Auspex Studios

Team Antioch II

(Okay, so maybe not those last two... ;-)

Portions of the map for Mission 7, "Mirror, Mirror," based on Blizzard Entertainment's Brood War Protoss 7, "The Insurgent."

No Civilians were harmed during the making of this campaign. (Really. For real. Honest.)

Episode II Voice Cast

Original StarCraft voices courtesy (and property) of Blizzard Entertainment

A Note of Thanks

Auspex would like to thank

Blizzard Entertainment, Gunslinger, the folks at Warzone and The Unholy Battlegrounds, Desler, SCX, Smoke & MirrorZ (for the EARLY early feedback), m@crowar (master of the enlarged map picture), X-ViRGE, ZealotOnAStick, Xenophanes, The Lapdragon, all the StarCraft sites who have ever made hosting offers or simply posted Antioch news, all the patient Antioch fans (thank you for the ridiculous amount of E-mail!), the ancient Vanguard guys, and the old-school Operation CWAL crew — we're all still alive! (Yes, we're a cheat AND we're in the SC credits, for you newbies out there.)

In addition to anyone else he may have forgotten, Auspex would also like to thank the WWF (and The Rock — it's a tribute, man); Bill Harms at PC Gamer; Syntrillium Software; Adrian Dunston (and the rest of the Thompson Theatre gang); Alfred, Lord Tennyson for "The Idylls of the King"; George Lucas for all the influences; the guys behind Thumb Wars (ROFLMFAO!); Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (goodbye... *sniff*); Chunky Chips Ahoy; Billy Sheehan (thanks for the "troubleshooting" advice and that insane Ampeg preamp); Rush, Dream Theater and all prog musicians everywhere; and of course, my family, who has been putting up with this (and me) for so long. Cheers!

P.S. Thanks for having faith!

Zeus would like to thank

Team Antioch II (a.k.a. Auspex Studios) for being the most professional, creative and fun guys to work with.

PC Gamer and PC Accelerator (I'm still waiting for the all-Gia pictorial issue...) for bringing me the best information on games and lighting up my days at the usually dreaded mailbox.

The fans who downloaded this 80mb+ monster and the StarCraft community who stood by us for the long haul. I hope you all have as much fun playing it as we had making it.

Blizzard Entertainment, the people who made it all possible.

Zeus would like to dedicate his work on this campaign to his childhood idols: Bruce Lee and Optimus Prime

In Memory of Jim "T.M. Maple" Burke

Ytse-Jam would like to thank

The source of my inspiration, Lucy, the love of my life.

Dream Theater, especially John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy. Thanks for being the leaders of a new era of progressive rock. John, I hope to one day be half the guitar player you are.

The WWF for all the laughs and entertainment throughout the years. I was there from the Hogan era, up to the Stone Cold era. How things have changed.

This performance is dedicated in the memory of Owen Hart. May you rest in peace.

Macbeth would like to thank

"The Bard" for his literary contributions, Auspex for this opportunity, and Blizzard for making great ways to pass the time.

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