The original forum was created on October 24th, 1999 by Auspex Turmalis for The Antioch Chronicles. It was the only forum actually hosted on the Antioch web site (at Tech-Base). It existed for about a year before various technical oddities started popping up, eventually killing it on August 22nd, 2000. After a brief dead period, the community packed and moved to CoolBoards (then to EZBoard, then to Ashenvale, then finally to Antioch Forever).

[In the beginning...]

The original forum was also the only Antioch forum to use a threaded (rather than flat) model and not have user accounts (with post counts, avatars, and so forth). It was probably based on Matt Wright's then-ubiquitous WWWBoard script or one of its derivatives.

Forumers that have been around since the original forum are generally understood to be cooler than everyone else.