so decided to just spread the word to my SC playing friends around school. It wasn't until 2001 that I decided to look around. A3 was in the online news, and there was much hope for some cool stuff. I joined the forums, pissed a few people off with my poor spelling (mostly Flyspeck) and got through my Newbie faze rather quickly compared to some. Things change, time moves on. Some of the people that were around Antioch back then are gone, some new faces are back. I am, and still remain, Lonemage.

Web sites: My first site made in 1999 www.geocities.com/sularzc is awful. I warn you now. also be preparied for some awful background music... darksigma.8m.com was my next attempt, and it stuck around for a while. www.darksigma.com is the current incarnation. Here resides the hopes and dreams of one Shandromand made into something concrete. Myndrallon

Email: Lonemage@darksigma.com

B.net Bot: hangs around 'public chat SCGD' on USeast.

ICQ: uh... let me find that (there are 2 other Lone Mages on ICQ, that have both popped up since I registered.)

MSN: Loneclan@hotmail.com