(from the DC++ Hub)

[00:56] <Magnum> I'm sooooo tired, my mind is on the blink
[00:56] <Magnum> Why even get up?
[00:57] <typhoon> yeah, avoid the waking up step entirely
[00:57] <typhoon> by not going down
[00:57] <typhoon> you're in high school, you can do that
[00:57] <typhoon> and Magnum
[00:57] <typhoon> you're in college, you can do that
[00:57] <Dekar> Sleeping a little is better than none at all.
[00:57] <typhoon> and me
[00:57] <typhoon> I'm a bum, I can do that
[00:57] <typhoon> do you not even know what class is for?
[00:58] <Magnum> Yeah, I'm getting about 5-6 hours every night
[00:58] <Dekar> I can't sleep in class.
[00:58] <Magnum> As opposed to 8-10 last semester
[00:58] <typhoon> everything I learned in high school was between blinks
[00:58] <Magnum> But right now I'm playing foosball with Jimi Hendrix, so I
          don't know what my point is
[00:58] <typhoon> who's to say what's real anyway?
[00:59] <typhoon> maybe Jimi
[00:59] <Dekar> I am.
[00:59] <typhoon> ask him what he thinks
[00:59] <Magnum> He's kicking my butt
[00:59] <Dekar> Because whether or not you're all real physically doesn't
[00:59] <Dekar> Because you'd all be real in my mind.
[00:59] <Magnum> And not being a gracious winner
[00:59] <Dekar> So I beat those fuckers who argue reality is in your mind.
[01:00] <Magnum> I need to get back to drawing hot chicks
[01:00] <typhoon> tell me when he starts burning the table
[01:00] <Magnum> I think I'm just going to do a Hot Chicks Series
[01:00] <Dekar> Drawing hot chicks is challenging.
[01:00] <Dekar> Because you spend all your time on the breasts.
[01:00] <typhoon> heh
[01:00] <Magnum> You have a point
[01:00] <Dekar> It's inevitable.
[01:00] <Dekar> You have to make them perfect.
[01:00] <typhoon> there are a lot of job opportunities for people who can draw
          good breasts
[01:01] <typhoon> particularly in Japan
[01:01] <Magnum> So true
[01:01] <Dekar> Every market needs nice breasts drawn for them.
[01:01] <typhoon> yeah
[01:01] <typhoon> if you have poorly drawn breasts, and your competitor doesn't
[01:01] <typhoon> guess who's going to get my business?
[01:01] <Magnum> It's downright unprofitable, and by extension, un-American
[01:02] <Dekar> Exactly.
[01:02] <typhoon> exactly
[01:02] <typhoon> breats=profitability=capitalism=America
[01:02] <typhoon> breasts=America
[01:02] <Dekar> Me and Typh are the same person, by the way, Mag.
[01:02] <Magnum> I can't find flaws in that argument
[01:02] <Dekar> We just make it look like we aren't.
[01:02] <typhoon> no, me and Dekar are the same person
[01:03] <Dekar> Technically Typh and I/Dekar and I.
[01:03] <Dekar> But that rule of grammar sucks.
[01:03] <Dekar> And I suck at it.
[01:03] <Magnum> You silenced Phigment, didn't you
[01:03] <typhoon> that, or someone is just shooting random noise over TCP/IP
[01:03] <typhoon> and it's improbably created two consistent beings
[01:03] <typhoon> over multiple protocols
[01:03] <typhoon> for several years
[01:03] <typhoon> and then explained all of it
[01:03] <Magnum> I wonder if Phigment died, would anyone know to contact
[01:03] <typhoon> completely randomly
[01:03] <Dekar> Nope.
[01:03] <typhoon> Admiral Styles wondered that once
[01:04] <typhoon> he went to Sri Lanka to visit family
[01:04] <Magnum> If any of us, really
[01:04] <Dekar> Though, you guys are on my favorites.
[01:04] <typhoon> and he missed a flight that crashed or something
[01:04] <typhoon> it was all very Waylon Jennings/Day the Music Died
[01:04] <typhoon> so he asked if one of us died, would anyone notify the forum
[01:04] <Dekar> Not a soul.
[01:04] <typhoon> and anyway, if I died, you fuckers would never know about it
[01:04] <Magnum> Same here
[01:05] <Dekar> I mean, look at what happened to Matt-Def.
[01:05] <Dekar> Or Mat-Def as it were.
[01:05] <Dekar> He died.
[01:05] <typhoon> in the Saga that no one read?
[01:05] <Dekar> That's the only explanation for it.
[01:05] <typhoon> except the people who wrote it?
[01:05] <Dekar> Because no one leaves Antioch.
[01:06] <typhoon> yeah, they always find their way back
[01:06] <Dekar> Antioch owns your soul.
[01:06] <typhoon> even complete doofuses like Evilcucumber
[01:06] <Magnum> It's true
[01:06] <Dekar> It stains it.
[01:06] <typhoon> it doesn't make any sense at all
[01:06] <typhoon> and then everyone complains about how much Antioch has come
          to suck
[01:06] <typhoon> and yet
[01:06] <Dekar> We should at least make some sort of city.
[01:06] <Dekar> And populate it.
[01:06] <Dekar> And make big statues.
[01:06] <typhoon> I have the perfect name for it
[01:06] <Magnum> I can't fathom any circumstances other than imprisonment in
          which I'd permanently leave
[01:06] <typhoon> Antiochville
[01:07] <Dekar> Or Villa de Antioch with random accents.
[01:07] <Magnum> There's nothing to talk about, so why do I keep coming?
[01:07] <shelfofjustice> Vote Palin for mayor of Antiochville.
[01:07] <Dekar> For our Spanish community.
[01:07] <typhoon> people are going to keep coming there when they're married
          with kids
[01:07] <Magnum> Our only hope is to form a commune in California
[01:07] <typhoon> and then their kids will come
[01:07] <Magnum> And worship Typh, believing him to be the new Messiah
[01:07] <typhoon> and it'll last longer than Rome
[01:08] <Dekar> It would, too.
[01:08] <typhoon> and I completely wasn't following your line of conversation
[01:08] <typhoon> although I should've
[01:08] <typhoon> I'd make an okay Messiah
[01:08] <Magnum> You and Flyspeck can be co-Messiahs
[01:08] <typhoon> no, I'm not sharing
[01:09] <Dekar> There can't be two messiahs.
[01:09] <Dekar> Just ask the Jews.
[01:09] <typhoon> well, actually
[01:09] <typhoon> I can do all the miracle performing
[01:09] <typhoon> then he can take over around year 33
[01:09] <typhoon> I mean, that's about half a lifespan right there...
[01:09] <typhoon> sounds fair
[01:10] <Dekar> We'll make Avatar fund the town, by the way.
[01:10] <typhoon> heh
[01:10] <Dekar> It seems to be standard fare.
[01:10] <Magnum> We already have a town drunk
[01:10] <Magnum> And a town crackhead
[01:10] <typhoon> we have a town Olympic Drinking Team
[01:10] <Dekar> And a multitude of assholes.
[01:11] <typhoon> who's our crackhead?
[01:11] <Magnum> And a few women to do the laundry, cook, clean, and raise our
[01:11] <Dekar> The house that crack built.
[01:11] <Magnum> Big Dave
[01:11] <typhoon> good old Air Force
[01:11] <Magnum> Cross into the Blue
[01:11] <Dekar> If I wasn't for the Air Force, where would stimulants be?
[01:11] <typhoon> the least cool of any of the branches but the Coast Guard,
          which no one thinks is real anyway
[01:12] <Dekar> I have a friend joining to coast guard.
[01:12] <typhoon> he's joining a cult
[01:12] <Magnum> The Coast Guard would be cool if we ever got attacked by
          Russian submarines
[01:12] <typhoon> intervene
[01:12] <Dekar> It's weird when she talks about it.
[01:12] <typhoon> I'll get Tom Clancy right on it
[01:13] <Dekar> It seems like our coast guard is 3 guys and a boat.
[01:13] <Magnum> That reminds me, I started that book two years ago. I should
          probably finish it
[01:13] <shelfofjustice> Isn't he dead yet?
[01:13] <Magnum> It'd make a better doorstop
[01:13] <typhoon> yeah, Tom Clancy novels should come with treats
[01:13] <typhoon> like Cracker Jack boxes
[01:13] <Dekar> Writing is a practice in hating yourself.
[01:13] <Magnum> hah
[01:13] <typhoon> just to lick the wound
[01:14] <Dekar> You know, I don't really want to have a career in anything.
[01:14] <Magnum> That's the spirit
[01:14] <Dekar> I want to just sound important and make money.
[01:14] <typhoon> so, anyway, Thorn is town concubine
[01:14] <Magnum> Okay
[01:14] <Dekar> I wouldn't touch anyone you've all been with.
[01:14] <typhoon> Amorak is town concubine
[01:15] <typhoon> pg is...well, basically, women are only good for sex
[01:15] <Magnum> Stoker can run the brothel
[01:15] <typhoon> so next order of business
[01:15] <typhoon> Dekar is town philanthropist
[01:15] <Magnum> We've got the seedy underbelly fleshed out
[01:15] <Dekar> Awesome.
[01:15] <typhoon> guy who made all his money by exploiting the working man
[01:15] <typhoon> but the working man loves him because he donates a minuscule
          percentage of it occasionally
[01:15] <Dark_T_Zeratul> So who'll I be?
[01:15] <Dekar> That's a career I'd take.
[01:16] <Magnum> Mack will be the corrupt union boss
[01:16] <typhoon> heh
[01:16] <typhoon> DTZ will be town, uh, cartoonist
[01:16] <Dekar> I thought he would be our Mafia crimelord.
[01:16] <typhoon> basically, we throw change at you
[01:16] <typhoon> and you catch it
[01:16] <typhoon> oh, that's better
[01:16] <Dekar> And put things in our newspaper.
[01:16] <Magnum> We do need a sizeable amount of homeless
[01:16] <typhoon> although there's a hit on me now for saying that
[01:16] <typhoon> no, Lucainan is our Don
[01:16] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Can I be the town's hired gun?
[01:16] <typhoon> that's Shade
[01:17] <shelfofjustice> So what am I? And it had better be awesome, or I'll be
          town guy who burns things.
[01:17] <typhoon> not because we need anyone killed
[01:17] <typhoon> but because it makes him feel important
[01:17] <Dekar> We can't have hired guns, then we'd all pay him to shoot
[01:17] <typhoon> and keeps him out of the big people's business
[01:17] <Dekar> He'd be reach.
[01:17] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Heh.
[01:17] <Dekar> rich even
[01:17] <Magnum> You're the guy in the stockades in the town square, Palin
[01:17] <Dekar> Wow, that was quite a slip.
[01:17] <typhoon> no, Palin has a very important role
[01:17] <typhoon> defending the town bridge from intruders
[01:17] <typhoon> by living under it
[01:17] <Stoker> hahah
[01:17] <Magnum> heh
[01:17] <Dekar> Awesome.
[01:17] <Dekar> No one fucks with our bridge.
[01:17] <typhoon> Stoker is town general
[01:18] <typhoon> as in, a '67 Dodge Charger
[01:18] <Magnum> And runs the brothel
[01:18] <typhoon> that too
[01:18] <Stoker> I likes it
[01:18] <Dekar> General runs the brothel.
[01:18] <Magnum> That's a sexy car
[01:18] <Dekar> Of course.
[01:18] <Stoker> And looks and acts remarkably like Yosemite Sam
[01:18] <shelfofjustice> The bridge is now 150 billion stories high and I
          charge a fare of 1.2 billion dollars to cross it.
[01:18] <typhoon> Skyler is our religious leader, of course
[01:18] <typhoon> moonlights as town concubine
[01:18] <Dekar> Sure, Palin.
[01:18] <shelfofjustice> And anyone who tries to swim or fly across will be
          shot on sight.
[01:18] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Mason's the town's heretic?
[01:19] <typhoon> sure, it'll be the bestest bridge ever
[01:19] <typhoon> Mason's town Minister of Truth
[01:19] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Or would HE be the guy in the stockades?
[01:19] <typhoon> don't worry, he'll be killed by the layers of sheer irony
          within a week
[01:19] <Dekar> We'd switch off the stockades guy.
[01:19] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Lemme guess: Zeus runs the brothel?
[01:19] <typhoon> before we have to write the check
[01:19] <Magnum> Qjuad will be the fat oil baron
[01:19] <shelfofjustice> In fact, the bridge could actually be tipped over and
          crush the entire town on my whim. And it has laser beams.
[01:19] <typhoon> Zeus is town dirty old man
[01:20] <shelfofjustice> And 100 screaming monkeys.
[01:20] <typhoon> he only hangs out near the brothel
[01:20] <Dekar> He hits on anything with 2 legs.
[01:20] <shelfofjustice> Who can fly.
[01:20] <shelfofjustice> The monkeys also have laser beams.
[01:20] <typhoon> or more accurately, anything with at least two legs
[01:20] <Dekar> Palin's role involves a lot of LSD and whiskey, don't forget
[01:20] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Hm... Who're we still missing?
[01:20] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Seawolf.
[01:20] <typhoon> FordP is town guy-I-always-confuse-with-Freh
[01:20] <Dekar> Town manwhore.
[01:20] <Magnum> I'd be the sheriff
[01:20] <typhoon> town concubine
[01:20] <typhoon> easy
[01:21] <typhoon> Endarire is our drug-dealer
[01:21] <Stoker> Just gotta think of his entire name, Ford Perfect
[01:21] <shelfofjustice> You mean supplying the town with LSD and whiskey?
          Because I sure as fuck don't use the shit.
[01:21] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Lambda Corps is the town lunatic.
[01:21] <typhoon> and all the Republicans are your deputies
[01:21] <Dekar> Prefect.
[01:21] <typhoon> since they all own fucking guns
[01:21] <Magnum> mAc isn't allowed to have a gun
[01:21] <Dark_T_Zeratul> No, that wouldn't be fair.
[01:21] <shelfofjustice> mAc can have a water gun.
[01:21] <typhoon> except for purposes of euthanasia
[01:22] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Exactly what I was gonna say, Palin.
[01:22] <typhoon> in which case it'll be provided and administered by Dr. Jakes
[01:22] <Magnum> What Republicans are left after Phigment went away.... mAc and
[01:22] <Dekar> Someone needs to run my golf course.
[01:22] <Magnum> and Razzy?
[01:22] <shelfofjustice> He can be your joke officer that you keep sending out
          first in hopes of having him die horribly, yet he always seems to
          come back.
[01:22] <Dekar> Even though I don't play golf.
[01:22] <Dark_T_Zeratul> And Seawolf.
[01:22] <Magnum> Wolf's gone
[01:22] <Stoker> Draxter
[01:22] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Well, OK, technically yeah, he is.
[01:22] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Draxter's the town janitor.
[01:22] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Duh.
[01:22] <typhoon> I think you have to be, uh, American to join the club
[01:22] <Stoker> He was the old law man
[01:23] <Stoker> Who got gunned down
[01:23] <Magnum> heh
[01:23] <Dekar> Phoenix can join, he's American at heart.
[01:23] <Stoker> They have a picture of him in the Jailhouse
[01:23] <Dark_T_Zeratul> What about BlitZ?
[01:23] <Stoker> We need bar wenches
[01:23] <Magnum> High school football coach
[01:23] <Dark_T_Zeratul> PG, Kate, Thorn, Amorak..
[01:23] <typhoon> they're all whores
[01:23] <Dark_T_Zeratul> On weekends, Dine...
[01:23] <typhoon> they also cook and clean when it's required
[01:23] <Stoker> We also need a head whore as well
[01:24] <typhoon> Thorn, clearly
[01:24] <Stoker> You know, the one that's sassy and smart to boot
[01:24] <Stoker> There we go
[01:24] <Dekar> I think dine should run the high school football team.
[01:24] <Stoker> Did you already place Auspex?
[01:24] <Stoker> The town founder?
[01:24] <typhoon> I guess
[01:24] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Works for me.
[01:24] <typhoon> then he ran off and joined some other town
[01:24] <Stoker> There's a statue in the town square of him
[01:24] <Stoker> it's been slightly defaced
[01:24] <typhoon> sure
[01:24] <Magnum> With the head missing
[01:24] <typhoon> heh
[01:25] <Dark_T_Zeratul> AP... Mayor?
[01:25] <Magnum> AP is the town loan officer
[01:25] <typhoon> guy who paid for everything
[01:25] <Dekar> What Typh said.
[01:25] <Magnum> typh = mayor
[01:25] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Ah.
[01:25] <Dekar> We name something after him.
[01:25] <Dekar> Like a street.
[01:25] <Dekar> Avatar Ln.
[01:25] <Stoker> or the well
[01:25] <Magnum> Fly's the schoolmaster
[01:25] <Dark_T_Zeratul> How about Maggie?
[01:25] <shelfofjustice> Also note that my bridge/giant castle with
          monkey-lasers is about 10 times the size of the actual town.
[01:26] <typhoon> town minister
[01:26] <typhoon> she has a knack for putting things in terms of Christ
[01:26] <typhoon> and his sake
[01:26] <Dekar> Maggie could also double as daycare.
[01:26] <typhoon> his ever-important sake
[01:26] <Magnum> The crazy old woman that lives on the outskirts of town
[01:26] <Dark_T_Zeratul> That's Spooky.
[01:26] <Magnum> has 27 cats
[01:26] <Dekar> My bad.
[01:26] <typhoon> Inq is town stalker
[01:26] <typhoon> Eras is just town historian
[01:26] <typhoon> because in the scheme of things, he ain't THAT fucked up
[01:26] <Stoker> Heh, Guess is the town drunk
[01:27] <Dekar> We got that, already.
[01:27] <Stoker> Damn
[01:27] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Tarun is the big burly guy that just grunts a lot and
          hits things.
[01:27] <Stoker> Well, I just got here
[01:27] <typhoon> and by town historian, I mean unemployment-line-placeholder
[01:27] <Magnum> Clod's the escapee from the mental ward
[01:27] <typhoon> he makes sure it doesn't get too dusty
[01:27] <Magnum> heh
[01:27] <Dark_T_Zeratul> GMO *WAS* the town census officer, before he had a
          mental breakdown.
[01:28] <Dekar> Beej can teach the children.
[01:28] <typhoon> and placed in the loving care of Dr. Mungmung
[01:28] <Dark_T_Zeratul> What about Lamp?
[01:28] <Magnum> Town Pothead
[01:28] <typhoon> Lamp is one of the drugs Endarire deals
[01:28] <typhoon> you don't consume it through conventional means
[01:28] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Heh.
[01:28] <typhoon> instead, you just listen to it talk
[01:28] <Dark_T_Zeratul> We need a town banker.
[01:29] <typhoon> of course, Dave will try to inject Ed into his bloodstream
[01:29] <typhoon> which is when Magnum lays down the law
[01:29] <Dekar> Avatar has all the money, so he could double as banker.
[01:29] <typhoon> yeah, we're all fucked without him anyway
[01:29] <Stoker> Avatar would kinda look like the Monopoly Man
[01:29] <typhoon> he stops paying the bills and the whole earth just disappears
          from under us
[01:29] <Dark_T_Zeratul> I know, Kojiro's the guy in the stockades.
[01:29] <Stoker> I likes it
[01:30] <Dekar> I don't know if I want him bent over in my town square.
[01:30] <Magnum> Phal would be Town Crier, that emofag
[01:30] <typhoon> Kojiro's the venereal disease you get at the brothel
[01:30] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Heh.
[01:30] <Magnum> hah
[01:30] <Dark_T_Zeratul> I like that one, Typh.
[01:30] <Dekar> That's harsher than AIDS.
[01:30] <typhoon> Flyspeck is town badass
[01:30] <typhoon> until people see him
[01:30] <typhoon> there'll be all these big legends about him
[01:30] <Dark_T_Zeratul> MG... Hm...
[01:30] <typhoon> and how he wrestles bears
[01:31] <Dekar> Kind of like Odin.
[01:31] <typhoon> and gnawed off his own leg once
[01:31] <Dekar> But they never see him.
[01:31] <typhoon> yeah
[01:31] <typhoon> only a few people do
[01:31] <typhoon> and they say he's a fraud
[01:31] <Stoker> What about the guy with the smarmy greased mustache
[01:31] <typhoon> and he has a lousy moustache
[01:31] <typhoon> but no one believes them
[01:31] <Dekar> Odin will be in our history books.
[01:31] <Stoker> the on ethat he twirls constantly
[01:31] <Dekar> Palin can call that.
[01:31] <typhoon> Jim will provide our town with power
[01:32] <typhoon> generated solely by his blood pressure
[01:32] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Romulus...
[01:32] <Stoker> I thought it was by him running in a hamster wheel, but close
[01:32] <shelfofjustice> I have a moustache now?
[01:32] <Dekar> Yes.
[01:32] <typhoon> Raistlin will be town pimp
[01:32] <typhoon> Romulus will be general of the undead forces, I guess
[01:33] <Dekar> He'll bring other people into the town so our gene pool doesn't
          die off.
[01:33] <typhoon> which consists entirely of Mat-Def
[01:33] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Heh.
[01:33] <typhoon> heh
[01:33] <Magnum> Yeah, we only have four women, so we might not last that long
[01:33] <Dark_T_Zeratul> We need a postmaster.
[01:33] <Dark_T_Zeratul> We have more than four women.
[01:33] <typhoon> well, not that you'd want to fuck
[01:33] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Amorak, Kate, PG, Nyn, Thorn... Um... OK, five.
[01:34] <typhoon> like I said
[01:34] <Dekar> Like he said.
[01:34] <Stoker> Like he said
[01:34] <typhoon> and Aklan, but
[01:34] <Dekar> You run after hitting that.
[01:34] <Magnum> damaged goods
[01:34] <Dekar> And don't let her talk.
[01:34] <typhoon> it hits back
[01:34] <Stoker> hahahahhahahahaa
[01:35] <typhoon> Lucid is town musician
[01:35] <Dekar> And my children will beat Typh's children up.
[01:35] <typhoon> or town guy-who-has-unrealistic-amount-of-sex
[01:35] <Stoker> Well, it's not so unrealistic if it's with the same person
[01:35] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Admiral Styles...
[01:35] <Stoker> Which normally it is with him
[01:35] <typhoon> well, regent guy-who-has-unrealistic-amount-of-sex
[01:36] <typhoon> when I'm not around
[01:36] <Stoker> And we forgot about your mom, typh.
[01:36] <Dekar> Styles is dockmaster.
[01:36] <typhoon> Styles is UED Admiral
[01:36] <typhoon> Avatar has to pay for that too
[01:36] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Who's Xeronos? Town immigrant?
[01:36] <Dekar> I suppose that's a step up from dockmaster.
[01:37] <Dekar> Xeronos gets shot.
[01:37] <Stoker> He's the guy that one of us shoot
[01:37] <Dark_T_Zeratul> So he's in the stocks?
[01:37] <Dekar> For pissing off Mack's mafia.
[01:37] <typhoon> you know, until Thuun said he was Mormon, I thought he was
          making up books of the Bible to quote
[01:37] <Stoker> and gun down to look like a badass
[01:37] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Thuun's Mormon?
[01:37] <Magnum> hah
[01:37] <Magnum> No, X
[01:37] <typhoon> no, Xerowhatsit
[01:37] <Dekar> Stoker copied me.
[01:37] <typhoon> who's Thuun?
[01:37] <Magnum> Thuun's that one crazy guy that wanders around starting crap
[01:37] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Ah, OK.
[01:37] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Xk-Thuun.
[01:37] <typhoon> how about Visser?
[01:38] <Stoker> He has interesting opinions
[01:38] <Stoker> He makes moonshine in his tub
[01:38] <Stoker> cause prohibition is in effect
[01:38] <Dark_T_Zeratul>
[01:38] <Dekar> Fuck that.
[01:38] <Magnum> Visser's our Otis
[01:38] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Yeah.
[01:38] <Magnum> We have quite a few derelicts
[01:38] <Dark_T_Zeratul> No, Visser's town repairman.
[01:38] <Stoker> How?  What does he do besides Warez well?
[01:38] <Magnum> Who gets plastered on weekends
[01:39] <Dekar> He'll learn to fix things.
[01:39] <typhoon> Visser is town guy-who-sounds-more-talented-than-he-is
[01:39] <Dekar> We'll make him.
[01:39] <typhoon> we can run him for elected office, I guess
[01:39] <Dark_T_Zeratul> We need a town superhero.
[01:39] <typhoon> me, but don't tell anyone
[01:39] <Stoker> yeah, I was about to say
[01:39] <shelfofjustice> I write a comic that features a superhero.
[01:39] <typhoon> evilme is town bitch, by the way
[01:39] <Stoker> and his arch villain is evil typh
[01:39] <typhoon> yeah
[01:40] <shelfofjustice> So typhoon is The Sentry.
[01:40] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Ugh, not another Evil Clone story...
[01:40] <typhoon> his catchphrase is "OW, MY ASS"
[01:40] <Stoker> he's the one with the smarmy mustache that curls
[01:40] <shelfofjustice> (nobody's going to get that reference)
[01:40] <typhoon> no, that's you
[01:40] <Stoker> he also has a monocle
[01:40] <shelfofjustice> (fuckers)
[01:40] <Stoker> really?
[01:40] <typhoon> yeah
[01:40] <Stoker> Hmm...ok
[01:40] <typhoon> you're our villain too
[01:40] <typhoon> eviltyph is one of the minor villains no one cares about
[01:40] <Magnum> Stoker's a stock villain
[01:40] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Eviltyph is Stoker's sidekick.
[01:40] <Stoker> What about the Hanging Judge?  I guess he's just the judge
[01:40] <typhoon> we only use him so people don't get sick of yo
[01:40] <typhoon> yeah
[01:41] <typhoon> fair and just
[01:41] <typhoon> the Honorable Hanging Judge
[01:41] <Magnum> The Well Hung Judge preceeds when he's sick
[01:41] <typhoon> heh
[01:41] <typhoon> you can see him coming a mile away
[01:42] <Stoker> With his Well Hung Jury
[01:42] <Magnum> Yeah, he's not a very good judge
[01:42] <Stoker> They're slightly indecisive
[01:42] <Dekar> Phalanx didn't get a job yet, did he?
[01:42] <Dekar> If not, he'll be our DJ.
[01:42] <typhoon> town wang
[01:42] <typhoon> or that
[01:42] <Dekar> They go together.
[01:42] <Stoker> Piano player?  Lucainan?
[01:42] <typhoon> right
[01:43] <Dekar> All DJs are dicks.
[01:43] <Magnum> Town Abstract Statue That Looks Vaguely Phallic
[01:43] <Stoker> The guy who's in the bar and has the spitton next to him
[01:43] <typhoon> heh
[01:43] <Magnum> Luc runs the mob
[01:43] <typhoon> funded by the National Endowment for Vague Endowment
[01:43] <Magnum> Heh
[01:43] <typhoon> which comes out of Avatar's pocket, naturally
[01:43] <Magnum> In more ways than one
[01:44] <typhoon> heh
[01:44] <Dark_T_Zeratul> Heh.
[01:44] <Stoker> Ruaquck1?
[01:44] <typhoon> uhh
[01:44] <Dekar> Town ladyman.
[01:44] <Magnum> Plastic Surgeon
[01:45] <Dekar> Everyone thinks its a lady and hurls when they find out it's a
[01:45] <typhoon> Aklan can be town labrat
[01:45] <Stoker> One of the whores who doesn't get much attention except from
          the REEEEAAALLY drunk
[01:45] <typhoon> she's survived AIDS
[01:45] <typhoon> she can take a few experiments
[01:45] <Magnum> yeah
[01:45] <Magnum> Spooky could be head of the CSI unit
[01:45] <typhoon> and Phal follows her around and plays Who songs
[01:46] <Magnum> ADO is our patron demon
[01:46] <Stoker> We also need a down on his luck hustler/gambler
[01:46] <typhoon> "can you send this to the lab for further inquiry?"
[01:46] <Magnum> This is by far the most bizarre conversation of my life, by
          the way
[01:47] <typhoon> truly
[01:47] <Magnum> heh
[01:47] <shelfofjustice> You must lead a dull, dull existance.
[01:47] <Dekar> It's important stuff.
[01:47] <Magnum> Yeah, I don't do this often
[01:47] <typhoon> the hard part is coming up with roles for all of Skyler's
[01:47] <Dekar> I liked making him the football couch.
[01:48] <Dekar> coach even
[01:48] <typhoon> town motivator
[01:48] <Stoker> Well all of them work well in the sexpot department
[01:48] <Dekar> Football coaches are always batshit insane.
[01:48] <Dekar> But don't seem crazy until they're out coaching.
[01:48] <typhoon> town football coach also has to teach a bullshit required
          course at the high school
[01:49] <Magnum> Sex Ed
[01:49] <Dekar> Psychology.
[01:49] <typhoon> that no one takes seriously
[01:49] <typhoon> bingo
[01:49] <Stoker> Health
[01:49] <typhoon> Kojiro can be our Sex Ed. instructor
[01:49] <Stoker> or a really low end History Course
[01:49] <typhoon> since he knows everything already, apparently
[01:49] <Dekar> "Why the high schoolers can't indulge in the town whores" could
          be a course.
[01:49] <Stoker> He'd be like that episode of South Park when Mr. Mackey
          couldn't teach the class
[01:50] <Stoker> and all the kids ended up wearing condoms around everyday
          cause they thought they could get STDs from seeing each other
[01:50] <typhoon> all of them?
[01:50] <Stoker> Well, all the boys
[01:50] <typhoon> on their...fingers?
[01:50] <typhoon> I see
[01:50] <Stoker> Nah, they put them on their dicks, they just used rubberbands
[01:50] <Stoker> it was a fairly good episode
[01:51] <Dekar> That wouldn't be a joy.
[01:51] <typhoon> how many hours now until you "wake up?"
[01:51] <Dekar> About 2.
[01:51] <typhoon> embrace futility
[01:51] <Magnum> I've never gone a whole night without sleep
[01:51] <Magnum> What a sad existence I lead
[01:51] <typhoon> dine, town motivator, says: give up, it's all bullshit anyway
[01:51] <Dekar> Futility is a dirty whore.
[01:52] <Stoker> I've gone an entire week of finals without sleep
[01:52] <Stoker> You do start to hallucinate after 96 hours
[01:52] <Dekar> Most I've gone is a day.
[01:52] <Dekar> Never two.
[01:52] <Magnum> What did you seee
[01:52] <typhoon> O
[01:52] <Stoker> I walked everywhere
[01:52] <typhoon> I've never hallucinat
[01:52] <typhoon> ed
[01:52] <Stoker> and at night I thought I saw things cross my path
[01:52] <Stoker> like rabbits and birds that weren't there
[01:52] <Dekar> I've never hallucinated, either.
[01:52] <typhoon> seeing things that aren't there would freak me out to my very
[01:52] <typhoon> my brain and I have an agreement
[01:52] <Stoker> I thought I heard the phone ringing, would pick it up and no
          one would be there
[01:52] <typhoon> it only perceives things that exist
[01:53] <Magnum> That's crazy
[01:53] <typhoon> and I don't kill it with crack
[01:53] <Stoker> I heard people call my name, would go "WHAT?" and get no
          reply, even when my house was empty
[01:53] <Dekar> What I hate is when you get that feeling of deja vu, but you
          know it's bullshit.
[01:53] <Magnum> I wouldn't want to be walking around and just see Benjamin
          Franklin in a sailor suit with a lollipop. That would put me in an
[01:53] <typhoon> if I couldn't be sure if I were alone, that'd freak me the
          fuck out too
[01:53] <Stoker> Towards the end the walls were moving, I think it was similiar
          when I drink to much and the room is spinning
[01:53] <Stoker> except the wall was going into the floor
[01:54] <Magnum> i'm going to sleep now, cause I'm deprived and I'm getting
[01:54] <Dekar> Yeah, I like sleep.
[01:54] <Stoker> That's about when I passed out
[01:54] <Magnum> later guys
[01:54] <typhoon> sleep sounds good
[01:54] <typhoon> later
[01:54] <Stoker> Night
[01:54] <Magnum> TFT manana
[01:54] <Dekar> Later Magnum.
[01:54] <Dekar> And yeah, it does sound good.
[01:54] <Dekar> I think I'll take my two hours of sleep and run with it.
[01:54] <shelfofjustice> TEST. MAP. FUCKING.
[01:55] <Dekar> My fucking works fine, it doesn't need map testing.
[01:55] <Dekar> I'm off to bed.
[01:56] <shelfofjustice> Don't underestimate my voodoo powers. You'll be
          flaccid for the rest of your life if you don't test my map.
[01:56] <Dekar> If you make a vodoo doll with genitals, you deserve that power.
[01:56] <Dekar> Later.