End-of-the-year site statistics (all of which are as of now and, of course, subject to change slightly in the two days left this year):

Directory sizes:

/ (total)781.32 MB
/af/15.01includes the wiki
/forums/2.98just the code and themes, the users and posts are on the database server
/music/0.61well spent
/lemmer/0.01only contains one file now

We should be fine for a while. Most people have been more mindful of their disk use, which I appreciate.

The forum takes up 13 MB on the database server, for whatever that's worth. It's pruned regularly and automatically (Mason's conspiracy theories notwithstanding).

The wiki has 391 pages.

Bandwidth use:

MonthHitsBytes transferred
January186,2251.49 GB
total8,974,26477.90 GB

The stats for January only cover the last six days and aren't particularly useful. Upload form abuse was the primary cause of the bandwidth spike in April. October was our busiest month of legitimate traffic, although it doesn't hold the lead by so much that it's worth investigating why. The December stats are, of course, made outdated just by your reading this (Heisenberg'd be proud).

We've had an estimated 37,854 unique IPs this year.

Bandwidth by file extension:

File extensionBandwidth
.png23.14 GB
.jpg15.17 GB
.zip12.93 GB
.php8.72 GB
.gif4.58 GB
.mpg4.01 GB
.asf3.96 GB
.mp31.47 GB
.html1.18 GB
.pl802.89 MB
.css382.26 MB
.avi298.90 MB
.mpeg202.78 MB
.bmp190.96 MB
.doc171.39 MB
.sit116.97 MB

The single most hit page on the site is (surprise) the forum's "viewtopic.php."

Operating system use:


Not much competition there. The most popular version of Windows is XP by far (then 98, then 2k).

Some of the less common operating systems include a handful of other Unices (the BSDs, Solaris, etc.), BeOS, AmigaOS, CP/M (!), OpenVMS, WebTV, and the Sega Dreamcast (wasn't me, I swear).

Web browser use:

Internet Explorer4,987,54155.5%
Mozilla (and variants)3,405,04437.7

Internet Explorer still has the lead, but it's a closer race than it looks since Mozilla caught up toward the end of the year. In January, for instance, IE had 63.3% and Mozilla had 33.1%, but in November, Mozilla had 48% and IE had 45.5%. We're a more enlightened bunch than the general internet in this regard (and most of our hits are from the same relatively small group of people, although we get a fair bit of foreign traffic as well), so I wouldn't extrapolate Mozilla's total marketshare from this data (obviously), but it's still interesting.

I was surprised that the Mac-only Safari had a marginally larger slice of the pie than the cross-platform Opera (Konqueror's cut of that is negligible, but I lumped it with Safari because they use mostly the same rendering engine).

Also unexpectedly, on the spider side, we were hit more by MSNBot (14,130 times) than by GoogleBot (12,401). Google gets us the most hits (8,480) with Google Images second (1,454) and MSN Search pretty close to insignificant.

The top search term that finds us is "how about a nice cup of stfu," followed by "antioch chronicles." Not the legacy I was going for, but at least we're leaving a mark.

Forum themes:

Digital Twilight9
Space Pilot 3K4

Solaris is the default, so all the people who've posted once and then disappeared count toward it, but it'd obviously still be kicking ass otherwise. I use Digital Twilight.

We've had 221,126 404s this year and exactly one 405, which I got and documented. Awesome.

typhoon, 30 December 2004