[Always on duty for your protection!]

WASTE was one of the first forum groups; its name stands for "Whiner Assassination, Silencing, Termination, and Extermination." It was formed by Dark T Zeratul to combat lamers on the original forum.

The current line-up (see also the WASTE Roster):

Mason Wheeler's description of the group and its history:

WASTE was formed by a group of concerned citizens who had had enough of the plague of lamers overrunning the Forum about, 3 years ago. Back then the mods were doing little-to-nothing about it, so Zeratul, Seawolf, and a few others took things into their own hands and made it abundantly clear to all lamers, hackers, impersonators, and other less-than-desirable members of the Forum that they were not wanted.

And you know what? It worked! After a few months of intense battling that is recorded in the annals of Antioch history as The Great Lamer Purge, they decided to leave us alone and the Forum, in all its incarnations, has been remarkably free of lamers ever since.

"WASTE. Always on duty for your protection!"

Since then, we've occupied our time mostly by chasing off the few lamers who do show up, and defending the Forum with superhuman courage and high-tech weaponry from whatever supervillain(s) the forum story author(s) du jour invents, all of whom invariably have a nefarious plot to utterly lay waste to the Antioch Forum.

It formed The Great Alliance with The VSP, helping to produce The Great VSP/WASTE Saga.

For more information, consult the WASTE site (the original version is archived as well).