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An awkward adolescent who wisely disappeared when he started to get some. Handle: <br>ShadowWolf Real name: <br>Spencer Age/birth date: <br>16/ August 19 Location <br>Monument, CO Occupation/major <br>Junior at Regis High Quote <br>"If at first you don't succeed, give it a good kick and try again" account(s) <br>VarangianGuard Bio <br>Grew up in Olympia, Washington. Owned goats, chickens, rabbits, cats, and dog. Moved to CO in '99. Now living in a small, middle of nowhere town. I've been playing the Cello for four years now. Affiliations/forum groups <br>Antioch forums Web sites <br>pending Contact info (e-mail, IMs, etc.) <br>E-mail: <br>AOL IM: spencerhinton <br>MSN IM: real original, I know. I'm too lazy to change them all to ShadowWolf Date Joined <br>3/14/2003