May 2, 2004

Romulus and two friends vs. 4K.Myth and two girls from » (160 KB)

Version 1.14. Romulus kicks some ass with Orc in a 3v3 game versus two semi-famous girls and one really famous guy. Uploaded here, just because. It's always nice to have a webhost you can abuse at will.

May 1, 2004

Phigment vs. someone with an inadequate understanding of the WC3 game mechanics » (133 KB)

This game was recorded using the Beta, so I'm not sure if it will work using non-beta WCIII.

Fairly vanilla game, overall. We simultaneously destroy each other's main bases. He has a small army and a bunch of farms, I have a working expansion and no army.

He, sensing victory and his fragile delusions of grandeur slipping away like so many greased pigs, resorts to the ultimate tactic. He insults me. Noob, he says. Over, and over, and over. He explains that he has seven farms hidden that I won't find. I tell him I already know this, since he has no town hall and his buildings have been revealed to me. He accuses me of maphacking. Over and over. He threatens to report me to Blizzard. I sincerely hope he does so; I'm sure they could use the laugh.

April 16, 2004

Phal and Mack vs. a Couple of Racist Canadian Homophobes » (127 KB)

The game itself is so-so; I am Night Elf and so is Phal. However, it's worth watching if only to see the conversation at the end. I give you this teaser to assure you that it will make you laugh, and perhaps even become sig fodder:


All this and more. It costs only your time. —MackKilimaro

February 15, 2004

Qjuad and Admiral Styles Vs. Some OTHER Goons » (61 KB)

This game is worth watching if only for what our Undead opponent at 12:00 does to his own base after our first attack... —Qjuad

January 25, 2004

Qjuad and Admiral Styles Vs. Some Goons » (52 KB)

Grunts baby. Grunties Grunties Grunties. —Qjuad

November 30, 2003

This » (131 KB) is probably the best game of Warcraft I've played in recent memory, if not ever. Of course, it didn't hurt that they sucked. Check out how much gold I had toward the end. —Magnum

November 21, A.D. 2003

Submitted for your approval—four new replays.

November 18, 2003

These two are actually several months old, but they are definately goodies; two battle royales with rushes, turtling, drops, nukes, disconnects, and Typhoon. I mean, really. What more could one ask for? —Seawolf

Goddamnit #58 » (175 KB)—It's Flywolphoon vs. Zeramagkar on an Auspex map in a no-holds-barred slugfest. Starts out with some nice tit-a-tat and allies saving each others hineys, then goes something like this:

Dekar: Die, Typhoon!
Flyspeck: No.
Dekar: Goddamnit.
Magnum: Take that, Seawolf!
Seawolf: Very well. Now die.
Magnum: Goddamnit.
Dekar: Die again, Typhoon!
Flyspeck/Seawolf: No.
Dekar:< GODDAMNIT. I'll just put a stranglehold on this expansion next door then!
Typhoon: No.
Zeratul: Time for some nuking.
Typhoon/Seawolf: Goddamnit.
Flywolphoon: Time for some expansion hunting.
Dekar/Zeratul: Goddamnit.
Seawolf: I'm gonna disconnect now. Goddamnit.
Flyspeck: Me too.
Typhoon: GODDAMNIT. Guess I'll just win by myself.
Dekar/Zeratul: ...Darn.

The Lemmer Offensive » (161 KB)—Mike Lemmer, Typhoon, and a computer Zergie take on Magnum, Seawolf, and Kate in the first battlefield test of Seawolf's Los Cincos Muertes map. Things are all back-and-forth until Typhoon disconnects and then Mike drops. You'll see what I mean. *shakes fist at Mike*

November 16, 2003

Game 1--Romulus (Antihero) & Clodpool vs. Magnum & PhalanxCovenant » (57 KB)

Romulus shows who's the man, while Magnum and Phal admit they suck this game.

Game 2--Phoenix (AlexDenton) & Magnum vs. Clodpool & Nemesis » (104 KB)

Phoenix and Magnum don't quite know how it happens, but suddenly Phoenix is dead, and then they start to tower up. Which is always fun.

FFA--Phoenix (AlexDenton), Magnum, PhalanxCovenant, Clodpool, Nemesis » (166 KB)

Insanity. Clodpool tanks up, Magnum goes gryphons, Phoenix goes all ground only, Phalanx abuses Raiders and Nemmy just dies.

November 11, 2003

In which Tarun and Dark_T_Zeratul cross "Mass Xenocide" off their "Things To Do" lists.

Tarun, me, and two comps vs. 3 comps on the BW map Primeval Isles. One of our allies bit it early on, and the other just sorta sat there, but for at least the first half we were left alone by the comps. This was a bad sign, which is why I fortified my base heavily with Turrets, Wraiths, Valks, and a cadre of Golgies. This is the only explanation I can think of for why I survived about seven or eight fully loaded Carriers slamming into me. For much of the rest of the game it was a war of attrition where we were constantly on the defensive. We eventually won through with nukes and fleets of capital ships, because the computer was too dumb to expand (at least, the Zerg and Terran ones... the Toss actually made a half-hearted effort). This game was interesting because of two things:

Overall an interesting match... Oh, and it's for BW 1.10.—Dark T Zeratul

November 9, 2003


Magnum, Qjuad and Admiral Styles Vs. Some guys on Northrend » (128 KB)—A pretty craptacular game, that though lost does lend to some interesting things the viewer can observe.

Keep it smooth. Oh, and this is for version 1.12 ladies. —Qjuad

Octuber 25, 2003

Erasculio, GuessWho, Magnum and typhooon vs 4 Computers » (102 KB)—A nice replay of a interesting game. Lots of action in this one, and, of course, lots and lots of lag. This replay is for The Frozen Throne 112. —Erasculio