[The Well Hung Jury]

The Logic

Hello fair forumer, and welcome to a new group in Antioch. I hear you sighing already, my friends, but lo and behold, this group actually has a purpose. (malignant though that purpose may be) What purpose could that be you wonder? Ah, be patient, I shall tell you. This Jury of your peers exists for one reason and one reason alone my friend, and this is to discuss amongst ourselves and with our guests what everyone wants to hear about: sex. When I went about forming such a group I said to myself, "Austin, who should you get for such a talk show whose format would be revolving around such an issue?". Well, my friends, I set out to get two of the most experienced and, uh, versatile co-hosts an Admiral could ask for. The most well hung gentlemen I could find...and find them I did in the sexual deviants dine and Lucid Iguana. dine being...well, dine, and Lucid being an accused anal rapist. HOW COULD I GO WRONG? At any rate, I'm sure they have something to say, so please, sit back, and enjoy yourself.

Episode 1: Another One Bites the Dust (Kojiro's Love Life)

After having done some "preliminary interviews" with some of Kojiro's exes, we decided his love life would make a wonderful starting topic. Names have been changed, however, to protect the innocent. Not for the weak of heart or stomach.