Ruaquick1 was a forumer back in the days of the original forum and the op of the #Antioch IRC channel.

In 2008, Rua's brother posted the following message to the Campaign Creations forum:

Hello everyone. Most of you probably don't remember me, if any of you. I made only a few posts and played a game or two with a few of you, but for those of you that remember me, Ruaquick1 was my brother. To be honest I'm not really a part of this community, nor have I ever been, and someone (who I shall leave nameless) had directed my attention to this post. I would just like to start of by saying, Ruaquick1 did commit suicide on November 27th, 2003 by jumping off a bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho. For the remainder of this post I want to make it clear that I will refer to Ruaquick1 as my brother, and in such will use "he" because for nearly 16 years of my life he was my brother, and that's how I choose to remember him.

Now, those of you who have had their curiosity resolved can stop reading this post; however, I have a few things I'd like to say. First and foremost, I don't know any of you personally, but I do know that my brother respected and consider many of you in this community his friends. As his friends, I do believe you deserve to know what happened, and some of facts behind the entire issue. As many of you know, if not all of you, Ruaquick1 was a transsexual. Now, I want to make it clear that there were a number of reasons for this and not to get into much detail, he suffered from a number of mental issues, including depression, social anxiety disorder, and other forms of social and mental disorders that made it difficult for him to make friends in school and there were many people throughout the ages who were extremely cruel and mean to him. He was seeing several therapists and psychiatrist for the issues and myself and my family did all we could for him, and I truly believe that. He finally told us one day that he wanted to be a girl, and of course we did everything we could to get help, and went to one therapists after another, who all told us that we should let him do what he wants and respect his decision to be a girl. Now we could get into a debate about all this, but that's not the point here.

My brother was in fact suicidal. He had told us repeated times that he could try to be a boy, but he would not be happy and that being a boy like that contributed to his depression. The only way for him to be stable and even function in society was to embrace the idea and believe him that he did in fact want to be a girl and that this was not a cry for attention or anything like that. So that's what we did and things got better for a while. We're not sure what happened exactly, but he had moved out to Idaho and was living his life as he wanted as a girl and had even meet a guy who accepted him. Then the cops showed up at my house saying he had jumped off a bridge. I'm not sure we'll ever know what really happened.

That's a quick short version of everything, and I post this because this community meant a lot to my brother. Like I said, he considered many of you friends and talked about you as though you were his friends in real life. This game and this community at times were the only things holding him from falling a part. I don't know if you guys saw him the same way, like I said I don't know any of you, and I was never apart of this community, but if even one you were friends with him I thought you at least deserved to know what happened to him.