Japanese for "Village Idiot" (or "Second Son of Pear Tree Mountain," depending on whom you ask).

Some remarks about our favorite forumer:

"He was like crotch rot." —Flyspeck

"That's really unfair to crotch rot." —Magnum

"He was smug and arrogant, but not in the endearing way the rest of us are." —typhoon

"He was a question, wrapped in a enigma, wrapped in a dipshit." —PMAvers

"Crotch rot is a lot more fun than reading Kojiro's posts. He wore stupid like a man who cannot smell wears cheap cologne." —Lucid Iguana

"He was a whiny man-bitch." —Razzy

"I heard Kojiro's period attracts bears." —Magnum

"He was just annoying, mostly." —Freh

"He was a nice guy when he wasn't trying to be funny. I think that was his problem, he wanted to be a funny character but couldn't do it." —CannibalJim

Aww, I missed and love you guys too.

Kojiro is Still Alive.