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A production of The East-West Coalition, specifically phal and typhoon, which goes a long way toward explaining why it was never finished. It was a Starcraft campaign starring various Coalition members. It was started in January 2002 and cancelled in October 2002 (and cancelled again in April 2003). The idea of a Warcraft III successor was kicked around. Behold, the third woe is coming quickly. But let's be serious now.

[Portrait of Lucainan] [Portrait of Phal]

Basically, our inebriated itinerants have just watched the latest Transformers series and have become so enraged at its suckiness that they vow to destroy its distributor, Hasbro. Will they succeed? Who are Hasbro's mysteriously violet and poorly bathed accomplices? The answers will be revealed approximately two weeks after the Earth collides with the Sun. Or never, whichever comes last.

[Portrait of Flyspeck] [Portrait of Admiral Styles]

You can download the unfinished, arguably playable scraps of the campaign below:

For more information, check out the A Tale of Two Hoodz, Episode II web site.