.: Handles :.

Nightstallion, Nachtwind, Nachthengst, x/0. Previously also known as Balduran, but that was a dark chapter in the book of my life.

Much like this one, actually. :p

.: Real Name :.

Joel Salvador Raúl Jesús Paco Luis Pablo Félix Manolo Juanjo Carlos Felipe Pedro Montserrat Gabriel Almodvar Caballé García Márquez.


Seriously, Lucas Klausner.

.: Birth Date :.

10th of December 1986. Good vintage. Chernobyl.

.: Location :.

48*10'N, 16*11'E. Get yourself a map and look it up.

.: Occupation :.


.: Quotes :.

"A pessimist is an optimist with experience."
"Hope dies last, but it dies."
"I'm not a pessimist. Pessimists only think the world is full of shit. I'm a realist. I *know* it."
"Optimists are people who think the world is already as good as it's ever going to get. Pessimists are people who're afraid that the optimists might be right."
"Want a stable relationship? Get a horse!"
"Smile. It will be worse tomorrow."

.: Bio :.

Hrm. Well.

(is just going to put his interests in here until he can think of something more interesting)

Riding, reading (fantasy, scifi, thrillers, detective stories, short stories, ...), cinema & cabaret, anime/manga, RPG's, computer games, go... I think that's it.

.: Forum Groups :.

WASTE (Whiner Assassination, Silencing, Termination, & Extermination)
SAD (Swedo-Austrian Dominion)

.: Contact Info :.

eM@il: nightstallion (at) danbala (dot) tuwien (dot) ac (dot) at
ICQ: 54896664
AIM: Nightstallion47
MSN: nightstallion47@hotmail.com

.: Languages Spoken :.

German, English, Mathematical Geeky, Latin, Ancient Greek, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, to varying degrees. (The closer to the end of the list, the worse I am at it.)

Why yes, I am showing off. How nice of you to notice.