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Ed, from Canada. Also known as Aqueous Lamp, Xocotli, Dr. Mungmung, JFK Seawaffle, Phizzy McLamp, and who knows what else. Hi! I'm Ed... My alteregos are as follows: *Gleameye (Female) - ( *Lyphia (Female) - ( *AqueousLamp (Male) - (@Antioch) *Xocotli (Male) - (@Antioch + @DFX) *Phizzy McLamp (Male) - (@Antioch) *Phizzy Oddman (Male) - (@Antioch) My minions are as follows: *Admiral Stokey (Lampanoid clone of Admiral Stoker) *J.F.K. Seawaffle (Lampanoid clone of J.R.E. Seawolf) *KABOOM! (Lampanoid kamikaze minion) *Doctor Jakes (Lampanoid demental medic) Friends that have become inducted into the Lampanoid order: *[[WolfCatBot]] (@Antioch - MIA) *[[mAc Chaos]] (@Antioch) (Note that Mac Chaos and I become "mAcueous crAmp" when summoned upon) Oer... ok... now for what I'm like in real life. I'm odd... apparently... My interests and hobbies include the following: *Climbing and Jumping (Max jump height = 1.05m(up), 3.50m(down)) *Jogging and Weight Training (Not extensively, just to keep healthy) *Writing and Analysis (On any topic, really) *Reading and Watching (Sci-Fi mostly) *Drawing (I'll have to post something sometime) *Biology and Physics (In persuit of the truth) *Mythology and Justice (In persuit of other truth) Miscellaneous tidbits: *Dolphins are perhaps the most sexual creatures on the planet. *Wolves. I like them. And that's a wrap for now. If you'd like to see my animated avatars, go to the following page: Note: Direct linking will fail because it's evil tripod.